Waxing Lyrical – A Male's View of Hair Down There

One man's view on pubic hair.
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Waxing Lyrical — A Male’s View of Hair Down There

-Simon Hillier, DivineCaroline.com

A woman sporting a bikini

If you ask a man what he looks for when he meets a vagina, besides a great sense of humor of course, he will probably suggest many of the same delusional qualities he wants in his total fantasy female package. Easy on the eye, morning, noon, and night; perfumed to perfection; tantalizing to the taste buds; demure blushing rose bud one day; insatiable quivering tigress purring, “Sic ‘em Rex” the next.

Now before you give up on us and go surfing for a re-enforced steel chastity belt on e-Bay, consider the positive. In the real world, we’re just so excited about meeting a new vagina; her physical attributes play second fiddle to her physical presence.

The wonderful truth is, we enjoy that every woman is unique and that we never know what we’ll get. You didn’t really think Forrest was gushing over just any box of chocolates did you? The assortment of innies and outties; bearded and bald; bitter and balmy; juicy, loosey, arid and airtight is part of what makes diving for hidden treasure so exciting. Each man has his personal favorite.

Being a traveler by nature, I love visiting exotic, sultry hideaways, but none more so than Equatorial Vulva (Capital city Clitoria, population 1). After stemming my Downunder enthusiasm for the place (and remembering that, “Crickey, it’s a big one!” isn’t a polite term of greeting in this part of the world), I thought I’d offer a few pondering on lower floor hairstyles, because in recent years you’ve spoilt us naughty boys with so much choice.

Personally, I’m a fan of minimalism when it comes to pubic art. I just feel more confident, comfortable and ravenous if I can see what’s on my plate. It’s not that I won’t eat a side salad, but I love something neatly trimmed, waxed, or with a little garnish for presentation on the specials board. It’s a surefire way to have me offering my compliments to the chef all night.

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0 thoughts on “Waxing Lyrical – A Male's View of Hair Down There

  1. From one man’s perspective. . .now from another man’s perspective (my husband), he has a hair fetish and loves a nice bush. I guess that is all the beter for me because I do not have to deal with the never-ending maintenance – woo hoo!

  2. This article is absolutely terrible. Mr. Millier starts out pretending to be open-minded, telling us ‘Oh, it’s really up to you! Do whatever you want! All choices are juuust fine!’ but then spends the rest of the article telling everyone why shaved is better. The overdone flowery language and pathetic attempts at ‘humour’ – which are really just thinly veiled degrading insults – don’t help, either. I mean, that ‘Yeti’ comment? Don’t even get me started! Yeeeah, sorry, but this article gets two very big thumbs down from me.

  3. Ah come on… don’t get your panties in a wad. If you’re insulted you’ve obviously never shaved down there b/c after the first time you’ll swear to never grow it out again. It’s not just better for him but also much better for yourself! Talk about FREEDOM!!!!

  4. Ladies, if you’ve dined on the hairy tuna taco as I have, you will immediately understand why men want a grassless field when playing ball. Haven’t you wished for a manscaped yard while sucking up pubes like a hoover sucks up new carpet threads? Quit being so hypocritical and grab a razor!

  5. PaigeKittles and lisa_b, you’re saying a lot of stuff, but all it translates into is “My choice is better!” It may come as a shock to you, but not every single person in the world prefers shaved. Did you not see the first comment by cremebrulee? Stop being so close-minded and let others do what they want! You don’t need to insult others to justify your own choice. It’s rude and pathetic.

  6. hey this article is hilarious. lol i didn’t want to shave mine either but i have been doing so for 3 yrs and its comfortable for me. A guy i was with liked the hair but i told him my body my decision. When he said they’re just “smitten to get some kitten” that’s so true, and you’ll be rewarded when you confident about you body.

  7. I’m a guy whose only had the pleasure of pleasing three woman orally (different relationships, different times in my life): the first was slightly furry, the second very hairy, the last clean shaven. All experiences were, overall, most incredible! It’s about accepting and enjoying her for who she is, and learning how to really please her. The last relationship was heavily sexual, with not much common ground in the other areas, so it didn’t last. It’s the relationship, how your values line up, and how each of you fills the needs of the other, that really makes it click. And how you can adjust to the changing needs of your partner over time. Without that, you really don’t have much.

  8. re-growth.. annoyingly, even painfully itchy..
    even to the point that i thought i had std.. till the doctor told me.. stop shaving.. and stick to trimming..

    this man obviously has to try it.. and be as busy as a woman.. work.. gym.. good book.. friends.. true blood.. gossip girls.. hair.. family.. house chores.. nails.. make up.. he’ll know he’s lucky to have the time to get it done once a week.. and that’s pass re-growth.. and pulling nose hair isn’t the same.. and plus if we do decide to do it.. we’d do it for ourselves.. so if my man doesn’t like it.. he’ll just have to deal with it.. the way i deal with things i don’t like about him too..

  9. I had a boyfriend who asked me to grow my hair out (I prefer it closly trimmed or shaved) and now have a boyfriend who like it completely hairless and prefers to keep himself shaved as well even though I prefer a little hair on a man. There is nothing like a guy with shaved pubes and hairy legs LOL I guess to each their own and I will usually go along with it as long as it isn’t too crazy or complicated. No hearts or stars for me LOL

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