The Difference Between Fat and Thin People

Sometimes your weight really is a mental problem.

The Difference Between Fat and Thin People

Sometimes your weight really is a mental problem.

-Melina Gerosa

Friends at lunch

I discovered it! The difference between fat and thin people. It has nothing to do with carbs, calories, or even exercise. In fact, I believe it has less to do with the body than a split-second reflex in the brain.

I figured that our one day when I met my friend Ginny at a café. We slid into the booth and scanned the menus.

“God, I feel fat,” Ginny declared. To illustrate her point, she lifted her bulky sweater and grabbed a hunk of midriff bulging over her jeans. I have to admit, the roll was quite impressive.

“I’ve gained seven pounds,” she admitted. “I’ll get around to it eventually.”

Then Ginny shrugged nonchalantly, as if the world wasn’t ending.

I watched amazed. I was struck by the major difference between us.

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Despite her bloat, Ginny is a thin, very attractive person. And she looks, acts, and talks like one. I too am carrying some extra pounds left over from Christmas-cookie time. But unlike Ginny, I am a fat person. Not in the flesh—anyone looking at me would say that I was “normal.” But I’ve been battling my body type since 7th grade, my weight has swung like a pendulum, and I never know what’s going to fit on any given day. So I feel like a fat person most of the time.

So there we sat: one “fat” person and one thin person, experiencing the same plight of being a few pounds over. For me was devastating, for Ginny was no biggie.

“Ginny, what’s the difference between us?” I asked. “We’ve both gained a few pounds. You don’t seem to care, and I can’t stop obsessing about it.”

“The difference is if I gain weight, I don’t beat myself up about it,” she said simply.

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And there we have it, ladies: The difference between fat and thin people is not what they’re chewing, but how they talk to themselves after they swallow.

I mostly have very good eating habits. Sometimes I make poor food choices, as do most people. Then I freak out and start counting calories, scheduling gym time and deciding what I’ll eat at every future meal. It’s all so exhausting that I need to eat to get energy just to gear up.

But not Ginny.

“Could you pass the butter?” she says.

Maybe, I think, if I don’t beat myself up about what I eat, I’d relax, eat like a normal person and not think about being “fat.”

I make a radical decision then and there to exercise: exercise self-restraint with my thoughts. The next time I eat something caloric, I’m going to enjoy it. Period. End of story. And then move on and live my life. Let’s see what happens.

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0 thoughts on “The Difference Between Fat and Thin People

  1. You have to love yourself. And if you’re berating yourself for being fat, whatever your weight or shape, that isn’t loving yourself.

    This is an excellent article, thank you.

  2. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Neither of the people in this story are “fat”. Having a few holiday pounds to lose is not “fat”. “Fat” people need real help to lose 20, 30, 100 or more pounds of overweight. Go have another cosmo, omg!

  3. Totally true. As a former “fat” person, I realize how much of my life was spent thinking about and worrying about food. Instead now, most of the time I have a focus on what does my body need now? It really is a head thing….that impacts the body…

  4. Yes I agree this article title is way off.
    This is about two women who as the writer describes who are “skinny” and “normal” just a few pounds off their normal weight that they like to be.
    This is not about fat and thin or fat vs thin or the real people suffering with the pressure of todays society against people of size or also who they regard as too thin in size.
    Your either to big or to small by most of society.
    This article is more of a oops need to write a blog article in less than five minutes type of article.
    I am sorry to sound cruel and I admit this does sound mean but this writer is a really good writer. So I can imagine it was an off day.
    And we all have off days!!
    Looking forward to the next article. :)

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