Botox in a Jar

Who needs needles? We've found 6 prick-free products to smooth out your wrinkles
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Botox in a Jar

Who needs needles? We’ve found 6 prick-free products to smooth out your wrinkles

-Paige Herman Axel

A woman applying face cream

Can’t afford Botox – or are afraid of the needles? Good news: A cream containing the wrinkle-relaxing ingredient in Botox may be right around the corner. Currently in FDA trials, this topical botulinum toxin has shown to be safe and effective for relaxing wrinkles around the eyes (while elevating the brows in some patients as well!). But instead of using a needle, the topical cream is applied by a doctor, and then wiped off after a short period of time.

While we’re waiting for this innovation to be available at a doctor’s office, check out these products. They’re not quite Botox-strong, but they do iron out those little lines!

Dr. Brandt's Crease ReleaseDr. Brandt’s Crease Release: Celeb dermatologist, a.k.a. “The Baron of Botox” maintains private practices in Miami as well as NYC. Rumor has it that Madonna isn’t the only celebrity whose complexion he keeps looking great. $150, 

Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Day SPF 20: With a slew of wrinkle-relaxing and anti-aging active ingredients, this is a fantastic multitasking product for daytime. (There’s also a night version, and a treatment foundation). $90,

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5 thoughts on “Botox in a Jar

  1. LookitsCynthia says:

    It IS better than a needle but it still kind of weirds me out.

  2. swtchks00 says:

    Yeah I agree, can’t imagine using these. But am against botox all the way as well

  3. BODphila says:

    The Olay Regenerist line is really good but a bit of Botox never hurt anyone who didn’t have it.

  4. Alda Lee says:

    I’m for anything that improves me. I’ll take a gallon please!!!

  5. paitwilliam says:

    About botox, if you are afraid of the side-effects or pain, then absolutely no need to worry in the future. You can meet with a leading Botox Doctor in NYC and share the causes of worries.

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