Art + Fashion + Rock: Are They Having a Fabulous Moment?

On the scene at the launch of V&'s new V&M Rock Shop!

Art + Fashion + Rock: Are They Having a Fabulous Moment?

On the scene at the launch of V&’s new V&M Rock Shop!

-Courtney Cachet

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It’s been said a great photograph should capture the attitude, the soul and the mind of a great moment. It is that millisecond where the eye, the mind and the heart combine. It is the type of photograph we all love, whether we’re professional photographers or not (and, not to burst your bubble, but I’m not talking about your Christmas card photos here).

Musical superstars have long been the subject of some of the most iconic photography of our time. The Beatles, Madonna, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson… As you read those names, I’m pretty sure you can see the images I’m talking about in your mind’s eye. Am I right?

This week, V&, the online marketplace known for their exclusive collections of art, design and vintage items, threw a celebrity-filled preview party at The Darby in NYC to celebrate the launch of the Andy Hilfiger-curated V&M Rock Shop. It feels like a very appropriate partnership, given the fact that Hilfiger has been blending the worlds of music and fashion for decades. He selected 17 photographs of musicians from Rock Paper Photo’s inventory of museum-quality images—musicians who are also known for their blend of the music and fashion worlds. Iconic shots of early Prince, Madonna and Mick Jagger, just to name a few, make up the collection. All of the photographs from Rock Paper Photo capture and preserve some of the music world’s greatest moments, and each hand-signed print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. For anyone with a love of great photography and music, this is a must-see collection.

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Andy’s band, MARS, performed; and in attendance were his brother, designer Tommy Hilfiger, along with musical world fixtures such as Russell Simmons, Marky Ramone, Scott Lipps and Mia Tyler.

I attended the event and spoke with Andy—and lots of other interesting people along the way! See my interviews (and other candid moments) here in the video!

To view the collection in its entirety, visit The V&M Rock Shop.

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