Do the Walk of Shame in Style

Back by popular demand! 12 must-have items when you find yourself waking up in the arms of your crush.
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Do the Walk of Shame in Style

 12 must-have items when you find yourself waking up in the arms of your crush.

-Kimmie Smith

Back by popular demand-and the fact that everybody seems to be hooking up these days, here’s another look at this hot article!

Walk of Shame

A wise professor once told me, “you’ve gotta have a plan.” He was talking about business, but I took that advice to heart. If you’ve got a hot date and you’re hoping that it may last until the wee hours or later, it’s best to plan ahead. You don’t need nosy neighbors, work-mates or girlfriends grilling you while you’re dressed in last nights togs and grinning like an idiot. Use our handy-dandy list and you can play it cool (if you want) the next day.  

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hobo bag

1. Hobo Bag 
Calvin Klein’s python Oxford Date bag ($148.00, is so on-trend it works for day or night. While it can hold everything you need for your sleepover, it doesn’t look like you planned ahead, clever girl!


2. Dress
A night out involves looking amazing. The jersey bandeau dress from American Apparel ($43, can be worn in 15 different ways! Wear it as a halter or strapless dress for your date. Next morning, pull a tee and a belt out of your bag; wear it as a skirt and you’re done! 


3. Tee
Fold this Charlotte Russe ruffled ap sleeve top ($14, up and stick it in your bag. Paired with the above dress, you’ve got an outfit that’ll take you to brunch with the girls or work.


4. Sunglasses
Oh the sun, the sun. Ouch! Wear the AE Tranquil sunglasses ($15.50, in the a.m, and you’ll look chic and mysterious while you’re giving your eyes a break.

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0 thoughts on “Do the Walk of Shame in Style

  1. hope_xo says:

    That’s a lot of stuff to work with.

  2. NYCdogmommy says:

    Good tips!

  3. Fashionista says:

    I think the dress, flip flops, wisps and bronzer are necessities… everything else is a bonus if you can fit it in your bag!

  4. danggirl says:

    LOL hilarious! Pays to be prepared!

  5. uptowngirl says:

    Must keep these tips in mind…

  6. lovesbetty says:

    You forgot to mention to have Plan B in the purse!

  7. NYCdogmommy says:

    oh god, you’re right!

  8. suzebair says:

    i’m confused: why is this shameful?

  9. suzannegw says:

    um….what about a hairbrush?

  10. dannid842 says:

    Funny, i usually never planned on doing the walk of shame… it was just me, the little makeup in my bag and the clothes on my back!

  11. clasifyd1 says:

    this was good! so funny but true

  12. mstez says:

    Me I Have To Feel Sexy @ All Times, I LOVE IT!!!

  13. mhudson26 says:

    Not looking shameful defeats the idea of “walk of shame”!

  14. susansmoaks says:

    i love that bag!

  15. scarter305 says:

    The hobo bag is the best suggestion and a toothbrush.

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