Betty's Weekly Parenting Dish: Sarah Jessica Parker's Diaper Chronicles!

Plus: Julianne Moore supports same-sex parents.
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Betty’s Weekly Parenting Dish: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Diaper Chronicles!

Plus: Julianne Moore supports same-sex parents.

-Jane Farrell

Sarah Jessica Parker and one of her kids

Each week, Betty combs the web to come up with the most celeb-related, useful or craziest parenting news. Today, we’ve got a lot of stars and their kids!

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Sarah Jessica Parker Loves Diapers
Can you imagine the ultra-fluffy, girly-girl Carrie from Sex and the City as a hands-on mom? Wouldn’t she have a nanny at least? That doesn’t seem to be the case with Sarah Jessica Parker, who’s been a fashion and lifestyle icon ever since Carrie got splashed by that bus in the opening SATC credits. Bradshaw, 45, doesn’t rely on anyone but herself to do the grossest task in all mothering. And we know what that is: changing diapers.

Parker, 45, and her husband, actor Matthew Broderick, have a son, James, who’s already eight and long out of the diaper stage. But the couple’s twins, Marion and Tabitha, are just over a year old, so Parker has a lot of opportunities to put the girls on the changing table and go from there. And she loves it. “Babies always smell good,” she said on The Early Show on CBS, “and even a wet diaper smells good to me. It’s warm.” If her acting career ever flames out, Parker should go into the diaper-changing business; she’d have thousands of customers. (CBS News)

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  1. Yay heels says:

    Or SJP could become a nanny!

  2. Fashionista says:

    SJP likes the smell of dirty daipers?! Ew!

  3. ChattyCathy says:

    Good for Julianne! :)

  4. lindasmaggie says:

    SJP rocks!!

  5. Shortt1 says:

    I think it’s great that she changes diapers. She is a mother after all and which good mother does’nt do diapers!

  6. DolphinV27 says:

    these babies are just too cute!

  7. michtuck says:

    It’s awesome to see stars being real parents. Wish you saw it more.

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