Betty's Latest $1,000 Winner Is…

Betty's $1,000 Winner is Andrea Howard. She would like to start a non-profit organization.

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Betty’s Latest $1,000 Winner Is…

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Andrea Howards and her daughterAnd the second winner of $1,000 in the 2009 Betty Pays the Bills contest is … Andrea Howard, a 26-year-old single mother and a Customer Service Representative for NBC from Miami, Florida.

Readers were asked to tell Betty why they should win the money. We narrowed down the entries to 10 finalists and then let readers vote for the final winner. Finalists ranged from someone wanting to purchase an engagement ring, to another longing to live it up with her kids on vacation. Each story was unique and heart-felt. But it was Howard’s altruistic story that spoke to readers.

Her winning entry: “If I won the $1000 Betty Pays the Bills Giveaway, I would put that money toward the non-profit organization I am in the process of starting. It is in honor of my late grandma, who passed away last year. Her legacy was helping anyone in need, and I intend to keep it going by launching a shelter and a soup kitchen in my community.”

Howard said her maternal grandmother, Ruby Linton Jackson, died last June. Prior to her death, she spent most her time helping anyone any way she could; that meant feeding, clothing and/or just being there for them. She was number 10 of 10 children born in very difficult economic times. She became a wife and a mother of seven, but despite the fact that hard times continued, she gave of herself without thought or hesitation.

“When I came along, everyone in my family followed that regimen,” Howard said. “It was an absolute must to do what you could for anyone. Some people used to ask why our family lived the way we did, and the answer was simple, ‘We are not our own, which means that we were born for the benefit of others.’ We (my family) believe in GOD and his perfect will for our lives; we are not ourselves perfect, but we do know that part of the reason we are here is to be a servant to Him by helping his people. If every person helped one person in need then we would eventually run out of people to help. That is such an awesome goal to set. So, in honor of her life and legacy, there will be a nonprofit organization perfectly named ‘Ruby’s Heart’ that will simply help everyone.”

She says she didn’t expect to win and was very shocked, humbled and honored when she received the good news.

“I would just like to thank BettyConfidential for providing such an opportunity so that I could be a contestant,” she added. “Thank you again, to all of you that voted for me.”

Check out who our first winner was and what she had to say.

So Bettys, what would YOU do with $1,000? This time around, the person who refers the most friends to Betty gets the cash … just in time for some fun in the sun!

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