How to Fake Perfect Skin

Giorgio Armani's Tim Quinn shares his tricks for a flawless face

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How to Fake Perfect Skin

Giorgio Armani’s Tim Quinn shares his tricks for a flawless face

-Lois Joy Johnson

Armani modelWhen I was thinking recently about makeup–foundation specifically–and decided to write a post on how to fake perfect skin, something superstar designer Giorgio Armani once said came to mind.

Armani, who wears T-shirts all the time, once said, “I love the T-shirt as an anti-status symbol–putting rich and poor on the same level.”

When he launched Giorgio Armani Beauty in 2001, I wondered how this tanned, fitness-crazed fashion guru would translate his simple, elegant clothes to face dressing.

Giorgio ArmaniWell, he sure did find a way to put his T-shirt logic into foundations, making it possible for anyone to have flawless skin. He departed from the usual makeup formulas, creating a new makeup technology based on the textures of the silky, velvety,and cashmere luxury fabrics he works with in his fashion line.

One of his latest, Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Second Skin Nude Makeup SPF 12 foundation ($45,  is the foundation every makeup artist is talking about–even those who manufacture their own brands!

I scored a exclusive interview with the artistic director of Giorgio Armani Beauty, Tim Quinn, over the weekend (catching up with him was no easy feat as Tim is constantly jumping from Milan to New York to Boca and L.A.!). Tim’s clients include Armani addicts Victoria Beckham, Glenn Close, Julia Roberts, Katie Holmes, Lucy Liu, and Debra Messing and so many others.

Here are Tim’s three makeup solutions for how to fake perfect skin–straight from the faces of his famous devotees.

Uma ThurmanTim’s Trick for: Makeup that’s better than bare but looks real

“I recently did makeup for Uma Thurman for the VF Oscar Party–she wanted sheer coverage with a slight sheen. I used Giorgio Armani Light Master Primer, which is a subtle light-reflecting pearly pink beneath her foundation–exactly how I get that ethereal glow for our models on the runway. Then I applied our Lasting Silk UV Foundation, using a sable foundation brush. A brush is the real secret to manipulating coverage and achieving a realistic look. It enables you to sheer the color out as you blend or layer it for additional but undetectable coverage. This particular foundation has long wear but a luminous matte finish and looks amazing on HD TV, so stars love it!

Tim’s Trick for: Coverage that stays put but won’t look makeup-y

“Kerry Washington, who I’ve been working with quite a bit wanted to balance her complexion for a more even look. She has gorgeous skin, but like a lot of women, had some areas were darker than others. I blended Face Fabric in #5, which is a translucent velvety matte makeup with a drop of Luminous Silk Foundation in #9 to perfect her skin tone while maintaining a transparent, natural look. This blend gives extra coverage but still looks like real skin under strong camera lights or in natural daylight.

Tim’s Trick for: Turning dry, blah skin radiant and fresh

“January Jones also wanted to maintain a glow–even in New York’s dry climate. I primed her skin first with a treatment serum blended with Fluid Sheer in #2, a shimmery beige liquid highlighter. Then I brushed on Lasting Silk UV Foundation ending with a dusting of sheer powder in 0 which has shimmer. I’ve used this strategy on everyone from Kim Raver to Gwen Stefani to Mila Jovavich and Glenn Close. If you have fair skin, try Fluid Sheer # 7, a warmer skin tone #2 and #10 for golden complexions.

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  1. Hey, you either have it or you don’t but these are good tips to try to fake it along the way! But in the end, you still won’t look like Uma Thurman, ha ha.

  2. Skin that does not have blemishes, acne breakouts, dark circles round the eyes, and absolutely no black heads. I've tried allot to obtain perfect skin, but to date nothings working. I want some strong advice to obtain Beautiful skin. I hate needing to wear skin make-up like concealer as well as foundation. It makes me personally feel fake which, that isn't my pure beauty.

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