Sarah Palin and Oprah: Our View

BettyConfidential editors watched Sarah Palin promote her new book, Going Rogue, on Oprah, yesterday. Here's how we saw it.
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Sarah Palin and Oprah: Our View

BettyConfidential editors watched Sarah Palin promote her new book, “Going Rogue,” on Oprah, yesterday. Here’s how we saw it.

-The Betty Editors

Sarah Palin and Oprah Winfrey

One Betty says:

It was a love fest between Oprah and Sarah. It started with Oprah talking about Oprah and ended with Sarah talking about Oprah. Oprah explained why she hadn’t invited Sarah on her show during the campaign. Sarah explained how much she had been inspired by Oprah when she was an Oprah-watching stay-at-home mom.

In between, Oprah turned into the interviewer Sarah always needed but never got during the campaign. An interviewer who tossed Sarah the obvious softball questions and let her be Sarah from Alaska at her most down-to-earth and appealing. And didn’t Sarah’s turquoise jacket and newly highlighted hair look just great?

OK, I admit it, I like Sarah Palin. I think she is a real political star. Even the Big Dog himself, Bill Clinton has openly admired her unique ability to draw big crowds and win fervent supporters. Remember her acceptance speech at the Republic convention? Just plain terrific. One of the two or three most memorable speeches of last year’s campaign. (And the others were not given by the top of her ticket.)

I also think that what makes Sarah special is that even though a woman like her is not a rarity in American life, she is a rarity in American politics. Pro-life and devout, with a family full of problems, she talks the talk and walks the walk that millions of American women understand and with which they can empathize. And let’s not discount her good looks and undisguised sex appeal. One of her many female media bashers, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, calls her “Caribou Barbie.” Hey, Maureen, most women wouldn’t find that so insulting.

A couple of things, though, bothered me a bit during all the sweetness and light of the Oprah interview. I agree the McCain team did not handle her effectively —obviously something Sarah writes about at great length in her book, Going Rogue — but Sarah never really explained why she was so compliant with their mismanagement. And as for that session with “Miss Perky,” Katie Couric, a shrewd ambitious Sarah must have realized that a shrewd ambitious Katie’s goal was to improve her own lousy ratings with a slash-and-burn interview. Why did she let it happen?

Sarah Palin and Katie Couric

There are Sarah haters and Sarah lovers, of course, but the real question today is did she win over some of the middle-of-the-road independents with her appearance on Oprah. I would say she did. Oprah steered clear of any tough current political questions. So I don’t think Sarah even had the opportunity to prove to the doubters she would be a capable national leader. But, you betcha, she sure could be a heck of talk-show host.

-Myrna Blyth is BettyConfidential’s Editor in Chief.

Another Betty says:

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0 thoughts on “Sarah Palin and Oprah: Our View

  1. I was really disappointed by the interview. Sarah Palin is, obviously, very appealing to many people because she has great little catch phrases and homey appeal. However, whenever you try to scratch the surface, there seems to be no depth. Her need to blame Katie Couric for that debacle was very revealing. How about taking responsibility for the fact that she knew almost nothing of world affairs at that time. As for the family issues, the poor little Bristol was exploited at such a vulnerable time of her life. Oprah blew it, in my opinion. She just gave Palin a platform and it was really a lovefest. She didn’t even ask about Palin having help with writing the book!

  2. My favorite part of the interview was when Sarah said it was not just lucky but “providential” that she kept journals. Yes, Sarah, God wanted you to write your memoirs! I think Oprah totally wussed out. I would have loved to see Oprah ask Sarah how she felt about the fact that apparently God didn’t want her to be VP.

  3. I agree, Julia. Palin continues to play the victim when discussing the Katie Couric interview, but Couric wasn’t even that hard on her! She was almost apologetic when pressing Palin for answers to the questions she dodged! And when is the last time you heard an uproar about a reporter being too hard on a male politician? Guess what, Mrs. Palin: the office of the president is a tough one to fill, and if you couldn’t handle a little interview with Katie Couric, you certainly couldn’t handle the vice presidency or the presidency. Get over yourself.

  4. I love Sarah Palin and am proud to be a supporter. I liked the interview now that Sarah is free from “handlers” she can be herself. Her children are adorable and they look like a nice family. Politics affects all families and I don’t know why she is being held to a different standard than others who are in the political spotlight.

    I believe Sarah has grown and learned from this experience complete with mistakes that others get a pass on depending upon their party.

    Sarah Palin can handle herself quite well. Go girl!

  5. yes!! of course I cant wait to read the TRUTH,, maybe she will even expose the president and more of OBAMA LIES!! Sarah has not been HELD the same standard as all left wing liberals!!~ and Katie Couric,,, well,,,,, we all know her ratings are so low she will stop at nothing to make her point. Katie should be embarrassed!! Its so refreshing to see Sarahs morals and beliefs.


    It is amazing that when someone with some true morals and a real person steps up for our country,, total mayhem ensues…

    and if you want to talk about qualified for offices,,, would you say AN AMERICAN CITIZEN is more quailified who loves OUR COUNTRY than some who are NOT??? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, think about THAT for a minute!!!!????

    you go girl!!~
    Sarah is what our country needs and AMERCIANS AND WANT AND are showing their love and support – (WHEN THE MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT DOESNT SENSOR OUR POLLS OR WHAT WE ARE SAYING)

    Sarah, as you can see handles herself much better than I could- ha!!

  6. @forensicmommy How is Palin being held to a different standard than other politicians?

    Palin has done nothing but complain about the media “attacking” her since she first stepped into the national spotlight. Yet shortly before being tapped as the VP nominee, she was blasting Hillary Clinton for “whining” about the media having a double standard toward female candidates, saying that Clinton should accept the media’s treatment as a given and basically just suck it up. If anyone has a double standard, it’s Palin.

  7. I agree, Kitty. No amount of support can erase the dumb things Sarah Palin has said during many interviews. She represents the far right which is thankfully in the MINORITY. Everyone agrees, even the republicans, that she could never win in 2012.

  8. I hated her before; I hate her even more now after that interview, and I’m pretty disappointed with Oprah, truth be told.

    I stand by what I’ve said since she first opened her mouth during the presidential campaign.

    Someone needs to drag that unspeakable bleeped deleted censored into the street and shoot her and put the WORLD out of our misery.

  9. Hey sugarandspice! Like your comments. Does anyone understand that if the President dies, the Vice-President becomes President??? Supporters and non-supporters alike should take into consideration that in no way is Palin quaified as a World Leader!!! Not then…not ever. I do not want to seem real harsh, but it is just not going to happen. There are mnny other much more qualified women than Palin! Oh, by-the-way…2008 stats show Alaska ranked #45 for Gross State Product (I had to look that up) CA, TX, NY are #1,2,3…My vote is for Hillary!!!

  10. “and if you want to talk about qualified for offices,,, would you say AN AMERICAN CITIZEN is more quailified who loves OUR COUNTRY than some who are NOT??? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, think about THAT for a minute!!!!????”

    Okay. First things first: Excessive and random CAPS CAN be effective when used judiciously and in the proper manner.

    Second: One does NOT ellipsis with COMMAS.

    Third: I know this is VERY difficult for you to understand. I know how HARD it is to look at a certificate of LIVE birth for the state of HAWAII and not realize that it is INDEED one of the fifty united states.

    Fourth: John McCain was born OUTSIDE ANY of the United States of America in the Panama Canal Zone. At the TIME, it was US Terrority, but that does not automatically mean that he is a natural born US citizen, which Barak Obama very clearly IS.

    Fifth: Being born in the United States of America does not, and will NEVER be the litmus against which it is judged if one person is capable of leading the Free World. It is but one requirement among TWO which must be met before a person may run. Other requirement is AGE; a person MUST be at least 35 years old, and even if a natural born united states citizen. AND he or she must have lived and resided in the united states for a period of no less than fourteen years.

    Interestingly enough, even a felony charge is not an automatic shut out for the position. Any felon MAY indeed run for President, though also ironically, they may not vote.

    If I had to choose between Sarah Palin, the woman who ran one Alaskan town into debt so deep they still have a “Shoot to Kill” warrant out for her, and under whose authority victims of RAPE were required to pay for their own RAPE KITS, and a brain dead goldfish, I’d be setting up a nice, fifty gallon tank in the oval office.

    She is not fit to be a mother, a wife and least of all, someone in charge of anyone else.

  11. @kellytime Does it matter how Katie Couric made her point? I think it was sufficiently made…I like Kevin Kline, but just because I like him doesnt mean I want him in political office…the same should be considered by Palin supporters. There are alot of people that agree with my views, but just because they do doesn’t make them qualified for political office.

    As for Palin’s book, if it focused on her experience as governor and as a mother then I might read it as well, but where it dabbles in national politics I’d leave it alone.

    I’m still trying to determine why there has been in the past 9 years or so such a trend to elect people who aren’t overly intelligent but who seem likeable and opinionated to office. Alaska is about the only state where Palin having run the show wouldnt have been a disaster. It has about 686,293 people as of 2008 and not much call for international relations aside from Canada and perhaps those Russians Palin might see from her back yard….

    Nobody censors any polls though I concede someone internal to any organization taking them could tamper with them. That’s all I can really say about that.

    As for Obama, I havent made up my mind about the health care plan. Americans have always basically not cared overly much about the poor except when feeling charitable like during the holidays. Ours is a capatilist country which means you only should get for what you work for and damn the unfortunates. Obviously, we have some social measures in place to assist people but these are failing as is our whole health care system. We have to do something so I’m prepared to see how Obama’s plan does given that doing nothing is far worse.

    Pertaining to the Oprah interview. Oprah is a talk show host not a news reporter. Why should she grill Palin on things everyone is probably already perfectly aware of when her primary goal is entertainment. That doesnt sound fun to me.

  12. Hurrah for Myrna! When I clicked to read the article I really expected to see caustic criticism of a woman that is a true feminist that other “one-sided feminists” cannot tolerate. I was so pleasantly surprised to read Myra’s comments.
    But, in true form of the “one-sided feminists” many of the comments from readers did what they’ve been programmed to do…and that is shoot down a woman that stands up for what she believes in, says what she thinks, has become extremely successful in family, politics, authoring her first book and is resilient through all the attacks and criticism poured upon her and her family. Sarah is a true Shero.

    Sarah is a true role model for independent, strong women. Thank you Myrna for recognizing that.

  13. Dear Betty,
    Why do you insist on mixing fashion and politics? It only makes you site look like you’re lamely trying to compete in an arena where you’re WAY out done by people who can actually write intelligently about politics.

  14. Kellytime, you make me laugh and cringe at at the same time (all those caps and commas yellin’ at me, eesh).

    Talon, you crack me up. Thank you.

    Did anyone happen to notice how uptight the Palin girls looked on camera? I didn’t get a sense of pride or excitement from them watchin’ Mama on Oprah …

  15. Yes, I think there should be a tax on useless punctuation.

    As for Sarah Palin, I am not sure she has the knowledge to be a vice president. A college political science graduate would probably know more about world politics.

    That said, I think she has a lot of guts and is quite the strong woman.

  16. Sarah Palin should be more of a player in the upholding of strong family values in America.I think she is better suited at doing just that.I don’t think she has the knowledge,affinity and depth to be in the main stream of hard core international politics.The world is facing serious economic and terrorist unrest.what we need now are serious minded individuals who are considered real heavy weights both in America and in the international arena.Imagine Palin handling a crisis of magnitude like Iraq and Afganistan. We don’t need another Bush who could not sit down and read and digest voluminous important documents.Sarah am sorry is not the right person for the job period.She has no real experience.It is a pity she should just be a moral guard or custodian in the republican circle.Someone being appealing to the eyes is much more than the real life.Those who support her I believe are just as fluffy and light like she is.


  17. Why all the name-calling and bashing? Sarah Palin is a woman of many talents who has made many controversial statements. Some people like her, some don’t. If you don’t like her, there’s no need to make violent statements about her. And, if you don’t like her, it doesn’t mean you are not a feminist – you can dislike male politicians without thinking all men should be second-class citizens, why isn’t the same true in the case of Sarah Palin? Sigh.

  18. Being a public servant is not sitting down and talking about how wonderful your family is or how strong a couple you and your better half is.The republicans got away with imposing a not so talented and not so intelligent Bush on America and the rest of the world.And they almost got away with it again by trying to impose a not so bright home body who does not know where Russia or Nigeria is.Let us be more realistic,the world needs more hard core,grounded and realistic public servants to tackle the grave economic down turn and political upheavels we are experiencing all over the world now.Please I don’t know why Americans are taking this vapid and shallow woman serious.This is not about name calling. Sarah please go home and bake some cookies.Her down syndrome child and her grand child born out of wedlock is of no importance to any one now.There are millions of families facing the same challenges she is facing without jobs.Please fellows let us get real.

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