Body Language Signs That He's So Into You

Bodies don't lie! 6 signals from his body that reveal how he really feels about you.
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Body Language Signs That He’s So Into You

Bodies don’t lie! 6 signals from his body that reveal how he really feels about you.

-Carrie Seim

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Guys rarely win prizes for gifted emotional speeches. (Unless you consider grunting a romance language.) So it can be extremely daunting to decipher when a guy’s really into you – or really into the game playing on the big screen behind you.

While the man you’re flirting with at happy hour may not leap to his feet and declare his love in iambic pentameter, his body language is actually waxing poetic. So take a cue from Olivia Newton John and listen to his body talk!

BettyConfidential asked professional body language experts to share the signs, signals and postures men display when they’re digging you. Here’s what to look for:

1. He tilts his head.

“When people are comfortable with each other, you see a lot more of the head tilting sideways,” says Joe Navarro, a former FBI profiler and author of What Every Body Is Saying. “Men tend not to do that unless they’re interested in you. So when they’re conversing with you, you can tell they’re more and more interested … because you’ll see more and more of the head tilt.”

Just make sure those sideways glances are the result of your glowing visage – not six glasses of wine.

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2. He defies gravity.

Navarro describes another set of signals men send when they’re lusting for a lady as “gravity defying behaviors.” These include arching eyebrows, emphasizing with eyebrows and levitating slightly on tiptoes.

“Men do that more than women,” Navarro says. “What’s interesting is that when men are trying to impress women, you’ll see more of those gravity defying behaviors. When we care about things, we’re willing to spend more energy, and it doesn’t take any energy to remain flat footed.”

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3. He opens up.

“Women often miss the obvious because they are ‘afraid’ he doesn’t like them or ‘think’ that he doesn’t like them,” says Philadelphia-based psychologist Doris Jeanette, author of Opening the Heart.

But Dr. Jeanette points out that it’s easy to gauge a man’s interest by focusing on how much he physically opens himself up to you. You get a gold star if a guy …

  • Moves closer to you
  • Leans toward you
  • Points his feet towards you
  • Smiles at you
  • Shares something about himself with you

Hopefully whatever he shares doesn’t begin with the words, “This one time, at a strip club in Tijuana …”

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0 thoughts on “Body Language Signs That He's So Into You

  1. oh man, now it’s going to be even harder to concentrate. Do I look nice, am I asking stupid questions, how’s my breath and oh, what’s his body language telling me? lol

  2. i don’t know if it just the guys i meet.. but i happened to have 4 best mates.. (guys..) who does all those things around me.. but that’s all.. there’s the tilt of the head.. the thumb in his pockets.. the flexing.. the touching of the hair.. (even the asking of “do i look ok..”) the leaning.. the smile.. just no defiying gravity.. expect when theres whispering involve.. (i’m short.. the have to bend closer..) i think guys do those things anyhow.. mates or not..

    please don’t tell me i’m just blind..

  3. Hmmmm…New to this website. However, I do like the three or four articles I have read so far! I have commented on each. I can relate to this one…except, I always thought I was doing these things out of common courtesy and respect, as I do these for most everyone I meet! Oh yeah…the package as you put it, I was taught that it is rude, to stand with your hands in your pockets, while speaking to someone.

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