Beauty Road Test: Get Peepers That POP With Peek-A-Bright Eyes from Benefit!

Give your eyes a wake-up call with Benefit's super easy and compact Peek-A-Bright Eyes eye illuminating kit!

Beauty Road Test: Get Peepers That POP With Benefit’s Peek-A-Bright Eyes!

Give your eyes a wake-up call with Benefit’s super easy and compact Peek-A-Bright Eyes eye illuminating kit!

-Lucia Peters

Benefit Peek-A-Bright Eyes

What’s your favorite type of beauty product, Bettys? Some people, for example, are nail polish fanatics; others are lipstick fiends; and me? I’m an eye shadow girl. There’s nothing I like more when it comes to makeup than playing with shiny new shadow palettes and seeing how many looks I can make with them.

You can probably understand, then, why I was so excited when Benefit’s new Peek-A-Bright Eyes eye illuminating kit ($32, landed in our mailbox. Road test? Yes please!

First off, who doesn’t love Benefit? Every single one of their products, from their famous Benetint cheek and lip stain to their Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! Foundation, solves the most drastic of makeup problems—and they’re a kick, to boot.

And such, I am happy to report, is the case with the Peek-A-Bright Eyes kit. This handy little palette features a buff base shadow, a warm chocolate contour shadow, a pearly pink highlight shadow, and Benefit’s Eye Bright instant eye brightener—and even better, it also includes caute little versions of all the brushes you’ll need: A contour brush, a liner brush, and a concealer brush). And just in case you didn’t think it could get any better than THAT, you’ll also find folded inside a set of idiot-proof instructions, ensuring that your eyes will POP in the best way possible.

Peek-a-bright eyes shadows

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It’s easy: First, apply the buff base shadow all over your eyelid with the contour brush. Then, sticking with the contour brush, blend the chocolate shadow into the crease. Follow it up by hitting your upper and lower lash lines with the chocolate shadow, courtesy of the liner brush. Next, pat the pearly pink shadow in the center of your eyelid with the contour brush—and finally (the step you’ve been waiting for!), use the concealer brush to blend the creamy eye brightener on the inner and outer corner of your eye.

Ta-da! Instant bright eyes that really pop! The first time I tried out this nifty new palette, I was having a sleepy morning and definitely needed a little bit of a wake-up. It didn’t matter that I’d spent the previous night tossing and turning; the Peek-A-Bright Eyes kit let me fake looking like I had gotten a full night’s sleep with aplomb. Bonus: It’s also super portable, making it great for the gal on the go. Small enough to fit just about anywhere, you can just toss it in your purse and go. Now that’s what I call smart!

The Peek-A-Bright Eyes eye illuminating kit is available at Go on—it’s time to brighten up!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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