There's More to Love About Emme

The plus size supermodel, Emme, talks Robert Pattinson and shopping at Target.

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There’s More to Love About Emme

The plus size supermodel talks Robert Pattinson and shopping at Target

-Kelly Will

EmmeFull-figured supermodel Emme took time out last week while traveling, to tell me all about her new show on Fox, More to Love. She dished on where she likes to shop and on running into Twilight’s Robert Pattinson while barely clothed! The plus size star still lives a jet set life at 46, but says thanks to her age and the nature of the curvy modeling industry, she managed to avoid the drug and party lifestyle that so many young models fell prey to in the ’80s and ’90s. The New Jersey mom of an 8 year-old daughter, Emme is excited to debut her new show on Fox on July 28th and says she is truly accepting of her lifetime size 12 – 14 frame.

Gossip Betty: First, you must dish on your recent Robert Pattinson run-in!

Emme: Rob Pattinson was staying in the place next door to me when I was filming More to Love this year. I got up in the morning and slipped into just my robe to step outside and grab a towel. I didn’t expect anyone to be around – I looked like a prostitute on a Saturday morning! My hair was crazy and messy and me in my robe just out of bed. There he was standing in the middle of the courtyard just stretching, this gorgeous young guy. I felt like an idiot – trapped. I said, “Hi Robert, nice to see you.” He just smiled and politely said hello and went along. I was so embarrassed and my daughter couldn’t believe I had been caught like that by gorgeous Rob.

Gossip Betty: So many of us would love to say we had that moment! Back to the show – what is More to Love about?

Emme: It’s a dating show featuring real / normal sized people. The concept is very much like The Bachelor. If you like that, you will really love this show. It’s dating for the average guy – not perfect looking men and women, but girls who have a little more curve, might be plus size and our bachelor is your everyday man.

Gossip Betty: How many girls does this lucky bachelor choose from and what size are they?

Emme: There are 20 girls and the size range is from about 12 to 20.

Gossip Betty: What are the important statistics on the new bachelor?

Emme: He is a single guy who wants to travel, eventually have a family and children. He’s in his mid 20’s and he is a professional. He won’t have 6 pack abs or live in the gym, but he’s not overweight and enjoys sports. He wants to find a girl he can share his life with.

Emme in PEOPLE, 1994Gossip Betty: How did you get your big break in modeling?

Emme: Back in ’94, People magazine named me one of the 50 Most Beautiful People. I had actually just left the full-figured industry. I was very disillusioned with the industry and I wanted to leave. My agency wanted me back, because with that spread and other change, people were looking for a different kind of beauty. I was naked in that People spread and it made an impact!

Gossip Betty: What size were you really when you were a model?

Emme: I was born a 12. Ford, my agency, wanted me to be a solid 14. I thought they must have been joking but they really wanted me to be a 14! I worked out regularly and I ate healthy.

Gossip Betty: How do you feel about your body these days?

Emme: I do not mess with nature. I’m 5’11” and I shouldn’t be anything smaller than a 12. My upper body is smaller and my bottom half can range between a 14 and 16. I’m athletic and I don’t starve. I work with what I have!

Gossip Betty: How did you avoid the drugs, drinking and wild partying that can be typical of the supermodel lifestyle?

Emme: We, the full-figured models, didn’t have that kind of jet set attitude. There wasn’t time. I worked 300 days a year for 3 straight years. I’m still living off the airline miles!

Gossip Betty: What was it like to work, travel and fly nonstop?

Emme: My suitcase was always packed with everything. I would have swimsuits and sweaters and coats so that I was prepared for anything. I’d get off one flight at JFK and head to another terminal to pick up tickets and they’d say I was going to San Salvador. I’d wake up on these islands and think, “where the hell am I?” I wouldn’t know where I was or who I was shooting for and there were times that I was just so tired. It was a really busy, exciting and fun time.

Gossip Betty: Where do you tend to shop the most for clothes?

Emme: I love Target – I’m always talking to mass retailers to up their game and have more body conscious fit and full figured styling. I find many different price points but I love going to Michael Kors. He would be fantastic if he had more size 14s in the store! That size is always gone immediately. I piecemeal what I can find and what fits. Torrid has fantastic jeans for tall, curvy women.

Gossip Betty: How do you think the clothing and advertising industry treats curvier women these days?

Emme: There is a lot of work to be done to get full figured models more equal. There still needs to be a lot more diversity on the runway. Every department store should go up to a size 18 for women. Women deserve their own imagery and clothes that fit them and make them feel good and look good. I’m hoping More to Love will shine more light on beautiful and curvy girls.

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  1. I’ve always loved Emme, but why is she ignoring the size 10 ladies? She should know that the plus sized industry uses models ranging from size 10 to 18, with 14-16 being about the average! I know it’s a misses size, but so is 12! I’ve been hovering about the 8-10 size most of my life, with a short stint at 18, and at 5’11(Emme’s height), a 34-36 inseam, I completely get where’s she’s coming from! I’m kinda ticked at both Target and Isaac Mizrahi…he’s gone! Thanks for the article with Emme, and remember, size 10’s need love too! Include some in the next season of your show, Emme!

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