Behind 'The Hunger Games': Woody Harrelson + Lenny Kravitz Talk Character + More

Go behind the scenes with Woody "Haymitch” Harrelson and Lenny "Cinna” Kravitz of The Hunger Games!

Behind ‘The Hunger Games’: Woody Harrelson + Lenny Kravitz Talk Character + More

Go behind the scenes with Woody “Haymitch” Harrelson and Lenny “Cinna” Kravitz of The Hunger Games!

-Lucia Peters

Haymitch Cinna

Are you a behind-the-scenes junkie? I know I certainly am. There’s something about digging into how movies are created that I find just as fascinating as the finished product. And hey, guess what? Here’s a super neat-o behind the scenes video with The Hunger Games’ Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz!

PopSugar recently got a chance to sit down and chat with Woody and Lenny, who play former Hunger Games victor and current mentor Haymitch Abernathy and Capitol stylist Cinna, respectively. Here’s what they had to say about how they approached their characters, both from a psychological perspective and a physical one:

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How much of their characters’ pasts did they imagine? Though Woody notes that Suzanne Collins does give readers rather a lot of Haymitch’s backstory over the course of the trilogy, he had to piece a lot of things together himself. He latched onto the overwhelming resentment that Haymitch carries with him as the most important piece of the character’s makeup. For Lenny, it was about toeing the line between how you must behave in order to exist in the Capitol, and how he would be behave if the revolution were to occur right then and there. Where he can do good, he does—and in this case, that means how he deals with Katniss.

And what about their physical appearance? When it came to the look of the characters, the actors both had some input in the design process (a bonus of being an A-lister!). Surprisingly, Woody based a lot of the look of Haymitch on his brother; meanwhile, Lenny dealt largely with clothes and the texture of different fabrics, which resulted in a played-down Cinna instead of a flamboyant one. The gold makeup from the book stayed, though!

Having seen the completed film, Woody thinks that all of the stuff in the arena during the Hunger Games themselves were wonderfully done—in particular, they nailed the pacing and excitement of the whole thing. One thing’s for sure: If the actors are this enthusiastic about their work, the film is almost certain to be a success!

Check out the full interview here:

The Hunger Games hits cinemas next Friday, March 23.

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