Rekindling old friendships

A decades old frienship is rekindled ... now it's your turn!

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Rekindling Old Friendships

Take a chance, you may be surprised!

-Cate Thompson

Just about everyone has been a victim of those irritating pop-ups on the computer that tempt you to seek out old classmates. They did start me thinking, however, about a dear friend I had in high school. We met in 10th grade and connected immediately. To look at us, you would never suspect that we had anything in common. I was a petite kid with straight dirty-blond hair and blue eyes. She was a heavyset girl, Italian, with thick, curly dark hair and large brown eyes. We were complete opposites, and not just in looks.

Friends have come and gone, but I can honestly say looking back that she was the most caring, honest and true friend I had throughout my school years. Unfortunately, youth is foolish and impulsive. When I found myself in a position where I thought I had to choose between her and the guy, I chose the boyfriend. A few years later, thankfully, I eliminated him from the picture as well. When neither of them were a part of my life, I somehow felt that the situation was finally justified.

Fast-forward almost 25 years. A few months ago, I decided to write my friend a letter apologizing for my stupid behavior and my treatment of our friendship. I also wrote that the decision would be hers as to whether she wanted to reply. No hard feelings if she decided to let sleeping dogs lie.

To my delight, I received a reply from her about two weeks later. She was thrilled to hear from me and so glad I decided to get in touch. We have been regularly e-mailing about what has transpired over the years, and last week, we met face to face for the first time in a quarter century. We had a great few days reminiscing and getting to know each other again. The strangest thing of all may have been that neither of us felt like 25 years had slipped by.

Subsequently, I tracked down another good friend from high school and am hoping to find one other. Maybe Facebook and Classmates are good for something, after all.

Life is short. Don’t let a friendship fall by the wayside because of guilt, pride or fear. There is every possibility that your old friend feels the same way. You don’t know until you take a chance.

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