Is J. Lo Too Old to Wear a Catsuit?

There's a part of me that doesn't want to see a 40-year-old dressed as if she's 20.
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Is J. Lo Too Old to Wear a Catsuit?

There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to see a 40-year-old dressed as if she’s 20.

-Kathy Campbell

J. Lo catsuit

If you’ve got it should you flaunt it? That was the question that went through my mind when I saw Jennifer Lopez’s sheer catsuit on New Year’s Eve. I mean, do people really want to see a 41-year-old mom-of-two in a barely there formfitting sparkly costume that leaves little to the imagination (yet magically avoids Lady Gaga-style camel toe)?

Part of me says, hell yes! The former Fly Girl still has a great body (albeit a smaller booty), so why not? If I looked that good after popping out twins, I would want to show the world, too.

J. Lo catsuit

And then another part of me asks, where was I on the day that they declared that 40 is the new 20? I mean, is there a point in your life when you should put away the miniskirts, low-cut tops, bikinis and slinky unitards?

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Cause while I am looking forward to seeing the Sex and the City sequel, I am not all that excited about seeing a bunch of women who are edging towards menopause wearing fashions better suited to teenagers or twentysomethings.

Case in point:

Kim Catrall and Miley Cyrus

Now, conservative is not really a word in my vocabulary, but I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing some of the cleavage-revealing, short-skirted numbers I wore in my early twenties. And it’s not because I have put on a few pounds — which, I confess, have served to enhance my décolletage — it’s because I don’t think people want to see, as my mother says it, mutton dressed up as lamb.

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0 thoughts on “Is J. Lo Too Old to Wear a Catsuit?

  1. Hmmm … I think you have a point in terms of older women dressing like teenagers. But J Lo is a divalicious pop star! She’s supposed to wear stuff like that.

    But I had to laugh when you made that camel-toe remark — I thought the same thing when I saw her. What does she have in there — a male ballet dancer cup?? Or does she have Barbie’s anatomy?

  2. J-LO looks AMAZING!!! In fact, I am going to print that photo of her and put in on my refrigerator, as well as the bulletin board in my office as my inspiration to lose 20 pounds and get the flab OFF MY BODY!!! If given the opportunity, and I looked like her, I would wear that exact same outfit . .. but only for a private showing with the man of my dreams! 😉
    As for the Sex & The City star, I’d be more inclined to stay away from the awful jewelry she paired with the dress, which isn’t as short as I’ve seen on others.

  3. J. Lo’s catsuit? It was wrong on so many levels. Yes her body is awesome — yay for her! But what’s wrong with sophistication and grace? Which is what we older gals should glom onto — the youngsters wouldn’t be able to pull it off as convincingly. Let them have the catsuits and miniskirts.

  4. The catsuit would be hideous on anyone. But speaking as a nineteen-year-old, I don’t tend to scorn older women for dressing revealingly. If they choose a *style* that looks as though they want to be seen as very young, then I raise an eyebrow (like when I see those tragic men in their forties in skater shops). But Susan Sarandon is looking classy and *hot* there.

  5. It all depends on the woman’s appearance. If she can pull it off at 40 or even 50 or 60, I say good for her. Meryl Streep is 60+ and she’s looking gooood in her new romantic comedy. I’m sick of these age distinctions. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, whatever your age.

  6. J Lo looks like she is trying to hard to compete with the young woman.Cat suit more of a wannabe again suit!She has the older woman curves like Sofia Loren wore at her age,Flaunt them!Lady Like not Lady GaGA like!
    Don’t try to be what she is not.

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