The Facts About Mineral Makeup

Should you choose a liquid, pressed or loose powder mineral foundation? We've got the lowdown.
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The Facts About Mineral Makeup

Should you choose a liquid, pressed or loose powder mineral foundation? We’ve got the lowdown.

-Dora Salgado

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Over the past five years both high-end cosmetic companies and the more affordable drugstore brands have added the terms “mineral,” “pure” and “bare” to their new products. Mineral makeup comes in liquid, loose and pressed powder form and most claim to have some benefit to using them. The amount of money spent on advertising on these new “healthier” lines of makeup is staggering, but taking everything the ads tell you at face value can sometimes be misleading. Read on to learn the truth about mineral makeup and whether it’s right for you.

Fiction: Mineral makeup is all natural and therefore environmentally safe and healthly.
It’s true that minerals are found in nature. However, before minerals are safe for use on your skin they have to be refined and processed in a factory. Lower-grade mineral “fillers” such as talc are sometimes added into the mix. We’ve all heard how great factories are for the environment and how healthy talc is for us, right? Rather deceptively, mineral makeup can contain only one mineral as the primary ingredient and a cosmetic company will label it as a “mineral” one. The larger, more internationally known cosmetic lines generally add more chemicals resulting in a more processed, less natural mineral formula.

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Fiction: Mineral makeup is so pure you can sleep with it on.
Just because it says “bare” in the title, don’t get the idea that you are wearing less makeup and it doesn’t have to be washed off at night. While mineral makeup is more finely milled than regular makeup, as dermatologist Dr. Francesca Fusco says, “I would never tell a patient to sleep in any kind of makeup. It’s not a good idea for the skin to be covered at night, no matter how pure a makeup might be.” Like all makeup, it should be removed with a cleanser before you go to bed.

Fact: Mineral makeup will work for everyone.
Yes and No. Even though mineral makeup is considered non-comedogenic, its micro-milled particles can be irritating to some and even harmful if inhaled. The trick is to find a formula that will work with your type of skin.

For dry skin: A liquid mineral formula like GloMinerals GloProtective Liquid Foundation –Matte II ($30.50, works well with dryor aging skin because unlike loose powder formulas, it won’t accentuate wrinkles and dehydrate your face.

GloMinerals GloProtective Liquid Foundation –Matte II

For sensitive skin: Those with sensitive skin should try a pressed mineral powder base like Jane Iredale PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation ($49.50, with a sponge or puff to avoid any irritation.

like Jane Iredale PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation

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