Adam Lambert: Smart or Stupid?

Did the American Idol runner-up pull a dumb stunt or a clever career move with his provocative performance at the American Music Awards?
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Adam Lambert: Smart or Stupid?

Did the American Idol runner-up pull a dumb stunt or a clever career move with his provocative performance at the American Music Awards?

-Kathy Campbell

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0 thoughts on “Adam Lambert: Smart or Stupid?

  1. Comparing what Adam Lambert did to what Madonna and Britney did is like comparing apples to oranges. They are both round but that’s about it! They didn’t grope each other furiously like they hadn’t had sex before and it wasn’t like they were having a communal orgy on stage. No crotches were groped! Give me a break, this type of desperate attention cry is ridiculous and I hope he goes away very soon.

  2. i think Adam Lambert is great, but he has to know he is on prime time. ABC/Disney— not exactly the image they want to portray. I think he needs to pick his battles.

  3. What a bunch of prudes! Listen to the lyrics in the song. Geez it was just a performance. Plus, during the show Eminem rapped about RAPE –did anybody flip? Nope. I am a huge fan of Adam, and I do believe it is a double standard. America needs to get over male on male action.

  4. Was a big fan of Adam! Don’t care he’s gay. But I do have a 13 year old and a 10 year old that doesn’t need to be exposed to what he did! Can’t even hear his music now without picturing him pushing his sexuality all over us. Now I hope he goes away! I don’t care to ever hear from him again

  5. Was a big fan of Adam! But now i wish he would go back to where ever he came from! I have a 13 and 10 year old children and they should not be exposed to him behaving in this manner. I voted for him on idol and loved his version of Black and White by Michael Jackson but now I think he is pushing himself on America, way to soon. I could care less about him being gay, but give America time to come to terms with his sexuality, and why on earth would you force a man’s face into your crotch on a television channel that any age person could have seen. Because of this I have rethought my opinion of Adam.

  6. I want to state my opinion about Adam but first want to say that I am not against gays. My brother is gay and I have NOTHING bad to say about them except if they are just plain stupid. You can be stupid if you are homo OR hetero. The one thing that sets us all apart from animals is our discipline and in my opinion Lambert lacks the common sense (stupidity) to exercise discipline and this just may scuttle his career…at least I hope so. He has just given a black eye to those gays who have enough class to keep it clean.

  7. Yes I like Adam, but truly disappointed with his behavior. Yes we know you are gay and I dont care. People have used sex for years to sell. However a true artist doesnt have to rely on shock value for attention. There is a likne and he did cross it. He needs to stop this or he will get no where.

  8. I agree with what Adam said about not being a babysitter, but being a performer. If parents are so upset about their kids watching the wrong thing on tv, then monitor them more closely! It doesn’t take long to turn the channel. I don’t think he has anything to apologize for, and I admire the fact that he won’t back down.

  9. Melfunkshn I felt the same way you do before I had kids. I did not respect people with kids or their values. When you have kids your attitude will change if you already have kids I would love to see the way they grow up!

  10. Adam Lambert is a great singer, but with great talent comes great responsibility. If he wants a wider fan base and staying power in showbusiness, he needs to modify his performance or he’ll end up a splash in the pan.

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