The Most Annoying Things You Can Say to a Guy

Men reveal the six things women say that drive them crazy.
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The Most Annoying Things You Can Say to a Guy

Men reveal the six things women say that drive them crazy.

-Justin DeMarco

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“Kids say the darnedest things, men say the stupidest things and women say the most frustrating things.” – Ancient Proverb

Alright, fine. That quote isn’t an ancient proverb and technically it’s not really a “quote” since I made it up. But it is very telling, if I may say so myself. To sum it up: Kids are hilarious; men don’t always have a filter (or know when to turn it on); and women know how to hit a nerve, often without even trying. How do I know this? Read on.

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“Baby, you can drive my car…but if I’m driving, don’t say a word.”
The last thing a macho, vintage-sports-car-driving-man wants to hear while cruising around in his pride and joy is his significant other complaining about the way he drives. “I’ve thought about installing a pair of fake brakes on the passenger side of the car for my wife,” says Joey, a 38-year-old Floral Park, NY salesman. “She’s so nervous, always ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ when we’re in the car.”

While Joey’s wife’s favorite words in the car are, “Watch out!” his are, “Get out!” If you do have a problem with the way your man drives and you don’t want to end up walking home, I suggest closing your eyes when you’re in the car. That, or get used to public transportation.

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0 thoughts on “The Most Annoying Things You Can Say to a Guy

  1. Haha! It’s funny because I hate it when guys can’t make up their minds. How about you take the lead and take me to where you’d like us to have dinner, rather than doing the “you pick,” “no, you pick” thing. Taking charge is sexy. Saying “I don’t know,” is not.

    And, as for the driving thing, if the guy is driving super fast or recklessly.. I’m going to say something. I don’t care if it annoys him — he’s got my life in his hands and he better respect that. I don’t want to get in an accident b/c you felt the need to show off.

  2. I’m with you, Fashionista!

    But that thing about us always complaining about how we look … well guys, if you gave us more complements we wouldn’t need to fish for them!

  3. Ok, I get what Jonathan is saying when his girlfriend says “act properly” before he goes out, but seriously, there’s no bigger turn-off than a guy who can’t hold his liquor and acts like a drunken idiot.. especially when he’s 27. We get you want to have a good time with your buddies, but you can do that without embarrassing yourself… and coming home so wasted we need to hold YOUR hair back… not attractive.

  4. I get it, sometimes we’re annoying. But it generally comes from a good place (well, except for the flirting thing), and you can get on our nerves too, boys!

  5. sounds like the boys are whining here! When they finally grow up these issues go away. I met my husband when he was 31 and I was 27 (14 years ago) and I never had any of these issues. He was already mature enough that these things never came up. There certainly were guys I met in my early twenties that were “easily annoyed” as your article describes, but you just have to chalk it up to immaturity. when the guys grow up these things go away. So get over it already guys and grow up!

  6. The reminder one got me – if you don’t like being reminded, DO IT THE FIRST TIME! In my house, I work full time, with an hour long commute each way. My boyfriend works just as hard as I do, but on a different schedule – a lot of weekends. So when I’m home, I’m cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc., and when he’s home, he’s surfing the internet. Yes, a lot of the time it is work related, but I can multi-task, why can’t he? I don’t ask for too many things to be done, but when the rare request gets ignored because Facebook was too interesting that day or just “I forgot”, it does piss me off. Women don’t GET to forget because when we do, nothing gets done.

  7. If you don’t want comments on the way you drive…since our car is MY car…don’t TAILGATE, don’t be so rough on the brakes and PAY FUCKING ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!!

    See, I’m not the only person to ride with you who doesn’t like the way you drive. Men CANNOT DRIVE.

  8. I don’t want to be a nag, so I don’t want to keep reminding him – but then he says, well why didn’t you keep telling me cause I can’t remember everything!

  9. I hate it when my boyfriend gets upset because I get on his case about how he is driving with me in the car. But he will decide to race his friend back to his apartment and cut through traffic and scare the crap out of me. It’s not like southern california doesn’t have enough traffic and accidents. Then he rides the back ends of other cars, or text messages while driving. I go crazy, while in the car with him.

  10. “Watch Out” / “Get Out” lol! I will acknowledge that I can be a ‘back seat driver’, but if the guy is crazy on the road, I will voice my concerns.

  11. If it’s so frustrating when a woman doesn’t want to decide where to eat… don’t you think it’s probably frustrating to her that you can’t/won’t decide on a place either and instead are forcing her to do it? I personally find it really annoying when a guy asks me to choose, and then when I legitimately have no preference and offer him the choice instead, he gets pissed off. Uh, sorry that your plan to impress me by looking all selfless/generous/whatever didn’t work out, I guess? We’re actually not all whiny, passive-aggressive bitches like the one you mentioned here. If I know I won’t like a place, I’ll say so and suggest an alternative. Otherwise, I’ll pretty much be fine no matter where we go. I’d prefer to save my energy for the many non-pathetically-trivial decisions I have to make every day (speaking of which, your argument that a woman must be a terrible decision maker if she doesn’t care where she eats? Not stunningly logical).

    And two more pieces of advice for men everywhere: 1) If you don’t want women to complain about your driving, then stop driving like a douche. It’s not impressing anyone anyway. 2) If you don’t want to be nagged repeatedly, then do what you’re asked to do the first time you’re asked to do it. Or even better, if it’s an errand or household chore that you already know you should be doing, then do it before the other person has to ask! Your girlfriend won’t have to nag if you just pull your weight in the house/relationship/etc. to begin with.

  12. Yeah, righ, Justin, basically you’re telling us to keep our mouths shut in not so many words. How about that being the most annoying f…. frustrating thing a guy can say?
    First off, If a guy drives like a maniac I will tell him. I will not risk my and his lives just so that he can act out undisturbed his Formula 1 fantasy.
    Second, have you seen guys when they “just have fun”? Thier “fun” is often something they regret in the morning, or is dangerous, or is offensive to thier friends. So, if we are good friends we will try to stop them.
    Third, when there has been no response from you, we will remind you until you get off your behind and do what has to be done. My husband keeps insisting that he does the dishes. Well, I remind him after dinner when instead of doing the dishes he sits down to play chess. Then I remind him THE NEXT DAY when the dishes are all dried up. Does that count for “constant reminders”? Now I just do the dishes myself and listen to him complain about how I don’t let him help me.
    Fourth, yes, it’s horrible to say “your friend is so handsome” but men are even more guilty of that one than women are.
    Fifth, the reason we say we wish we looked like someone is that it makes us very insecure (guilty as charged) when you say things like “ooooh, she’s so hot” Who wouldn’t??
    Sixth, come on! If we wanna take a break from deciding what to eat, which movie to see, just pick something. Or let us decide to take turns.

    This article is in fact more about the annoying things men do that provoke us to say annoying things. That being said, girls, there are guys out there that would only drive you to say 1 or 2 of those thing, not the whole batch. I have found a husband that only makes me do the constant reminder thing — or the chore itself — whichever is actually easier.

  13. I don’t know if this was the work of one ‘man’ and if so where you found this 12 year old prepubescent male to ask which cooties were the worst but, he sucks. He seems lazy, insecure and dishonest. To every woman that felt she had to defend herself or her actions: This is someone’s opinion. That does not make it relevant, true or in this case even entertaining. Really like the site but this was a strike out. Did you think this was Maxim for a minute? Maybe they’d appreciate this article.

  14. I totally agree with Fashionista! Men, be friggin men and make some decisions!

    Ladies, we cannot win with men. It’s impossible. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. They are little boys in grown up bodies.

  15. this article only proves one thing to me and that is most people feel as if it is a necessary thing to get attached to someone as soon as possible without really knowing what sort of person they really want to go through life with. granted one can not know until they have gone through a few relationships but, if you keep yourself listed as single and dating you will find the right one a lot sooner than if you attach yourself to the first one you meet and list yourself as in a monogamous relationship.
    about the driving thing, I used to train people to drive the big tractor trailer semi rigs and my best students were female as they listened to what I said and the male students watched what I did. Yes I was as careful as I could be to not use any short cuts while driving but, I am only human. My ex-wife was a terrible driver, she was also a terrible drunk. Hence the “ex”-wife. Not the only reasons just, the only I will divulge.

  16. there was this one time…and I made sure the last cuz I brought it up to him all the time….he said to me “if I ever meet Gwen Stefani, i’m dropping you like a hot rock” you have NO IDEA how much that hurt me…I dont care about the fact that he thinks Gwen Stefani is tappable shit..and I dont care that she’s a celebrity and he’ll never meet her and even if he did she would never even look his way much less f*** him because 1)he’s a fat **** and 2)she’s married anyways….it just hurts to know that he didnt feel that I was the hottest thing on earth. sometimes its the things they dont say too…like when my ex would hardly ever tell me how good I look or that Im sexy…until I brought it up to him.

    or comparing me to a dog…yeah that was the best one…its like “um, whose the dog here?”

  17. I had to laugh when I read the one about his driving. In 20 years of marriage, the ONLY thing my ex and I fought about was his driving! We never fought over money, child rearing or anything else, but my bitching about his driving sent him over the edge. He is STILL a lousy driver (but with his new wife in the car!). Meanwhile, I have been driving for over 40 years and have never even gotten a ticket!! Now I gripe about our SON’S driving – like father, like son….

  18. The nagging thing? When I would remind my husband, say…two weeks later…he would say I was nagging. Um, no. I asked you ONCE, you didn’t do it, and now I’m reminding you. If you aren’t going to do something, just say in the first place and I’ll find someone else to do it.

  19. Okay. First off…. you say you want a man to be honest…. so he is… and now hes being immature and whining. Stop and think. Almost every single lady has said at least one of these things at least once in their life. Look at how the man reacts. These things really annoy him. Thats what the article is about. As for the lady who said that if she doesn’t do something than nothing gets done. Well if women would just wait for more than 1 second they would realize that men do get stuff done. We just prioritize differently. WE don’t see the dishes need to be done as a number one emergency. SO when your boyfriend is surfing the web instead of doing them. Its because he is taking a little bit of leisure time BEFORE he does them. But when you come home and start nagging at him to do the dishes it just counteracts all the time he just spent winding down and gets him pent up and reminds him of the stress at his work so he tunes you out and never gets anything done. SO before you start nagging at a man just stop, Take a breath. Calm down. DO something leisurely to lower your stress levels so you dont become the nagging shrew that every man hates. and WAIT. He will get it done. It might take him a bit but he will get it done. Trust me.

  20. I’m going to be honest, I don’t know how I got to this page, but now that I’m here I’m going to comment :)

    All these girls comments are correct, from a certain point of view and in certain situations, and lets face it not all guys are alike. I don’t remember the order so these numbers don’t make sense.

    1. “Watch Out.” Okay, yeah. This statement goes either way. If the person is driving badly, let em know.

    2. “Behave” I’ve never been told this, so I don’t have an opinion.

    3. “Your friend is handsome.” Really? Girls say that? That’s terrible. Girls might not believe it, but we aren’t really as confident as we pretend. Inside, that would tear us apart though we may not show it.

    4. “Not pretty enough.” Yes you are. But to be honest I do the same thing like “I’m so hairy.” and I want her to say “I like it, it’s like a young Sean Connery.” even if I know she’s lying, still makes me feel good :) So girls, return the favor would ya!!

    I don’t know the rest. Ultimately it’s just best to not over criticize. All that will do is make each other quit talking, which is very unhealthy.

  21. You know what I find absolutely ridiculous. While I may not agree 100% with every single thing said in the article. I find it hilarious… that you women keep posting to defend yourselves because you know you do the above. The fact remains that, the above 6 ARE THINGS THAT IRRITATE MEN. That part is true. It is also fact that women often have reasons for saying/doing the above 6 things. But instead of being MATURE about the article and realizing that these things irritate men. Maybe also being mature and evaluating the way you go about handling the above 6. You all cluster together like a bunch of man-haters and pat each other on the back for giving excuses for why YOU are JUSTIFIED in doing the above.

    Think about it from a Man’s perspective. If you were to come up with 6 things that really annoy you, and all we did was argue about WHY we did those things and how stupid YOU were for complaining about them… what would your response be? More than likely… you would end up bitching about how insensitive men are and how we “never listen to you.” Am I getting close to the truth? I’m in a wonderful and mature relationship. If you “ladies” and for some of you I use the term very loosely… would just listen and take this information into consideration. Perhaps you wouldn’t be so annoying to your husbands.

  22. To the ladies who say “OMG men suck at driving!”: I’m all about “Girl Power.” Rock on, ladies. But, I’m sorry; It’s been scientifically and statistically proven -several times- that men are better drivers than women. Also, we’re apparently better at loading the dish-washer. Who knew? And while I do agree, that yes; it’s annoying for someone yo keep doing the “No, YOU pick!” “No, YOU!” “Nuh-uh, YOU pick!” bullshit, it goes both ways! All but maybe 4 or 5 of the girls I’ve dated have been absolutely USELESS when it comes to making these kinds of decisions! They have no shortage opinions about how I should do my hair, or how ugly that girls shoes are, or why I look better in this shirt than that shirt. But when it comes to A.) What/where they would like to eat, or B.) What do they feel like doing, they are absolutely worthless. They are without worth. “I don’t know.” “I don’t care.” “Whatever.” Is all I’ll get. Which, would be alright if they didn’t always wait until the ride home to let me know that “Eh, I don’t know… I wasn’t really in the mood to go ______ing today…” or “Yeah, I’ve never really liked ______ all that much.” Even this, one one or two occasions would be ok; We’ve all ate at restaurants we didn’t really like or did things we didn’t really want to do just because we knew our significant other liked it. But every single time? If you’re THAT picky about what you eat and what you find enjoyable, then speak up! Make a god damn decision for once in your life, because it really does NOT make me feel great to find out how shitty it was, EVERY single night! And then you wonder why we didn’t stay together very long?

  23. I thought the same thing Fashionista did. I’m a guy, and what frustrates me the most is when a guy doesn’t want act like the man. *you* as the man need to pick the place to eat, if she says she doesn’t know. And *you* as the man, have the responsibility of thinking of someplace that you both will enjoy. If you think you don’t know what she wants, then you’re not paying attention to her. It sends a message that you really aren’t into her.

    Why do guys want the easy way, and don’t want to take the risk?

    It’s similar how men don’t have the balls to ask a girl out, so they hint around, waiting to see if the girl will make the first move. Don’t be a pussy. Be a man.

  24. I find it funny that women say men can’t drive and men say women can’t drive. honestly, neither gender can really drive. you have a select few out there that can actual drive (from both genders). I have met a lot of guys that I don’t feel comfortable riding with because they don’t pay attention and they blame things on other drivers when, really, it’d their fault. and then the girls are just way too overly cautious… but, yet, they still don’t pay attention to the cars around them. when I’m in the passenger seat, I see things that are about to happen, or already happening, 10 seconds before the driver sees/reacts to the situation.

    As a girl, I know that when we (or maybe it’s just I) say “behave”… we’re just teasing. we’re (I’m) joking around… trying to be a little playful. I know you want to have fun… so would I. Go have fun, damnit.

    The constant reminder… I know the feeling. But I (even as a girl) will forget if told just once. And I know from experience that guys will forget too. So, I do think that a couple reminders are necessary – not to suggest nagging.

    The flirting… yes, I agree, that would be very annoying. If my guy flirted with my friends or talked about my friends’ being cute… It wouldn’t make me feel too good. I do think (from both the man the women) that a subtle “he/she’s cute” is acceptable. It’s a matter of trust.

    “I wish I looked like (whatever celebrity)” I absolutely understand why it gets annoying for guys. Because, yes, a lot of girls say things like that JUST to get compliments. IT’S ANNOYING. Girls ALWAYS say “I’m so ugly” or “you’re so pretty… why can’t I be as pretty as you.” They’re fishing for compliments. DON’T give it to them

    “You pick” “no, you pick” thing… someone needs to step up. The first date (maybe first couple) the guy should pick. surprise her… do something fun. Then, after you’ve gone out a few times, take turns picking where you want to go. Because, yes, “you pick” “no, you pick” games are annoying as hell

    girls, stop complaining. we all know guys are great (when you find the right one). girls and guys are both annoying in some way or another. don’t let these things bother you. LET IT GO

  25. before I start, thanks hersheyspecialdark, you pretty much get it. most of the other ladies, aside from those who got a laugh from this, are getting way too fired up.

    look people, we’re all in the same boat: drivers suck everywhere, everyone gets a little lazy and then nagged, everyone thinks they could look better but wants to hear that they look fine at the moment, everyone has fidelity suspicions, and everyone is indecisive. Obviously how much of each fluctuates from person to person.

    the author did a dis-service to men out there(as did Zumalifeguard who is most likely the cocky driving type that causes the ladies to freak) and made this all seem like a rant while lacking clarity in explaining himself. with the car issue, every guy will admit it’s annoying when anyone cringe’s and hits the imaginary break all the time, you just wanna say screw you dude cut it out. my mother used to say STOP or LOOK OUT and actually throw her arm across my chest/upper arms when she wanted me to change what I was doing(irony anyone?), THAT is annoying (not to mention completely dangerous and illogical). point is while the street goes both ways, if the person driving you gets you there you’re obviously in one piece so calm down and trust them or get a ride with someone else.

    with the whole flirty/ooh he’s hot thing, here are some guide lines: –don’t say anything about anyone either of you know personally(acquaintances included) unless the other person asks your opinion, keep your filters on but this way they can’t get mad at you, they asked. –when it comes to celebrities or anyone else you’ll only ever see pics of, just don’t say anything comparing them to your significant other unless you’re saying your partner looks/is better. famous people aren’t relevant except as a constant frame of reference for who your with to compare themselves with.

    honestly, if it bothered us that we are dating below the supermodel bar we wouldn’t be with you. THIS MEANS THAT IT DOES NOT IMPACT HOW BEAUTIFUL WE THINK YOU ARE! and btw, it makes you ladies look EXTREMELY shallow when you actually get depressed or otherwise affected emotionally because you aren’t a supermodel. we like, and love, our girlfriends and wives for who they are far more than how they look (even though it is really cute when you’re angry).

    this kind of clarification would have fended off at least a few of the rabid man-eaters and teenage girls i think. and, all of this being said, the article would have been better off had it not constrained itself to firing off blanket statements on commonly known stereotypes.

  26. I only make a statement of anyone’s driving if I find it to be highly questionable. The lives of the individuals you are transporting are your responsibility at that time. If the person is showing good judgement and deems the responsibility they hold seriously I tend to relax and let the driver do the worrying.

    I would not be with a man whom I had to tell to behave. I am not looking to be his mother. If a man can not display any self pride to control any actions deemed embarrasing or childish then he needs to be mothered and I am not the one.

    I do the 3 strikes your out rule. If I ask if you can do something for me and you agree and fail to do so in a reasonable time the second time I will ask when
    it is you plan to get the request accomplished. The third time I will ask if you have forgotten. After the third I will do it myself or hire someone to take care of
    it. I once repaired a central a/c unit myself after making the 3 strikes you are out and the guy was more embarrased when his friends found out I was the one who fixed it after his failure to even try. Mind you I was not the one who told them. His daughter did. After that he never said he would do something and not do it. Since it not only embarrassed him in front of his friends but made him feel like a real loser in front of his daughter who saw everything.

    i once dated a guy who was very insecure. I was never the one that mentioned his friends were handsome. He was so insecure he would ask me if I thought they were. It drove me nuts. I would always answer. “If you like the type.”

    I dont ever wish to look like Scarlett Johansson or any other famous individual. I would never want all the public attention of asking me, “Aren’t you so and so?”
    Ugh I am happy to be myself majority of the time. yet fellas we do like to hear that we are pretty and that you think we are.

    I am pretty decisive. If I dont know the area though it may make choosing a bit difficult when it comes to a restaurant. As for bigger decisions I tend to weigh the
    pros and cons and make my decision accordingly.

  27. As a guy, I think a lot of these are not as big of issues as they seem.

    1. My biggest pet peeve among these is the last one. I would not particularly mind if she said “no you pick” or “I don’t know” so long as she doesn’t complain over every choice I make after that, or blame me, or say no to everything I suggest until hours later when we have wasted time and most of the options are closed.
    2. The driving thing is kind of annoying, but sure if he is driving recklessly you shouldn’t have to shut up. It is just nice to feel a girl trusts you enough to get her there safely, paying attention to something else should help (my gf drives like a maniac but I know she has a good driving record and I trust her so I just tune it out).
    3.Rather than always “nagging” how about leaving notes? We do forget what you asked, reminders are useful but hearing the same things over and over again does actually make us forget whatever was actually important and just get annoyed.
    4.Besides the “you pick” my biggest pet peeve, which I feel should be addressed, is the seeming inability to understand urgency. I am not being mean, I am not putting you second, but if I don’t take care of the emergency right now your problems are about to get a lot bigger. I cannot talk about relationship issues when I have to deposit our check for the rent before the banks close so we don’t get evicted. I would be happy to talk about it over dinner. When I have a rushed tone in my voice and tell you I cannot explain it all right now PLEASE trust me and listen, this happens sometimes and I would do the same for you.

  28. I feel I should add the insecurity thing is the same for both genders. I have good self image and there are few people I feel intimidated by. I have only once in recent memory had a time where this bothered me. But I could see if my friend who always got the girl got you to say how handsome he is I would feel insecure. It’s just mean. If I said your friend “WOW SHE’S HOT!!” when your slightly more popular friend walked in you would feel horrible.
    The behave thing is also kind of demeaning. We act childish when we want to have fun, just like you do/should. Being an adult all the time is boring. We don’t want to date our Moms we want to date a girl who likes to have fun and likes to let us have fun.

    I can see where the author comes from on all of these, but I think he makes the issues too vague.

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