The Best Places To Meet a Guy

Ready to meet someone special? Seven sure-fire suggestions for where to meet the man of your dreams this summer.
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The Best Places To Meet a Guy

Ready to meet someone special? Seven sure-fire suggestions for where to meet the man of your dreams this summer.

-Libby Keatinge

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Tired of the bar scene, online dating and all the other forced, awkward things you’re supposed to be doing to meet the right guys? Summer is almost here, and that gives you the perfect excuse to get out there and change up your man-hunting plan. To help get you started, BettyConfidential has compiled a list of seven cool spots – some specific, some more general – where you’re likely to meet someone you’d want to date. And the best part? You won’t have to carve out time for these activities, since they’re things you’ll want to be doing anyway! From grocery shopping, to working out, to spending time outdoors, to catching up with friends, to seeing fabulous new independent films, it’s all about spending time in the right locations – where like-minded men are also on the prowl. Since some of these are places you already know and like, you’ll be comfortable and relaxed –which is always sexy. And the conversation should flow easily because the simple fact that he’s there, too, means that you already have at least one thing in common, right? Prepare to get busy and have your best summer yet!

Safeway Supermarket
15 Marina Blvd., San Francisco, CA
Nicknamed “Dateway,” the Safeway supermarket in the Marina district of San Francisco is great for food- and date-shopping. “People literally go there to meet people,” Ronald, 23, from San Francisco tells BettyConfidential. At this grocery store, you can shop for a date and fresh organic produce at the same time. Insider tip: The areas around the meat and produce sections are reportedly where shoppers and potential dates congregate.

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Friends’ Social Events
Anywhere, USA
No matter where you live, summer is always a season filled with lots of fun social events – and more often than not, those events are also attended by plenty of single men. Maybe you’re tired after a long day at work and don’t feel like getting dolled up and trekking halfway across town for your former co-worker’s house-warming party, but think before you RSVP “no,” You just might be missing out on meeting potential hotties. Social gatherings are great places to meet people, especially since the simple fact that you’re both there means that you already share some common acquaintances. “I met my now-husband at an old friend’s Sunday barbeque,” says Clarissa, from Stamford, CT. “Having those mutual friends and being in the comfort of their home took the edge off and made it easy for us to start a conversation. We’ve been married 21 years now!”

Rittenhouse Square
Walnut Street and 19th Street, Philadelphia, PA
This centrally-located public square is a great pickup spot when the weather is good. “They have outdoor concerts there in the summer,” explains Andy, 30, who spent last summer in the City of Brotherly Love. “Aside from that, there are always people picnicking when the weather is nice, as well as tons of people walking around.” And if you have a dog, better yet! “Definitely bring your dog there!” she recommends. “I met a great guy while I was walking my Yorkie and he was walking his Boxer.”

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11 thoughts on “The Best Places To Meet a Guy

  1. if you have a dog anywhere you’ll get hit on! especially if the person has a dog too. when we were engaged i told me husband not to take the puppy out b/c a. he’s hot and b. women love puppies. haha

  2. Someone Help Me, How can I or Do I ask for an day out, with this Man that I belive my soon to be husband? I don’t think it’s my place. I feel as if he’s waiting on me to be more open with him.

  3. Chapters, a book store. I recently found out it's a raving meat market in there. And the best thing is the guys are sober and you can make conversation over the books in their hands.. There is coffee, quiet conversation and cozy chairs and fireplaces.. It's like an instant date without the plan.
    Men, guys, love it when they can lower the rejection factor, that's why bars are good especially after some liquid courage. And it's got to be the best place for the "damsel in distress" go ahead make your date and drop that book at his feet. Ha.. works everytime.. especially if you drop an atlas on his foot.

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