Cameron Diaz Gets Benched

Yankees slugger wants his new lady to stay away from his ballgames.

Cameron Diaz Gets Benched

Yankees slugger wants his new lady to stay away from his ballgames.

-JoAnna Zulli

Cameron Diaz

Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz are officially dating, a source close to the couple reveals to BettyConfiential. But Alex has one stipulation – he doesn’t want her attending the Yankee games.

The notorious lothario/baseball hero already slid into home with a notable lineup of celeb ladies. Madonna threw him a curve ball, Kate Hudson struck out and now Cameron might be going for a grand slam. Between that and his RBI scores, A-Rod has some impressive stats in every department!

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“He doesn’t want what happened to him and Kate to happen between him and Cameron,” says our source. “Kate was at every New York game and then some and even went to Alex’s game practice. Things got too clingy too fast.” As long as she doesn’t mind waiting for him outside of the stadium, Cameron and A-Rod might have a very happy future together.

Alex Rodriguez

“Cameron is not really into baseball, so she wouldn’t want to go to all the games,” says our source. “She’s private, too. She has her own career going and she’s not going to give that up for anyone. And, right now she’s booked solid, so it works for the two of them.” He thinks starting off by spending ample time apart might keep this relationship SAFE!

“They are taking it slow. Neither one wants a commitment right now,” adds our source.

Alex is on the road traveling to Minnesota and Tampa Bay this month, while Cameron is still filming scenes for Bad Teacher. Cameron will be a presenter for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, on June 6, while Alex will be in Toronto. Then Cameron will be promoting new feature film, Knight and Day, which opens June 25th with her co-star Tom Cruise.

Our bet is all that time away from each other will make things eventually go foul.

Tell Us: Do you think A-Rod and Cameron Diaz make a good couple?

JoAnna Zulli is a New York-based writer who has worked for Star, Soap Opera Magazine, Woman’s World, In Touch and the New York Post.

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0 thoughts on “Cameron Diaz Gets Benched

  1. he is not ready – or willing – to have a serious relationship – he does not want Cam around because at the game, HE is the star –

  2. I don’t get what they all see in him. there are other BETTER LOOKING sports players without baggage! if he doesn’t want to make a commitment then no it won’t work out unless it’s just for fun for both of them. She can do sooo much better!

  3. Why is it that I lose respect for every girl who dates A-Rod? I used to like Kate Hudson and now she kind-of creeps me out. I LOVED Cameron – and now after reading this I just don’t think of her the same either :(

  4. You have to wonder what is wrong with these women?? If all you want is too be used than A-Rod is definitely the one to go out with! You can’t blame him he is who he is.

  5. I think they both will have a chance of making it, There both Latinos with the same back ground.Second she is way too independent to put up with bull, and she is not clingy.Have a fun summer guys.

  6. I’m not even that “into” religion (honestly), but these celebs are terrible when it comes to taking turns sleeping with each other. I don’t think they should be role models for kids at all anyway(yuk!), kids can have better ones than this trash!!! I can’t believe none of them that I know of have contracted any VD!!! Seems like it goes back all the way to Magic Johnson.

  7. he is a player…maybe even a commitmentphobe. but he IS sexy & tempting. i can see why the ladies are attracted to him. i love watching the yankees just to see a-rod. ladies: he just doesn’t want to commit. nothing wrong with that. at least he is not spending several years with you before you find that out. when he is ready, he will probably end up with someone we have never heard of. right now he is playing the celebrity circuit because it is hot & chic.

  8. You can always blame a jerk for being a jerk, or a witch for being a witch. there is no excuse. And usually, the women don’t think that they (the man in question) will do the same thing to them. Problem is, they usually do…. same thing the other way around. But one day…. you never know.

    I think the guy is good looking but a total jerk. So, I agree, Cam can do soooo much better. But some women (myself included) like a little bad boy in our men, just not TOO much… Good luck Cameron!

  9. A Rod will drop her.She is a hollywood notch on his belt!Puts him in the star circle in Hollywood!She seen what he does.Why can’t she see ,she is next!!He will only marry his ex again or some one like her,not a Hollywood star bigger than him!She can do better!!

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