Being Alone Sucks!

3 ways to improve yourself to find the person of your dreams!
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Being Alone Sucks!

3 ways to improve yourself to find the person of your dreams!

-Adam LoDolce,

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For any of us who have found ourselves reluctantly single, we know the old adage is true. Couples. They’re everywhere. Kissing, holding hands, sharing an umbrella- name something cute, they’re doing it– everywhere you turn. Are you one of those people who shudder at the sight of these happy couples representing everything you want in your life right now? Well, it makes sense. Right down to the very core of human nature, being alone sucks.

The good news is that there is hope for anyone! The three most critical steps to improving your dating life are increasing your self-esteem, finding confidence, and unleashing something known as your social freedom. Social freedom is the ability to say, feel, and act like your true else in any social situation without fear of rejection or failure. To improve your dating and social life and create a powerful attractive personality, you need to improve these critical components.

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As you will notice, these are not specific do’s and don’ts of dating and attraction, but more an overall philosophy that if you adopt, I guarantee your outlook on you dating and social life will improve immensely, and suddenly all those annoyingly adorable couples will become much less noticeable.

1. Build Your Self Esteem
Self esteem is your overall perception or evaluation of your own self-worth. It is your own opinion of who you are. You are a 100% custom-made person and there is no one in the world like you! No one has the same thoughts, the same clothing, the same hobbies, the same reactions, the same family, or the same background as you. What are your passions in life? What activities or hobbies do you do now or have always wanted to do? It’s just a matter of realizing that you possess unique traits and begin exposing them to the world. How you see yourself is how the world sees you. Once you start to realize that you are an unbelievably attractive person because you are a unique identity, this feeling will show through in the way you carry yourself, making you a passionate, magnetic, and attractive person.

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