Betty Pays the Bills! Enter to Win $500

Enter to win $500 in the September Betty Pays the Bills Giveaway

Sorry, this giveaway is closed.  There are more to come so check back daily at for all the details!


Betty Pays the Bills Giveaway September 2009 $500

It’s back to school, and whether you’re headed for the classroom or not, everyone loves that crisp fall feeling of possibility.

In honor of the change of seasons (and the accompanying urge to SHOP!), we’re bringing back our Betty Pays the Bills contest.

Enter the contest to win $500 to take care of those pesky bills and enjoy the season just a little more … and maybe treat yourself to a splurge or two. It’s super simple to enter — just submit your email address, share the contest with your friends via your favorite social network … and cross your fingers. ;)


Betty Pays the Bills Giveaway September 2009 $500


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25 thoughts on “Betty Pays the Bills! Enter to Win $500

  1. bfordy says:

    can always use extra money, especially septemberin

  2. aliasr2 says:

    awesome giveaway

  3. guillenwins says:

    Love giveaways…thanks

  4. busybee says:

    i wanna win!!!

  5. Shanece says:

    Xx crossing fingers xX

  6. howfaralice says:

    love you, Betty!

  7. lindoksu says:

    A win would be great Betty.

  8. Ann13 says:

    I hope I win!!!

  9. Toystory says:

    This would be so wonderful, I know exactly what I’d do with it!

  10. missmissy says:

    Am I missing something with being able to enter?


    Just found you and what a great way to say ‘hello’!

  12. cdziuba says: I entered and posted it on my Facebook page!

  13. Nannypoo1 says:

    It would be awesome to pay some bills and have some moola left over for little extras.

  14. debbie1193 says:

    I haven’t had a new coat in over 10 years-so I need to win!

  15. MizJule says:

    Entrant must complete a registration form and enter all required information on the Giveaway entry web page.

  16. MizJule says:

    Where is entry page? ::sigh::

  17. LookitsCynthia says:

    I could TOTALLY use this money! You’d have to be a fool not to enter! :)

  18. ambryt says:

    I would Love to win :O)

  19. ambryt says:

    I would Love to win :O)

  20. wigget says:

    good luck to me!

  21. MajaMeza79 says:

    i would love to win!

  22. valley_grrl2000 says:

    Good luck everyone!

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