Jesse James Plays the Sympathy Card

But we aren't falling for it!

Jesse James Plays the Sympathy Card

But we aren’t falling for it!

-Carolyn French

Jesse James

Aww, somebody’s stressing … let’s all drop what we’re doing to pay attention to the poor innocent creature known as Jesse James. is reporting that Sandra Bullock’s soon-to-be-ex-hubby lost it Wednesday and physically attacked a paparazzi due to extreme stress.

Realizing that probably wasn’t the best way of handling the situation, he expressed regret on Thursday.

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“Jesse came out of his office and walked over to this photographer,” an onlooker told the website, “And I thought he was going to yell at him. But Jesse said, ‘Hey man, I’ve been kind of stressed out lately. Sorry if things have gotten kind of heated between us. I know you’re just trying to do your job. If you could just try not to get in my face too much. Just keep a respectful distance, everything is cool.’”

It’s understandable to not want someone right up in your face. However, when you cheat on America’s Sweetheart half a dozen times you have to expect a truckload of attention! (RadarOnline)

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