Big Sexy's Leslie Medlik: "I Decided To Love Myself as I Am"

Leslie Medlik's a plus-size revolutionary! She chats about 'Big Sexy,' summer fashion, and owing your size.
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“Big Sexy’s” Leslie Medlik: “I Decided To Love Myself as I Am”

Leslie Medlik’s a plus-size revolutionary! She chats about ‘Big Sexy,’ summer fashion, and owing your size.

-Evette Brown

Leslie Medlik Big Sexy

It is impossible to describe plus-size superhero/fashion consultant/everything great Leslie Medlik in one word, but if I was forced to, that one word would be fierce! In her modest role as a living testament to the power of size acceptance and self-love, Leslie balances her hectic life with grace, class, and an air of unbelievable confidence that I would chase after her in my favorite wedges to achieve.

As one of the curvy cast members from TLC’s newest reality series, Big Sexy, premiering Tuesday, August 30 at 10 pm ET, Leslie serves as an  example for all of the larger ladies of the world. She might not have six-pack abs or Serena Williams’ biceps, but what she has is a love for her body that no amount of weight gain or loss can ever steal from her. She makes no apologies for her size and is encouraging other women to do the same.

She stops here to talk about risk-taking, summer fashion, and learning to love yourself–stretch marks and all in our first of a two-part series on the sassy ladies of Big Sexy.

BettyConfidential: At what age did you discover your passion for fashion and modeling? What prompted this discovery?

Leslie Medlik: I always knew as a child that I loved fashion and I loved clothing. When I was a child, I drew pretty dresses all of the time. I would take my bath towels and act as if they were evening gowns. I knew I really loved it, but then, I lost my way. When I was 30, I knew that I needed to change my career and do what makes me happy.

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BC: I was watching a sneak preview of the show and one of the ladies spoke about all of the cast members owning their sizes. What exactly does that phrase mean to you? How do you personally own your size?

Leslie: Owning your size is very personal to me. As a younger person, I spent a lot of time dieting and thinking of what I could do to be skinny. That was my focus. Then, one day, I decided that I needed to love myself as I am. I refused to chase a number for a particular size or weight. As long as I’m healthy, happy, and living my life, I’m not going to worry about being skinny. I love the way I look.

BC: With so many curvy ladies having negative body images, how do you encourage other voluptuous women to own their size and increase their confidence?

Leslie: Honestly, it’s a constant struggle. Personally, I think it takes a lot of a time and it’s a real process. I’ve learned to help other women through my fashion consulting. I help them feel better about themselves by helping them dress better, helping them find things in the store to make them feel trendy and also showcase their personality. I want to help people achieve the look that they want while also not hating themselves because they are overweight.

I encourage women to let go of old fashion rules that don’t apply anymore. You don’t have to wear what society says that you should wear.

BC: What is the best fashion advice that you have ever received?

Leslie: I received the best fashion advice from my mother. She told me, “If you like it, wear it.”

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