Is Tiger Woods Really A Sex Addict?

One L.A. psychologist thinks "sex addiction” may just be the latest celebrity fad; a way to cover up infidelity and rehabilitate their images.
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Is Tiger Woods Really A Sex Addict?

One L.A. psychologist thinks “sex addiction” may just be the latest celebrity fad; a way to cover up infidelity and rehabilitate their images.

-Libby Keatinge

Tiger Woods

Say you have a guy pal, a handsome, charming, thirty-something, athletic, well-to-do gentlemen who does well with the ladies. In a little over a year he sleeps with 14 women. He occasionally forgets to use condoms. Perhaps you might sit down with your buddy and remind him that sex without protection is risky behavior. But would you go so far as to stage an intervention and have him committed to a rehab clinic — or does that seem a little extreme?

Now say that same gentleman is a famous billionaire golfer with a wife and two young kids. Suddenly the guy needs to call a press conference, issue a public apology, and enter treatment for sex addiction. Based on what has been reported about Tiger Woods’ behavior, if he weren’t married, he wouldn’t be considered a sex addict. An expert tells BettyConfidential that Tiger has joined a group of celebrities and regular people who grossly overuse the term “sex addict” as an excuse for behavior that may actually be caused by deeper underlying issues.

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Diagnosing someone as a sex addict is very difficult for psychologists, and according to Los Angeles-based psychologist Dr. Morris Halperin, anyone who is diagnosed “should be someone whose addiction to sex prevents them from functioning properly in life: for example, not being able to go to work, attend social events or have regular human contact.”

One former patient of Dr. Halperin’s, James*, is a sex addict. When he was in his late thirties and living in Los Angeles, he engaged in disturbing behavior that eventually landed him in jail. He would break into women’s apartments, steal their panties, masturbate with them and return them. James was marginally functional at work, had no friends, and barely left the house. He was eventually sentenced to 26 years in jail for raping a prostitute.

Tiger Woods reportedly slept with 14 women – that we know of – and lied about it. This seems to be a far cry from the behavior of Ted*, a Dallas bartender in his mid-twenties who would charm and present fake business ideas to people for front money he then spent on prostitutes. Ted would have sex multiple times with at least two prostitutes a night, until he passed out from his drinking. In the process, he spent hundreds of thousands of other people’s money on prostitutes.

“Tiger Woods is America’s best golfer, was functioning in his work and social life and engaged in reported promiscuous and adulterous behavior. Had he not been married, this wouldn’t have been considered problematic,” Dr. Halperin tells BettyConfidential. Based on what has been reported about Tiger’s behavior, Dr. Halperin believes, “he has been misdiagnosed as a sex addict. This diagnosis is taking the focus off other areas of therapy he is or should be working on, such as the lying and deceit in which he engaged as a result of his multiple affairs. In most cases of infidelity, there are underlying problems and the road to recovery is much longer than a 30-day stint in rehab.”

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Tiger is not the first celebrity to label himself a sex addict following adulterous behavior. Halle Berry’s ex-husband Eric Benet, who was rumored to have cheated on his then-wife several times, said he never committed adultery, but copped to being verbally inappropriate and having physical contact that was extremely improper for someone who was married. Although he entered sex addiction rehab in 2004 in an attempt to save his marriage, he later admitted, “In retrospect, it’s not what I would label my situation,” referring to his diagnosis of sex addiction and attributed his cheating ways to simply, “Making some stupid-ass, stupid-ass mistakes.”

Although he denied he was a sex addict in a 1997 Playgirl interview, actor David Duchovny entered sex addiction therapy after reportedly cheating on wife Tea Leoni in 2008.

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0 thoughts on “Is Tiger Woods Really A Sex Addict?

  1. He’s an idiot who got caught. If he was a sex addict, he’d have done more than just sleep around. According to the “experts,” his acting out would contain copious amounts of masturbation- until the point of injury, porn addiction- internet or otherwise, visiting strip clubs, etc.,
    He’s not a sex addict- it’s just a convenient excuse.

  2. I agree — it’s bogus. He’s a horndog with an invincibility fantasy. Hopefully this knocked some sense in to him and he can move forward with some respect for his wife and children.

  3. Golf is a mental game — all about concentration. If Tiger was REALLY a sex addict, he’d never have been able to focus and win all those tournaments. Almost makes me feel sorry for all the people who really suffer from sex addiction that these celebs are using that label as a cover… Thank you, Dr. Halperin!

  4. Sex Addict or not – I would ask that those commenting consider the fact that whether these celebs and elected officials “are” or “aren’t”, the devastation their behavior causes their spouses and families is the same – trauma and devastation. It’s easy to kid and make jokes about sexual addiction, but it is no laughing matter to Elin Woods. If anyone reading this is interested, there are excellent resources available to help wives/partners of addicts. “Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal” (New Horizon Press 2009) by Dr. Barbara Steffens and Marsha Means, MA is particularly good as both writers have “been there.” If nothing else Tigers disclosure is shedding light on this subject and hopefully helping to educate folks on this addiction – most of which involves on line pornography.

  5. Tiger Woods has been a spoiled fake brat his entire life. He’s NEVER going to change, and if Elen takes him back, then she just wants to continue to be in the limelight too. Even if half of these “other women” are telling the truth about having sex with Tiger when he’s married, anybody in their right mind would divorce him, kids or no kids!

  6. What is not being said on here is that 60% of the married women have their husbands on a starvation diet of sex once a week or less. It is the number one complaint I get in my practice. It is not politically correct to hold a woman accountable for her behavior. We live in a society that is steeped in MISANDRY. Men who get their needs taken care of at home does not cheat on their wives. I can tell you about a male client that I had recently who was the brother of a famous female movie star that you would immediately recognize. He was also wealthy. His wife never had to work or even do housework. He said that he is divorcing her after 18 years of begging for sex and constantly being denied. He got sex about every 10 days to two weeks when things were good.

    The dictionary definition of unfaithful also includes people who are not faithful to their vows to take care of a partner’s sexual needs.

    If you want exclusivity and loyalty from a man, it is up to you to keep him satisfied and happy. I know that I will be excoriated for this position, but this is reality as well as responsibility.

    Thornton Wilder in the famous play OUR TOWN had a famous line it that stated that: “Most men live lives of quiet desparation.”

  7. Tiger Woods is not a sex addict.Sex Addict addiction is omething madeup so insurance companies pay the bill.Tiger is just a spoiled brat that Pops should himhow it is done when woman are falliing all over a celeb!He is selfish,disrespectful and an ediot,who wants what he wans when he wants it!!Elin should run.he has no respect for her or his family!!He only wants to get back with her for marketing purposes!He is a fake!He is contaminated!!!!!

  8. I really can’t believe you people…seriously…if Tiger was the guy next door or the butcher, or anyone in General Town, USA no one would spend their time agonizing about Tiger’s activities–in or out of the bedroom! If Tiger chose indepenedently to offer an apology, the only one who should be privy to it is his wife–not the media, his sponsors or you or me! Frankly, it’s none of our damn business. If people spent more time focused on their own families and their own personal lives, instead of criticizing others, this country would be a better place to live. Despite being married, Tiger has every right to exercise his own judgement to meet his physical, emotional and mental needs–WHENEVER or with WHOMEVER he so chooses–as do any of the rest of us. The difference between Tiger and many of you who are sitting in your living room on your laptops criticizing his behaviors, is that he is able to walk the walk AND talk the talk! Most of us don’t have the kahunas to take the initiative Tiger has to reach his professional goals or to meet his personal needs!

    Oh, and for those of you who just know that I am a young male golfer giving Tiger all the kudos in the world–you are dead wrong! I am a 42-year old married woman with a Master’s degree, who happens to be married to a man who is passionate about golf and sex–just like Tiger!

    As for Elin–as they became involved, she knew the life a professional golfer leads…and as a woman, she should understand the physical needs of her man. If she chose not to travel with him, then in my opinion, she chose to have him satisfy them however he desired. I’m not in the corner of those of you who have chosen to throw her a pity party…we all have choices in life…and ultimately, through those choices…we determine the outcome…poor, poor Elin! (Wow, I just can’t imagine how rough it must be on her to be sitting in their mansion in Florida, or escaping to Europe or any secluded beach or treat herself to anything she wants, because as Tiger’s wife, she has access to more money than many of us earn in an entire town!)

    Oh yes, and for those of you who still don’t get it…my husband has has extramarital sexual relations–did it ruin our marriage? No, it helped us communicate better to one another our needs and make us more sensitive and connected as a couple. I just have one final comment for Elin–Suck it up sister! Quit playing the “poor me” card–it’s not becoming, and is quite pathetic.

  9. While all this two-bit psychoanalysis of Tiger Woods is mildly amusing, it’s abundantly clear that few people understand sex addiction…or any addiction. There are alcoholics who function just fine in the world. Until they have a drink, black out and can’t remember a thing the next day. Similarly sex addicts can go months without sex (it’s called white knuckling). But when they let themselves go down that path, they can’t guarantee what will happen. Sex addiction isn’t actually about the sex. Many sex addicts derive very little pleasure from the sex itself. It’s the ritual that allows them to escape from feelings of shame, loneliness, anxiety. And once the sex act is over (or the masturbation, sex chat, whatever their particular choice is), they’re flooded with feelings of shame, self-disgust…until they compartmentalize what they did and carry on with life. Often they’ll vow to stop. Until the feelings of anxiety, etc. that they simple don’t have the coping skills to deal with surface again…and they’re off to get their fix.
    Sex addiction is often referred to as an intimacy disorder. It stems from an inability to view sex partners as human beings, with needs, wants, desires. Instead, they’re “porn with skin on”.
    Sadly, our society’s obsession with sex has turned sex addiction into something viewed as titillating and sex addicts as guys who are just really horny. Left out of the discussion is the fact that sex addicts are far more likely to have suffered sexual abuse as children, or emotional abuse. They have turned to sex as a way to soothe themselves from trauma. Not always…but often.

  10. Comment #11. You are a marriage coach who seems to dislike women. hmmmm…. how helpful can that be? comment #14. I am so sorry that your husband is a cheater and you bought his line about it being your fault because your life didn’t revolve around meeting his sexual needs. Mature people in healthy relationships don’t blame their own actions on someone else. You feel like surviving this has made you an expert- good for you. I can’t help but feel a little sorry that this is the “lesson’ you took from your husbands infidelity.

  11. Thank you, Elle Comment #15, for providing valid information about Sexual Addiction. Money of no money, the affects of discovering your partner/spouse is a sexual addict it traumatizing. Read “Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal” of one of the other books (albeit not many) on the subject and see what is based on research and the experience of therapists who devote their life’s work to helping these (mostly) women recover.

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