Online Dating Must Die

Nicole Christie on why online dating must die.

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Online Dating Must Die

Finding love online is out of control – and out of order

By: Nicole Christie

First it was Then eHarmony followed suit. Pretty soon, came along for the eHarmony rejects. And eventually, the online dating market was saturated – Nerve, Yahoo Personals, Jdate, PerfectMatch, OKCupid. Some people looked for love on MySpace, Friendster – and more recently, Facebook.

As we become more glued to our laptops and less engaged in society, the online dating world expands to fit our interests. A recent New York Times article shed light on this development noting there are now 1,378 dating sites – including those tailored to farmers, nerds, vegetarians, people with STDs, even Ayn Rand fans (seriously – check it).

When online dating first hit its stride, it was an interesting new way to meet people. But over time, it’s become a breeding ground for social retards who would never get a date through normal human interaction and sex fiends looking for their next hookup. Think about it – many of you have probably tried online dating or know people who have. How many good stories do you hear? There are a few successes – long-term satisfying relationships, the occasional marriage – but the bulk of the tales seem to fall along the lines of either ambivalence (“Feh – I went on a few dates but didn’t find anyone special”) or complete horror story (“He pulled out photos of farm animals having sex”*). Online dating also makes it easy to not work on a relationship when things get rocky – why should you? It’s like a smorgasbord, and the next best thing might literally be just a click away.

Some have said that online dating is a great way to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise meet – but shouldn’t you take that as a sign that these are people who don’t run in similar social circles and are therefore probably not a good match? Others claim it’s a great way to get dates if you’re too busy to meet people “the traditional way.” But if you can’t be bothered to have a social life and personal interests that bring you into face-to-face contact with other people, how can you possibly make time for a relationship? Which leads me to this: Online dating is NOT a good place to begin a relationship. It’s a good way to find coffee dates and sex buddies. If that’s what you’re after – go for it. But if you’re looking for a true partner, for a meaningful relationship, GET A LIFE. Join a running club, campaign for your favorite presidential candidate, sign up for a sports league, take classes in subjects that interest you, attend any and all parties and social events you’re invited to – even if you think it might not be your scene. Do what YOU love – and the love will come to you.

*I am NOT making this up.

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0 thoughts on “Online Dating Must Die

  1. Online dating sucks………..Agreed. You only see what the person wants you to see and you have no idea if their personality sucks. Plus, I feel like the women who are on there are from the clearance rack………Top shelf women don’t need to be on a dating site…..

  2. I tried on line dating sites. After a few friends found Mr/Ms right, I thought I would give it a try. I have a very busy life. Plus, I seemed to attract control freaks or men looking to be taken care of- so I thought it may open a door. I didn’t realize it was mostly men looking for a booty call or mama figure. I don’t work that fast. I have met a nice guy on one site that I am currently seeing, but we are also going to the same college. It also took 3 months of emails and chats before we finally went out. Most of the men I “met” either wanted no responsibilities, immediate sex, lived over an hour away, or wanted someone to move in right away. Single was looking much much sweeter. I say if you move slow, the chaff will weed out quickly.

  3. There is Nothing, Nothing, more important than that initial chemistry when you meet a new person, no questionnaire can compute the power of pheromones! Just because two people like to travel and try new foods does not mean they should be dating.
    I believe internet dating is like trying to find the perfect pair of jeans on the internet, who knows how they will fit when they actually get together.

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