Ask The Mouthy Housewives: Why Are His Eyes Closed During Sex?!

If his eyes are closed during sex, is he fantasizing about someone else?

Ask The Mouthy Housewives: Why Are His Eyes Closed During Sex?!

Is he fantasizing about someone else?

-The Mouthy Housewives

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Dear Mouthy  Housewives,

I’m embarrassed to ask this question, but here it goes.  I noticed that when my boyfriend and I are intimate, he keeps his eyes closed.  My previous lovers definitely kept their eyes open during sex.  Do you think that means he’s fantasizing about other women?



Dear Insecure,

There are a few reasons why your lover may have his eyes closed, like maybe he’s thinking about other (more attractive) women, his ex-girlfriends or perhaps your best friend.  Or he could just be really, really bored and sort of dozing off.

But because you mentioned that he’s a man, we can safely disregard the second option, so chances are he’s thinking about someone else.

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The only way you’ll know for sure is if you ask him, preferably while in flagrante delicto.  And don’t just ask, accuse. Something along the lines of ,”Who is she, damn it?”  Keep a flashlight nearby and aim it at his eyelids.  Oh, don’t worry, he’ll open his eyes alright.  You’ll be shocked by how wide.

Once you cross-examine him about why exactly he keeps his eyes closed, you’ll probably never see him again, but at least you’ll know the answer. And I think we can all agree that indulging our curiosity is more important than a nurturing relationship.

I’m from the school that says if everyone’s enjoying sex, it’s all good.  (It’s a small school and we get shockingly little public funding.)  And who cares if  he’s thinking of running through the meadow while holding hands with you or having Heidi Klum lead a conga line of Victoria’s Secret models to him?  It will only matter if you have insecurities about the relationship, and I suspect that it has more to do with you than with whether your honey keeps his eyes open during sex.

Besides, I consulted some hedonists and they swear that it’s a human instinct to close your eyes while experiencing pleasure.  Which explains why I eat Haagen-Dasz with my eyes closed.  And also why I don’t realize that I’ve eaten the whole pint until it’s too late.

And now, here’s our free sex tip – close your eyes!  Thinking about England is optional.


Marinka, The Mouthy Housewives

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4 thoughts on “Ask The Mouthy Housewives: Why Are His Eyes Closed During Sex?!

  1. I really don’t mind if my Husband closes His eyes while we’re making love; as long as I’m having a good time! And Yes, mine are closed also while I’m fantasizing. We have some of the best sex with our eyes closed.

  2. Chances are, especially if he is the type, and the relationship is still fairly new, he may be a little embarrassed to show his “sex face” so if he doesn’t have to see that you are getting ready to burst out laughing at him, he will remain confident enough to continue. Chances are, he is as insecure as you and will make for a very interesting conversation. Oh, and becoming his drill sergeant will only make him neurotic or avoid sex all together, so simply ask.

  3. I keep my eyes closed (while I'm not ugly) I still haven't let go of insecurities about myself. I'm afraid to actually see myself having sex so I watch us in my mind where I look gorgeous and sexy not ditzy and dumb with 4 kids! Just so everyone knows I'm 110lbs, 36DDD, 5'2 and I still look like I'm 18 really! Its annoy

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