Show 40 Percent of Your Skin to Get Men

A new study reveails just how much YOU should reveal to attract men.
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Show 40 Percent of Your Skin to Get Men

A new study reveals just how much YOU should reveal to attract men.

-Carrie Seim

Show Skin

Want to get a guy? Show a little skin! But only 40 percent – no more, no less.

That’s according to new scientific research from the University of Leeds, which found that women who expose exactly 40 percent of their skin attract twice as many males.

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CoCo Chanel arrived at a similar conclusion years ago when she quipped, “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.”

But how to determine the exact proportions ideal for luring men? We’ve all spent time in front of a mirror debating between the miniskirt or the strapless top … or the miniskirt AND the strapless top. But no one’s ever conducted a cost-benefit analysis on the ratio of skin-to-cloth before.

Lucky for us, scientists in the U.K. have solved this sartorial dilemma once and for all. Four of the group’s fearless female researchers went undercover at a nightclub and observed the interplay between skin and men. They used tape recorders to note which women got asked to dance by men most frequently, according to the study, published in the journal Behaviour.

According to the researchers’ rubric, arms counted for 10 percent each, legs earned 15 percent each and naked torsos registered a whopping 50 percent. (Guess it’s OK to rock a bare midriff as long as you wear a belt to cover that extra 10 percent?)

Those women who exposed 40 percent of their skin got the most male attention. Those who covered up too much were ignored. (Poor little turtlenecked wallflowers!)

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  1. BODphila says:

    So what about short sleeves and skirts that are a little longer than mid-thigh? Does that still add up to 50% exposure?

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