Elvis Presley's Sex Secrets

New book Baby, Let's Play House explores the King of Rock 'n' Roll's love life.
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Elvis Presley’s Sex Secrets

New book “Baby, Let’s Play House” explores the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s love life.

-Carrie Seim

Elvis Presley

Had he lived, Elvis would have had 75 candles on his hunk-a-hunk of birthday cake today. And there’s still something about those eyes, those lips, those hips that we can’t help falling in love with.

“Elvis the Pelvis” melted more hearts – and underthings – than anyone imagined. Alanna Nash’s just-released book, Baby, Let’s Play House: Elvis Presley and the Women Who Loved Him – its title aptly borrowed from Elvis’ hit of the same name – moves to a rockin’ beat. New girls slip between his satin sheets on nearly every page. It’s adorned with armchair analysis of his creepily close relationship with his mama Gladys and his lifelong attempts to find a replacement for his stillborn twin. Combine all that with an absorbing snapshot section, and its 600+ pages will leave you all shook up.

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But the book’s most steamy revelations are Elvis’ predilections in the bedroom. Here are just a few of the King of Rock ‘n Roll’s sex secrets, as revealed in Baby, Let’s Play House:

Elvis frequently preferred foreplay to intercourse.
When he was just 19, girls began lining up outside Elvis’ motel rooms. While he bragged of bedding many gals at once, “sometimes he was content with a pillow fight. Because he feared getting a girl pregnant… he held to dry-humping as long as he could, both he and the girl keeping their clothes on but getting the rush all the same.”

Later, Nash speculates that if Priscilla and Elvis didn’t exactly consummate their relationship before marriage (this point is up for debate), they “did not have full-out sex…because Elvis was content with the foreplay he preferred to intercourse.”

Elvis liked finger sucking, strippers and nipples!
Upon meeting showgirl Gloria Pall in Vegas, writes Nash, “he proceeded to take Gloria’s right hand and suck each of her fingers, rotating his tongue around them one by one.” Gloria quipped, “Where did you learn to shake hands like that?”

Twenty-year-old Elvis also picked up moves from 17-year-old burlesque dancer Tura Satana: “Elvis was fascinated by the way Tura moved her body, the way she held the lubricated sailors as sexual hostages. He saw how she tantalized them…and how they lost their minds when she rolled her breasts around in his hands, spinning the little twirlers at the nipples.”

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  1. I was a teenage gas station attendant when Elvis died. It was funny to see all the people pull off I-57 for gas on their way to Memphis, they were crying like babies, lol.

  2. i was 2 when he dies but if i had been older back in his day i would so give in to him he could just look at me and he would have me right where he wanted me lol :)TCB

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