Ask the Mouthy Housewives: My OB/GYN Is Selling Sex Toys?!

Squicked out because your OB/GYN is helping patients do a little multi-tasking? Don't be.

Ask the Mouthy Housewives: My OB/GYN Is Selling Sex Toys?!

Squicked out because your OB/GYN is helping patients do a little multi-tasking? Don’t be.  

-The Mouthy Housewives

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Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I haven’t been very good about going to my OB since my son was born. I even lost his number. So I Googled him and I found out he now sells sex toys out of his office. Things like vibrators, cock rings and butt plugs. Oh my gosh. Should I find a new OB/GYN or is this kind of thing okay? I really like my OB/GYN but not sure if I groove with his new side business.


I Just Wanted a Pap Smear

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Dear Pap (Can I call you that?),

I once knew a single girl who made out with her hot married Podiatrist. Of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with your issue except they both go under the heading, “Weird crap that can happen when you go to the doctor.” And I also had to share because, can you believe she made out with her hot married Podiatrist?!! I guess he liked her feet.

Anyway, I’m a big fan of multi-tasking. I mean, who doesn’t love getting your eyebrows threaded, your bikini waxed and your hair highlighted all in one salon visit? So now you can just get more done at your OB/GYN. Vaginal exam? Check. Breast examination? Check. Picked out new 3 speed vibrator? Check. See what I mean? It’s a real time saver.

I actually don’t think an OB/GYN’s office is the craziest place to sell sex toys. As long as your doctor isn’t hawking his wares in the middle of an examination, it seems fine to me. After all, he’s doling out birth control, fertility medicine and treating STDs. So there is already a lot of talk about sex in his office.

But if it feels strange to you to buy a sex toy at the same place you hand over your insurance co-pay, then find another doctor. You know, one that doesn’t have butt plugs available on demand. But if he’s a great doctor, I wouldn’t let this bother you at all.

Either way, go get yourself a pap smear. Stat.


Kelcey, TMH

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