Our Favorite Mommy Bloggers

The Betty team shares a list of who their favorite Mommy Bloggers are!

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Our Favorite Mommy Bloggers

Some mom bloggers you’ll wish you knew in real life!

-The Betty Editors

Mom bloggers are hot and happenin’! For most, blogging is a way to connect with others, to share their thoughts, angst, humor and prose. It’s hard to be stuck inside a world of sick kids, diaper changes, car pools and school activities. Blogging is often an outlet, a way to connect with others experiencing the same highs and lows of motherhood.

You may have your own set of mom bloggers you like to follow (in addition to some of our Betty Bloggers, of course), but there are so many great moms out there, sharing everything about motherhood, we thought we’d give you 10 more to fall in love with! Here’s a list of some of our favorites, in no particular order:

1. World of Weasels. Not your typical Mommy blog! WeaselMomma shares with you the good, the bad and the funny that comes along with raising five children and one husband. It’s not always all about the kids. On Fridays, WeaselMomma recognizes the important man in her life – her children’s father. Sensitive and thoughtful, these posts may bring tears to your eyes! Then check out her hilarious Pooh Bear post, The Dark side of the Hundred Acre Wood for a great laugh!

2. My Thoughts Exactly. I fell in love with Morning Light Mama (get it? Her name is Dawn) and her family the moment I clicked on her blog and saw her profile photo. She just had that “I’m a normal mom of three kids” glow about her. She’s holding her newborn, while her toddler is having a fit and her older son is hamming it up … all that action and she’s got the biggest, brightest smile. Beyond the  requisite adorable kid pictures and parenthood shop-talk, the thread that keeps the mommy-blog-world together, this mama likes to think she brings some balance to the mix with guffaws, NPR shout-outs and random rants about the world she lives in thrown in for good measure. A favorite recent post: What’s Your Definition of Free?

3. Is There Any Mommy Out There. Stacey shares the joys and pains of a world-traveling lawyer turned small city, stay-at-home mother to three toddlers. With a fourth baby due in July, it gets messy, but never boring. From adoption struggles to labor and childbirth, trans-racial parenting to potty training, anymommyoutthere.com  tells the stories and explores the issues, big and small, of an average, extraordinary, everyday family. Her profound blog post about her miscarriage in September made us feel her pain and fall in love with her.

4. Mommy Melee. At Mommy Melee, Maria takes on parenting two adorable boys under 4. Expect a mix of humorous, barely-safe-for-work posts and reflections on her past as she raises her children in the town where she grew up. Also, expect shenanigans. Maria presents Girl Talk Thursday and also writes for YourMamaReviews.com. A recent post to check out: For I Was As It Were a Child of Thee.

5. Comments from the Peanut Gallery. Comments from the Peanut Gallery is about the joys and frustrations of a full-time working mother of two preschoolers (ages 4 and 3), 14 months apart in age. With twins on the way in the fall of 2009, Eatmisery (as she is known in the blog world), is pretty busy! She writes daily about her parenting journey, weaving a delicate balance between home, work and self. It isn’t always easy, but every day brings surprises. And frankly, we’re glad she lets us in!

6. Ms. Single Mama. Ms. Single Mama dishes about dating, life and love and shares her blog spotlight with her main man, adorable little Benjamin. She shares video blog advice, and recently gave us a front row seat as she got some new ink – a tattoo of a leaf, which signifies growth and new life!

Ms. Single Mama also blogs at wetv.com. She’s got a great positive attitude that’s inspirational to ALL moms!

7. She Likes Purple. Jennie tells it like it is with beautiful words and raw emotions that she doesn’t try to cover up. She’s taken readers through her struggles with infertility, pregnancy and the recent birth of her adorable son, and she’s currently blogging about her struggle to lose weight at Bodiesinmotivation.com. She’s one of those bloggers we forget that we don’t really know in real life.

8. Manic Mommy. Of course we have to plug our very own Manic Mommy and the blog she keeps in addition to all the wonderful prose she produces for Betty. She hosts an array of contests and entertains us with stories about her husband, three children and their life in the Chicago area. If you follow her on Twitter @Stephanieelliot, she’ll even tell you about quickies in the powder room with her husband. Check out her recent post about explaining condoms to her son.

9. Notes from the Trenches. Blogger Chris Jordan has seven, yes, count ‘em, SEVEN children, and still manages to produce a highly entertaining blog as well contributing to many other blogs. We love her humorous acceptance of the mess that motherhood can sometimes be. Check out her May 1 post, “Little Ways in Which I fail” in which she confesses to forgetting to play Tooth Fairy and making her son wear a wet baseball uniform because she forgot to put it in the dryer.

10. The Bloggess. Really – her tagline says it all. “Like Mother Theresa, Only Better.” If you like Dooce, you’ll love The Bloggess and her crazy funny rants on everything from nipple hair to the economy. Actually, it’s kind of impossible to describe her. You should just go there now, and read her. You’ll either laugh hysterically or close your browser in disgust and never take our word for anything again. Either way it will entertaining!

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  1. Love Ms. Single Mama — proud to call her my very-first-fellow-single-mama-blog-friend way back when — totally deserves the shout out!

    And The Bloggess? What can you say about the Master … funniest freakin’ mama EVAH.

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