Why Can't Suri Cruise Play Dress-Up?

So Tom and Katie's daughter likes to wear high heels and super-girlie dresses. What's the big deal?
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Why Can’t Suri Cruise Play Dress-Up?

So Tom and Katie’s daughter likes to wear high heels and super-girlie dresses. What’s the big deal?

-April Daniels Hussar

Suri Cruise

So, now it appears that little Suri Cruise has a makeup bag. Oh, the horror! Not only do Tom and Katie let her wear high heels and flamenco dresses, but she has her OWN MAKEUP BAG! What’s next — a profile on Match.com? Her very own custom stripper pole?

Seriously, people, everyone needs to calm down about Suri’s propensity to play dress-up. So she has her very own little dance shoes with heels. She just wants to be like her mama. What’s so horrible about that? She obviously loves all things dress-up and girly — she’s just one of those girls. And her parents “indulge her” — but why shouldn’t they?

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The Daily Mail proclaims, direly:

Suri Cruise’s love of makeup and high heels shows no sign of abating.

And despite recent criticism that she is allowing her daughter to grow up too quickly, mother Katie Holmes seems quite happy to continue to indulge her.

Katie, 30, and three-year-old Suri — Ms. Holmes’ daughter with husband Tom Cruise, 46 — were snapped yesterday afternoon visiting the actor on the set of his upcoming film Knight and Day in Seville in Spain.

[Suri] clutched a pink makeup bag which appeared to contain an assortment of lip glosses in many different shades, although she didn’t appear to be wearing any.

But in contrast, she also had a soft toy snuggled underneath her arm, which many would consider a much more appropriate accessory for a three-year-old girl.

Suri CruisePuh-lease. Anyone will tell you a makeup bag is MUCH more fun than a teddy bear. Just like most toddlers would rather play with their mom’s car keys and cell phones than any stinky rattle.

As little girls go, there’s a spectrum — on one end is your typical tomboy, like my little sister who insisted on cutting her hair short and played with army guys until she hit puberty. On the other hand you have girls like, well, like me when I was little, and my daughter now. My favorite toys were a pair of giant rhinestone earrings and a collection of vintage hats. I lusted after Lee Press-On Nails and couldn’t wait to be old enough to wear lip gloss (Bonnie Bell Lipsmackers being a poor substitute).

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0 thoughts on “Why Can't Suri Cruise Play Dress-Up?

  1. Really? Cause I think the flamenco dress in particular is way over the top. I read somewhere that it stopped her from playing with other kids cause she didn’t want to get her dress dirty. If that isn’t training her from the get-go to be high maintenance, I don’t know what is. But I have a bigger problem with the fact that she never wears a coat when Tom and Katie are all rugged up.

  2. Livetogossip:
    You need to get a grip… did you forget when you were little? I am 58 and recall it clearly. Some little girls love to do this and some do not. It is what some little girls do. The coat thing? She would have spoken up if she was cold. My kids hated coats when I thought they needed one. Do you always hover around like a helicopter?

  3. I’m more concerned about the heels because they’re not good for her ankles and knees, especially while she’s growing.

    The *Mail* is horrible, though. Famously so, here in Britain.

  4. I don’t care about her make up bag, or her dresses or what she enjoys doing or wearing.

    But letting a child her age wear heels OUT to walk in, in public…not even play heels…those were shoes that fit her, not dress up heels…that is seriously detrimental to her foot, leg, ankle and knee development. That’s dangerous. And there is no reason for a child to wear any kind of heel outside of dressing up, ever. Heeled shoes are specifically designed to draw attention to a woman’s legs, ass and walk. It’s unnecessary, dangerous and frankly oversexualizing Suri.

    I do not feel the same way about her make up bag, whatever dresses she wears, because her parents always seem to make sure she’s well and tastefully dressed.

    Except for those shoes. They need to be relegated to play dressing up, not dressing to leave the house…EVER.

  5. Go Mommy,let her play dress up.I let my granad daughter dress up all the time and she is thirteen now and never dresses like a gang banger or in pajamas like some of the girls.She dresses withthe best of them and they look clean and feminine and sweet.
    She is not a follower but she is a fashionable girl.go suri,if any one says anything just look the other way.She is a girly girl.So pretty!

  6. Tom Cruise and his wife obviously have no clue about parenting! This little girl can play dress up at home in her room, but something is seriously wrong with this picture, I saw a picture of her today with another summer dress on (everyone around her had on a coat) she had long earrings, make-up and heels on, seriously these parents are idiots!

  7. Just because you HANKIE1 must be the best parent on earth doesn’t give you the right to judge anyone else on their parenting skills. I beg to differ with you, Suri looks very happy, very cute & very very loved. You don’t even know them personally and you are judging them? Don’t they teach us (in elementary school) not to judge a book by its cover? That my dear is one of the problems with our society, We judge based on appearances, or what we hear about others. I can’t believe this is even news or a topic to be disputed!!! A little girl being a little girl, WOW, that’s just horrible. NOT….Why don’t you focus on all the children out there that don’t have homes, food, coats, Christmas gifts? Or do you pass judgment on their parents too? They must be terrible parents those kids are homeless…We don’t know the whole story so why make hasty accusations and rude comments? Instead lets wonder how Suri must feel every time she leaves the house and people with cameras are running after her snapping pictures??

  8. SPOILED BRAT!!! Then again, that could be applied to Suri’s Mom and Dad too. TRUE, I do not know them personally but any DECENT person should know what is appropriate for a CHILD that age! I think it is disgusting because when Suriu gets to the Dating age … she will have learned NOTHING and be demanding of ANY man that dates her. She is learning at an early age to snap her fingers and get whatever SHE wants! BOY is SHE in for a RUDE awakening!!!

  9. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with playing dress up as it encourages a child to develop her imagination. The heels are apparently ballroom dance shoes designed for children, so sparingly, they are probably okay. But they are not good for a child’s foot, even for a short period of time. Suri is almost never pictured in anything but heels, and her feet are growing. She is NOT getting proper support. Her developing skeletal structure should take priority over what she wants to wear and it is the parent’s job to step in and give that guidance. What’s wrong with encouraging some cute ballerina flats with the outfits? Suri could still play dress up. Who cares if she wants to dress like her mother. Her mother is an adult and Suri is 3 – there is a BIG difference!

  10. i happen to be on that tomboy side, im 15 now, but im still not girlie and i dont want to change (: im happy the way i am… but yeah ppl are really overreacting about this whole thing, i mean, she has famous parents. of course shes going to pick up some of those girlie traits. i do feel a little worried about kids growing up 2 fast tho. suri’s not a problem, but my old middle school was filled w/thos kinda girls. embrace youth (:

  11. I think people are going crazy about this…when I was three I used to get into my mom’s nail polish and try to paint my nails but ended up painting my hands. I also used to want to wear my mom’s lip glosses cause it was such a pretty pink. A portrait taken of me when I was 3 for Christmas has me with a delicate pink lip gloss on. I thank my mom all the time for letting me experiance the girly side of being a girl. It’s what made me who I am today. A make-up artist and hairstylist. Let little girls be little girls. Also those heals…look back in history people!!! Children of the wealthly, especially little boys, wore heals!!!

  12. Give me a break, she is not parading around in 3 inch hooker heels. She is playing in her girlie shoes sold in stores for little girls to wear. Sound the alarm Suri Cruise is a little girl who likes to dress with pretty clothes and wear little girl shoes. Just like any little girl with an imagination she is playing with makeup has her nails painted, and goodnes me has had her picture taken caring a makeup bag, in all the pictures taken of her she may have lip gloss on. Good grief people let her be a little girl. Way to Go Katie Holmes you have a beautiful little girl!

  13. people are over-reacting about a child wearing a little play-dress outside i know a 3 year old who does that but i disagree about her wearing heels out in public maybe some sparkly flats, and maybe 1 or 2 smuckers chapstick

  14. This is ridiculous! Haven’t any of you ever dressed up and gone out. My friends son used to wear a different super hero costume every day. He is a well adjusted 10 year old. When my daughter was younger she used to get all dressed up in her Barbie heals and go with me to the store and I don’t see anything wrong with that. They are children playing dress up, I think there are more important things in this world to be angry about!

  15. My 3 and 5 year olds wear heels all the time. Granted, they are the plastic cheapy heels made for dressing up. If I could afford to buy them real heels to play in, I would. Girls will be girls. Just like boys who are covered in dirt and wearing the same clothes for a week straight (like my 7 year old would do if I let him), boys will be boys.

  16. I ~love~ that her mama lets her dress up and does NOT stifle her creativity. Love that Katie’s always with her. We all want our children to grow up to be independent and think for themselves…there’s no better weapon for success.

  17. Spoiled, I’ll agree CW+R2175, but what first born only child isnt? Katie is doing a great job, and Suri, GOD FORBID, has lipgloss and heels.. FYI i had maryjane little heels, and lip gloss I would take from my mom’s makeup bag… FYI I grew up just fine, a NORMAL individual… so disgusting, maybe the amount of money spent on her clothes agreed, but if you had it, you would do it too.. thanks :)

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