Are You Good In Bed?

Seven surefire signs that you're rocking his socks off.
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Are You Good In Bed?

Seven surefire signs that you’re rocking his socks off.

-Amber Madison

Are You Good in Bed?

It’s something every one of us has wondered at least once: Am I good in bed? Sure, like kissing, a lot of it may have to do with compatibility – what’s hot for one guy may be just plain freaky to the next. But no matter what your guy’s preferences are, or what the chemistry is between the two of you, there’s something to be said for the confidence that comes with knowing how you rate between the sheets. Here, seven surefire signs you’re rocking his socks off:

1. He clenches his hands and feet. A physical sign that a man is in complete ecstasy is if he’s clenching his hands and feet. When you see your guy doing this, take it as a sign he’s holding on for dear life, making sure that the encounter doesn’t end prematurely. Clearly, whatever you’re doing to him at that moment is working!

2. He wants to do it again, right away. When you’ve really blown his mind, he won’t be able to get enough. Just thinking about the sex you had will be so arousing that he’ll want to do it again (and again). So if he seems especially horny, pat yourself on the back, sister; you’re doing something right.

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3. He remains really flirty afterwards. Another sign that he can’t stop thinking about the sex you’ve just had is if he stays seriously flirty afterwards. Many guys say that after an amazing romp, they’ll send multiple saucy texts to their girl to show her how into her they are. That extra flirting is also a clear signal that he’s already anticipating the next time.

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19 thoughts on “Are You Good In Bed?

  1. Too many women are not good in bed. This is because they are stuck with “little girl” inhibitoins about what they won’t do in bed for a guy. You are having trouble holding on to a guy because of this. You are hoping that you will find a guy who does not care and will just be okay with the basics and your virginal white nylon panties with no lace.

  2. Yes ladies, If you don’t believe your good by sign #5 you need to be more confident with yourself! Let go and really enjoy yourself. Stop thinking of what are they going to think or no I can’t do that. If you are finding that a bit hard then start with yourself.What do you like in bed, what makes you happy? If you have not found that out its time you did! What I love to give my friends is a Sexy Confidence boost, Starting with a Booty Parlor Party!
    They are all about Sexy Self Confidence!

  3. Sometimes you need to let yourself go…just try it, believe me, they will LOVE it…and so will you! They love the animal that comes out behind closed doors, LOL!

  4. Thanks for this cause I really just thought men told all women they were the best they had or no one has ever compared. So I am feeling that these comments r true now. Wow, I feel great. Not that I didn’t know I had to be somewhat good. Lol

  5. Hey this is good but I think if you make sure that its understood that you dont want to waiste your time and that we both need to get up feeling good then it should not be a issue. If your not getting what you want then you better start talking and putting it out there that there are few more things he could do to really set it off!

  6. Ok, what’s really going on:

    1. He clenches his hands and feet. What’s really going on – teeth bitch. They hurt. It’s not ecstasy, it’s pain! Or, you’re doing that thing where somewhere along the way women got it in their head that by grinding their pelvic bone on ours while bending our shaft in ways that make a yogi cringe, we’re somehow enjoying this. Reality 1 – Betty 0

    2. He wants to do it again, right away. What’s really going on – his viagra hasn’t worn of. Take him to the emergency room, not another round in bed. 3+ hours of an erection leads to necrosis. Either that, or you’re dating someone between the ages of 14 and 17. Congratulations. You’re a statutory rapist.

    3. He remains really flirty afterwards. What’s really going on – this can be true. If you wake up in the middle of the night, have a quicky in the broom closet, or do it right before going to bed and stay up later than usual, this just doesn’t happen. Unless of course you’re on drugs. Drugs are awesome. Speaking of awesome…

    4. He

  7. Ladies i’m a acoustic guitar player and what this guy said up there^ about # 4 is RETARD talk… Musicians are real love makers not some quarterback from the football team.. I’m a touchy feely kind of guy.. I like to make out and do it passionately not just all over eachother although that can be great as well.. I always foreplay before sex.. That’s my game.. Make her want me as bad as I want And the craziest most unique thing about me is I don’t like blowjobs because they don’t do anything for me so I never ask or let one happen.. Honestly I have been told from quite a few of my ex gf’s that I am a RARE guy and I was and still am the best they ever had in bed because i’m good with the hands and all my other tricks.. I’m not the type of guy to just roll over and light up a ciagarette.. I’m always down for seconds.. Most of the time after the encounter with me it’s always her wanting more not me.. I’m that good.. I’m single currently and have been for four years.. I like to have fun what can I say.. Not have sex with every girl though.. I just like to tease and if she teases good enough back it might happen =)

  8. I really hate it when people from one gender write a poorly researched and not particularly well thought article attempting to explain the behavior of the opposite sex. This article really just isn’t true. It seems like perhaps the author was writing about how guys can tell if they gave her a really good time and is just assuming that it’s the same for men and women. Men and women are really different in these ways though.

    1. He clenches his hands and feet.
    Not exactly the only way to tell if he is physically enjoying himself, but judging his level of enjoyment through his body language during sex is pretty much the only way to tell. I’ve had plenty of mind blowing sexual experiences that involved neither clenched hands nor feet.

    2. He wants to do it again, right away.
    Wrong. Bzzzzt. Men’s bodies require a certain amount of time (which varies by age) to recover after ejaculating. Sex immediately after ejeculating is generally just not that enjoyable. If he wants to do it again right away it’s probably because he’s worried that he didn’t satisfy you… or he is relatively sexually inexperienced and the experience itself is enough of a novelty for him that he wants to take advantage while he’s got the opportunity.

    3. He remains really flirty afterwards
    see next response
    4. He

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