Is Tom Cruise Causing Trouble Between Posh & Becks?

As Tom influences David's every move, we wonder if the bromance will affect the Beckhams' romance
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Is Tom Cruise Causing Trouble Between Posh & Becks?

As Tom influences David’s every move, we wonder if the bromance will affect the Beckhams’ romance

-Julie Ryan Evans

While he hasn’t jumped on any couches proclaiming his love (yet), Tom Cruise seems more intensely involved in his bromance with David Beckham than ever. Meanwhile, Becks seems to be basking in the glory that is Tom and heeding his ever-flowing advice.

“David admits that Tom has influenced every major decision he has made since the two met in 2003,” an insider tells “They share the same representation, the same PR firm, live five minutes away from each other in Beverly Hills, and David and wife ex-Spice Girl (Posh Spice), Victoria, named their third son Cruz. Religion is the only thing these guys don’t discuss.”

Though Posh may not actually own any pants, it’s pretty clear that she’s been wearing the proverbial ones in the Beckham family … until now. Apparently that doesn’t sit so well with Tom who is now pushing David to reclaim his head of household status.

“Ever since David told Tom that Victoria has decorated their house too feminine, David has been talking to designers about redecorating his den and master bath,” the source tells “David is also putting Posh on a budget because he thinks her spending like a shopaholic is bad for his image. David has never really told Posh she can’t buy anything, so she’s not thrilled. Posh, pouted about it for a bit, but is honoring what her husband wants.”

Can’t wait to see Posh – oh, she of the Birkin bag in every color - on a budget!

But beyond the bummer for her wardrobe, what are the bigger repercussions of David being led like the Karate Kid by Tom’s Mr. Miyagi? Will the bromance affect the Beckhams’ romance?


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0 thoughts on “Is Tom Cruise Causing Trouble Between Posh & Becks?

  1. kisskiss says:

    hahahah this is funny. I don’t know if David would ever dare put Posh on a budget. She makes her own money too, from her armani campaign, the last tour, and her clothing line.

  2. Fern says:

    The idea of Tom as Mr. Miyagi is hilarious! This is pretty funny stuff…

  3. lilshopper44 says:

    Who would pick Tom Cruise as a mentor?

  4. rosie818 says:

    I’m actually so glad the Beckhams didn’t decide to follow Scientology. If that’s really what’s motivating Tom then ew

  5. Shanece says:

    I don’t think it’s wise that David Beckham lets Tom Cruise have so much power and influence in his life. Their relationship sounds like it is beyond a bromance.

  6. ErinW says:

    I think Tom just wants to be BFFs. lol

  7. ChattyCathy says:

    I think Tom and Becks are MORE than friends …

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