Air Naked

Flight attendants strip for cash.

Air Naked

Flight attendants strip for cash.

-Jane Farrell

Naked flight attendant

Attendants employed by Air Comet, an airline in Spain, are featured in a racy calendar that includes nude pictures of them serving drinks, lounging in the overhead bin, reclining atop a jet engine and sitting in the cockpit.

The women decided to make the calendar, and some money, after the airline was grounded late last year because of massive debts. They say that since they haven’t been paid for up to nine months, they’re entitled to make a living doing whatever they can.

“We are just demanding our rights to receive what is ours. We each have eight or nine months of unpaid salaries,” Adriana Ricardo, one of the calendar models, told the Reuters news agency.

“We have produced the calendar because we don’t want society to turn over the page and forget what has happened to us.”

No word so far on how the calendar is selling, but it’s attracted a lot of attention in the European and Asian media.

One burning question: If the airline’s been shut down, how’d they get into the plane to take the pictures? We sense a vast conspiracy of Air Comet employees.

Warning: Pictures in the link are NSFW. But you knew that. (Huffington Post)

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  1. Not quite worth the extreme reaction, especially considering no one said it wasn’t photo-shopped. Yes, that one is obviously photo-shopped, in both its appearance and the fact that you couldn’t lounge on a jet engine while in the air. However, the other pictures, especially the overhead bin one, appear to actually be taken inside the aircraft, so the question still remains on how they got into the aircraft, silly.

  2. zachjess, you are the dumba**! what is your problem, it’s a calendar! tell me what calendar isn’t photoshopped and who cares! all the pics are probably photoshopped, they are not saying that they work naked on the airline everyday while people are flying. they made a calendar! go get another cocktail and relax!!!

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