Where's the Craziest Place You've Had Sex?

From a Jet-Ski to the Louvre, real people confess their sexual adventures.
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Where’s the Craziest Place You’ve Had Sex?

From a Jet-Ski to the Louvre, real people confess their sexual adventures.

-April Daniels Hussar

Couple kissing

We once read a story about Mildred’s Temple, a Canadian restaurant that actually invited patrons to use their bathrooms for mid-meal quickies on Valentine’s Day. While the thought of fellow diners getting it on in the ladies room would definitely kill our appetites (new diet trend, perhaps?), the concept of crazy places to have sex was certainly intriguing. So we asked people to fess up about their adventures outside the bedroom, and, boy, did we get an earful! Who knows, maybe these stories will inspire you to spice things up once in awhile?

On a Jet Ski, off the coast of St. Maarten

When Denise, a Philadelphia-area executive and personal coach, was 24, she and her live-in boyfriend had some fun in the surf.

“We rented two Jet Skis and were having fun racing around. We stopped for a minute to take a break and John (my boyfriend) turned his Ski off. He jumped into the water, swam over to my Jet Ski, climbed on and, well, you know the rest. There was nobody else around and we were pretty far offshore. However, when we got back and turned in our Jet Skis, we noticed the guys renting them on the beach had binoculars! By the grins on their faces, it was pretty clear they’d seen everything! How mortifying!”

In a car, parked on a ferry between Seattle and Bainbridge Island, Washington

Karolina, 37, a marketing professional in Seattle, has fond memories of one particular car trip.

“My boyfriend and I were parked in the center part of the ferry parking deck near the front of the boat so there were cars on all sides of us. We’d only been together for a few weeks, so it was a very new relationship. We pulled out a blanket to keep warm and just started fooling around underneath it. One thing led to another and as they say in Mamma Mia, ‘dot dot dot.’ It was fun because we’d never done something like that before with each other, it was in a (semi-) public place and the rocking of the boat was really sexy.”

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On the hood of a car

Tina*, 24, who lives in San Diego where she works in marketing, explains how she became a very dedicated hockey fan:

“I was 17 and it was the middle of the summer. A hockey player I’d hooked up with the summer before was home from college. We were at a party and hadn’t seen each other in awhile so we left the party to have some fun. Making a long story short, we wound up on top of his car, outside the local hockey rink. Suddenly, the cops drove by and I jumped off the hood of the car (which I left a dent in) and then they shined their lights on us and told us to continue! His friend’s dad was a cop and we were apparently the talk of the police station for a couple weeks after that.”

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21 thoughts on “Where's the Craziest Place You've Had Sex?

  1. Ann13 says:

    On a jet ski? That’s adventurous!

  2. livetogossip says:

    At the OB/GYN? No how. No way. Ick!

  3. blondeelicious says:

    “Suddenly, the cops drove by and I jumped off the hood of the car (which I left a dent in) and then they shined their lights on us and told us to continue!”

    Am I the only one that finds this creepy??

  4. Bo Babbyo says:

    In a lake. On a rock in the middle of a mountain stream. On a street corner. Against a house. On a summer camp rifle range, illuminated by glow worms.

  5. suzebair says:

    in a prison visitor room…

  6. mynxbaby says:

    On the counter in a bar ladies bathroom, in a corn field (ouch), in a pool, elevator, I can’ think of anymore places now.

  7. icart73 says:

    Eww Blondeelicious, I totally agree.

    My most unusual place is a jet ski too, on a riverbank.

  8. marriagecoach1 says:

    In the apartment pool at dusk

  9. clasifyd1 says:

    The jet ski story was my fave, haha!

  10. zodiak says:

    Hood of the car out on a two track in the middle of the woods, on top of a stack of hay in a barn (not recommended, hay is very picky), sitting in the shallow water of a sand bar in lake Huron with a full moon overhead (actually very romantic), and in the back of an ambulance. I think that about covers it for me ;)

  11. marie1206 says:

    After jogging 5 miles you’re on a natural high. My boyfriend and I got back in the car with spectators all around and the windows all fogged in. Or it could have been the time we were out on the beach with nothing covering us but the waves rushing in and out.

  12. mememe says:

    at my office when the boss was gone with my boytoy on the desk

  13. mamawsangels17 says:

    I hate to admit this and believe me I regretted it since….but, I have had sex in a cemetary…Please forgive me God

  14. Britni1017 says:

    The craziest place I had sex was in a church, I was at my ex boyfriend’s sister’s wedding and the hall for the recpetion was connected to the church, we were all drinking and having a good time when me and him slipped into the church for a little fun!

  15. CCG says:

    On a grave in Hawaii with my boyfriend while my former boyfriend was across the street.

    Really. On a tone-slab-covered grave.

    We were both into vampires (waaaaaaay before they were ‘popular’) and minor blood play.

    It was the middle of the day in a cemetery surrounded by fairly high walls and foliage, and I’d brought a towel to cover the surface which was gravely old concrete-like stone… and it was really, really good.

    I was 17 and he was 15.

  16. CCG says:

    Sorry: correction: Stone-slab covered grave.

    Also: on an elevator in a tourist-only hotel. And in a cave on a locals-only beach. And on a black-sand beach with a bunch of nudists about. And in a theater loft, stage, and green room. And on a beach in the middle of the night while high on mushrooms. And in a field. And in a macadamia nut grove. And and and….

    He was fun.

    He died three years ago, ON MY BIRTHDAY, 4 years after we had anal sex in his shower while my husband-at-the-time and his girlfriend-at-the-time waited in our apartment, “not having sex”.

  17. sweetheart7 says:

    On the bench of a mausoleum in a cemetery.

  18. VIXEN says:

    missed school 4 a whle aftrnoon n dd it in d woods filled with casuarina trees in d car while my frnd n her former bf were chattin outsde d car……

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