How to Find Love at the Gym

Great tips for finding a hot guy at the gym!


How to Get a Guy at the Gym

It’s easier than you think

Carrie Seim

a woman flirting at the gymI just got out asked out at the gym. By a hot Brazilian guy. Named Rodrigo.


This has never, ever, happened to me before. Not the gym part, not the Brazilian part, definitely not the Rodrigo part. Thank you, aerobics gods.

But why today? And more importantly – how can we all get a South American self-esteem boost at the gym?

Step One – Let Your Hair Down

I thought long and hard about what I’d done differently to draw the eye of such a dashing young man. (Besides the fact that he was new in town and quite possibly deprived of all human contact.)

Were my workout clothes spicier than usual? Nope, my bland t-shirt and shorts were still as provocative as a mailman uniform. Had my form improved? No, my coordination was still on par with a drunk three-year-old.

There was only one possible explanation: my hair.

You see, I was running late to my Total Body Pain class and forgot my hair elastic. So my normally pony-tailed locks instead cascaded loosely down to my shoulders.

I’m not saying it was definitely my undone hair that cast the spell. But years of ponytails = no dates. One day of hair down = hot Brazilian. Do the international man math, friends.

Guys are simple creatures lured by shiny, touchable things. As Patty from Millionaire Matchmaker infuriatingly yammers about in episode after episode, men love long, straight hair best of all. (I totally disagree with her theory, by the way. Except on the one day I week I blow my hair straight.)

Turns out that let-down hair at the gym is like a cuddly puppy someone brings into the office – its novelty makes you want to pet it and love it and make it your very own.

And it wasn’t just Rodrigo who approached me. Several women who’d never spoken to me sidled close and chatted with me – and my long locks. (I’m sure their sudden friendliness had nothing to do with the nubile Brazilian standing next to me.)

MoraI of this fitness fairy tale? Let your hair down, ladies. I’m not advocating you face each workout with sweaty hair flopping in your face. But once in a while, before you start spinning or ellipticaling or planking, there’s no harm in tempting the boys with your flowing tresses.

Step Two: Workout Your Attitude

Do you put on your tough girl game face at the gym? Sure, it helps you get through that are-you-freaking-kidding-me-two-more-sets cardio crisis. But sometimes I glance at the mirror during kickbox class and literally scare myself. If my kickboxing doesn’t take out an attacker in a dark alley, I’m pretty sure my intimidating scowl will.

However, on the days when I manage to smile or laugh at the gym, I get a lot more smiles and laughs in return. This rule applies to almost any life scenario. With the possible exception of a funeral home.

So give your happy face a whirl at the gym. Smile at that cute guy in your spinning class. Giggle as you challenge your hot trainer to a workout at your house instead of the gym. Laugh awkwardly when that attractive Brazilian asks for your number. (Wait, not that last part.)

Step Three: There’s a Time and a Place for Love. Step Class at 11 a.m. Is Not That Time or Place.

If you’re interested in meeting overworked mothers trying to lose the baby weight, stick to your mid-morning step class. If you want to meet eligible bachelors, hit a boot camp class, wander the weight machines, check out the basketball courts.

There are mountains of muscular men hiding in plain sight. Go to them. And go in the evening, as most guys hit the gym on their way home from work. Timing is everything – in love and on the Stairmaster.

Step Four: … And One for the Coregasm

Really want to get some male attention at the gym? Take your workout to its full climax and indulge in a coregasm during your abs class. It’s like giving your gym crush a preview of coming attractions – and will get you all worked up for work-out love.

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