How to Get a Guy to Hit on You

5 little tricks to convince him it's time to make his move.
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How to Get a Guy to Hit on You

 5 little tricks to convince him it’s time to make his move.

-Amber Madison

How to Get a Guy to Hit on You

As much fun as it can be to turn the tables and take the lead every once in awhile (see How to Hit on a Guy), most of us still prefer the time-tested tactic of letting guys approach us first. Not only does it let them do their “hunter” thing, it’s also flattering for us to be picked out of the crowd. But it’s important to remember that you don’t have to relinquish all control just because you’d rather let him to make the first move. If you know how to play your cards right, it’s not difficult to tilt the odds in your favor and convince him to come try his luck with you.

OK, it’s a Saturday night and you want to meet a guy — or maybe even a few guys. So you spend two hours perfecting your hair and makeup, throw on your hippest skinny jeans, sexiest platform pumps and the flashiest shirt in your closet. You go out to a bar with your girlfriend, buy a pair of vodka sodas, settle into a corner table and wait…. But no guys approach. What’s wrong with this picture? If you really want to get hit on, you need to understand how to really get his attention. Here, ladies, are the ground rules:

Have fun. There’s nothing more attractive to a guy than a girl who’s just fun to be around. When you’re out a bar, be the life of the party. Goof off, laugh, throw straw wrappers at each other, and just have fun with your friends and enjoy their company. Not only will guys want to approach you, they’ll be less intimidated because you’ll come across as a fun, sweet, approachable girl.

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Move around. Think about how scary it must be for a guy to approach a table of ladies who look like they want to keep to themselves. That type of situation screams “strike out,” and not so surprisingly, most guys simply stay away. Instead of sitting at a table with your girls, stand in the bar area, or if there’s music playing, dance around a little bit. Show guys that you’re there to meet people, not to keep to yourself.

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0 thoughts on “How to Get a Guy to Hit on You

  1. Okay ladies, don’t beat me up here but I am a guy and I can add another technique to add to your bag of tricks. Wear a fun short flitry denim skirt wiith no stokcings and if you see a guy you want to hit on you, uncross those legs and give him a little panty flash. While we are on the subject of panties, please, girls wear something with color and lace, not the deadly dull and virginal white nylon panties with no lace

  2. since an actual Lady has too much class to do a “little panty flash”, marriagecoach1 must be speaking to the trashy, slutty women out there. for the rest of us, how about an article on how to avoid/get rid of these guys who are clearly just looking for a one night stand?

  3. PANTY FLASH?!? Seriously? All you’ll end up with is a wh*re.

    Ladies, just have fun – your confidence will shine thru and will make you approachable.

    Now a second article on what to do when the guy comes over is due… lol

  4. YEARS ago, I was out with a group of friends at a bar. While I had on a long sleeved silk shirt, buttoned to the neck, and long black jeans worn OVER, not “tucked into” boots, my roommate was wearing a mid-rif cut top that tied in a bow, paired with super tight black jean short shorts and cowboy boots. We were standing in a circle and some guy we’d never seen before came into it to say to me “I just wanted to tell you what a beautiful face you have,” and he disappeared. Never saw or spoke to him again. My roommate was PISSED as hell because she was supposed to be “the sexy one.” There is NEVER any telling what a guy will go for, but being comfortable in your own skin is always a winner with the right one.

  5. Heh, this article is maybe aimed at people older than me… or else Americans dress differently. The places I go, the women (including me) are all in dresses and heels.

  6. To find that right guy for you, just let him know what’s true in your heart in terms of everything from your concern for good-hearted people and good-hearted animals to your hatred of evil people. Tell him what you wish for the world. Then ask him to pour his heart out. If you find yourself even more attracted to him in knowing that he cares about good-hearted animals and good-hearted people, I believe you’ll most likely make a successful couple. Pouring your heart out in terms of your love for the good-hearted, will look appealing to him and he’ll be so attracted to you he’ll never let you down. Love for the good-hearted is a bonding glue that keeps people together. It is romantic. It is beautiful. Try it!!!!

  7. Rofl!I have NO CLUE how I got to this website since I was looking at motorcycle parts. BUT since I did, and since I read everyone’s comments, I felt I had to say something. To the frat boy, yes, you’re looking for an easy lay. Good job! I don’t think the ladies reading this are trying to be that easy lay, so the panties comment was retarded. And GoodHearted, this is about how to get a guy to ask you out. If anyone I hadn’t known for a long time came up to me and started spouting off at the mouth with the stuff you said, I would call up the asylum and ask if their missing anyone! Animals and good hearted people? Really? Can’t that wait til at least 2-3 months in?
    And to everyone else, this article really has some good tips! No guy worth a dime wants that “hot girl” that spent entirely too much time trying to look sexy, because she doesn’t. She looks slutty. The laid back casual girl is the one guys want to talk to. And the double look is INCREDIBLY important! I have never had a problem talking to ladies, but in a world where a typical guy will get rejected 50 times before one girl says ok, guys need that reassurance. I don’t know how many of my buddies I have told to go talk to a girl but they didn’t because they weren’t for sure if she just glanced once or was interested, and didn’t want to make a complete ass out of themselves in public.
    Just my two cents worth…

  8. I was not suggesting that girls look for or take part in a one night stand. The panty flash should be an accidentally on purpose not to be so overt. It is tough being a guy with so many women telling guys that they should be more like women.

    There is widespread MISANDRY in our society. (reverse sexism by women against men). You see it in the commercials on TV where the man is portrayed as a hapless boob who has gotten himself and/or his family into trouble yet again. Then the “heroic woman” swoops into to save the day tossing off condescending and sarcastic remarks to the husband.

    Because of widespread divorce, boys are starved for adult male companionship so that they can learn what being a man is. So many boys are raised in a matriarchal society. Is it any wonder that homosexual males have skyrocketed?

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