Do Guys Like Fake Breasts?

We asked real men how they feel about fake boobs - their answers will surprise you!
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Do Guys Like Fake Breasts?

We asked real men how they feel about fake boobs – their answers will surprise you!

 – Carrie Seim

Do Guys Like Fake Breasts?

More than 347,000 breast augmentations were performed in the United States in 2008, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. That’s a surprising 12 percent drop from 2007 – a sag most plastic surgeons attribute to the deflating economy.

Still, that’s a lot of excess boobage.

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Women considering breast implants say they want to plump up their pals for a number of reasons: Their clothes will fit better. Their self-esteem will inflate. They have to keep up with every other woman on the planet who’s already got them.

But let’s be honest. The real reason women get fake boobs is to get guys.

The curious thing is, most men just aren’t that into implants. Or at least they claim not to be into implants. (They same way they claim to not like makeup on women. But we all know they just don’t want to be able to tell we’re wearing makeup.)

To finally put the discussion to breast – er, to rest – we asked real guys around the country for their opinion on manmade mammaries. Many are au naturale addicts. But a few weren’t afraid to fawn over falsies, proclaiming them far superior to the real deal.

Read their surprising answers below – and find out if real men think fake boobs are a do or a don’t.

Fake boobs are great – the more, the merrier!

“I love them! The nonverbal communication is a huge part of it. Fake boobs say, ‘I objectify myself, therefore I have no problem with you doing the same.’ They read as: ‘This chick is easy.’” – H. from Los Angeles  

“I like to call them bolt-ons. Bolt-ons eliminate the guessing game about how pushed up or padded a women’s bra may be. I hate the braless disappointment that comes with natural breasts.” – D. from Ohio

“All boobs are good.” – V. from Beverly Hills

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17 thoughts on “Do Guys Like Fake Breasts?

  1. *fatally fake*

    I’m all for women empowering themselves, but breast implants seems more to downgrade certain women.

    Maybe because many of them get extra large breasts that are not proportionate to their body, and they just look like a top heavy barbie doll ready to tip over at any minute lol.

  2. As always, GREAT article, Carrie Seim! Informative AND funny… The last guy I dated told me (in his words), “as long as you can sling up your boobs in a bra, it doesn’t matter.” He also said that his preference was REAL boobs… because “they felt right.” He didn’t like fake ones because not only did they LOOK fake, but they (again in his words), “were hard and immovable.” :)

  3. I think that fake boobs are the boom. I have 2 kids n still breastfeeding my 1 year old, and when I dont nurse because Im at work my girls are full n if the blouse is revealing that spells attention. Those silly guys stair…. So I told my boyfriend when he can afford it I want to have it done. I think I know men are all about what they see. So you know what I dont mind the attention. What is interesting to also note when my boobs aren’t out there those punk pay no mind!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think you must be able to tell when implants are in place or not, and what men want to squeeze silicone bags?

    Bobby, there are now butt implants. I’ve seen them.

  5. It’s not easy getting a good boob job in the US. 90% can be spotted a mile away. Seems in the majority of the country, fakes are definitely out of favor now. They became so common years ago, I think men forgot what real breasts were suppose to even look like. If a woman didn’t look like Barbie, they thought something was wrong with her….Funny how only this country is like this. In Europe, men prefer natural women of all sizes and understand size of breasts have absolutely nothing to do with performance or pleasure.

  6. Women are free to do what they like with their bodies, and I think it’s important that plastic surgery has come as far as it has.

    When I see women being able to recover some of their womanhood after battling breast cancer and mastectomies, or having breasts that are vastly different in size to one and other, I find that to be a very good use of plastic surgery.

    Personally, myself as a bisexual woman with a female spouse and female lovers, I much prefer natural. On myself and on those whose boobs I get to play with. Hell, I don’t even like to watch porn with fake boobs in them. It’s…gross.

  7. Im a guy, and personally, I Like girls who are far from top heavy. I like the 32A or 32B type. C and larger.. I find a major major turn off. In my opinion cleavage is just an extension of plumbers crack. lol.

  8. fake boobs are so…fake! how can fake be good? in this case it can’t. if u got DDs and lay on your back and your boobs still stay in place thats not sexy, rather mechanical looking. all that money spent to look sexy is such a waste when u end up not so sexy. no to implants ladies!

  9. One of my Formers had fake breasts–not too large or too small. I could not tell them from the “real thing”. They were beautiful and felt just like regular breasts. And they “worked”: she could come to an orgasm via my manipulation of them. They only time they sagged is when she steeply leaned forward, but all breasts do that, especially in women over 50.

  10. I am a d cup….personally, I think fake boobs usually give the false message that you are easy. Whatever size that you are blessed with are custom made for who you are. Ladies, stop allowing anyone or anything dictate how we feel about our bodies. Embrace who and how you look.

  11. I think if a woman wants to get breast implants than she should absolutely get them.
    Get all the plastic surgery you want if you can afford it. And i’m not all thinking i’m some great prize as I make this next statement because i’m just a guy with a mortgage. But, in the kindest way, I am repulsed by breast augmentation and plastic surgery. Sorry i can’t help it. Ive tried. I've been with women who have had fake breasts and with women who have not and the ones who have not had them are by far more desirable to me. The look and especially the feel of fake breasts it the opposite of a sexual turn on for me. Not speaking for all men because i don’t know what men think but for me, I will only date women with natural breasts. Just my 2 cents.

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