A Gosselin Family Update

Now that Kate's taken the spotlight, Jon is trying to get back into her life.
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A Gosselin Family Update

Now that Kate’s taken the spotlight, Jon is trying to get back into her life.

-JoAnna Zulli

Jon Gosselin

As the aftermath of Hurricane Gosselin begins to subside, Jon Gosselin is changing his tune when it comes to ex-wife Kate. For a while there, Jon was consumed by fame and the prospect of money, but now that he’s not working and has nothing lined up he’s trying to get back into Kate’s good graces.

He’s still receiving a paycheck from TLC, the network that aired Jon & Kate Plus 8, so it’s rumored that’s what is keeping him quiet and why he is suddenly trying to work out the custody of the kids in an amicable way. He also gave his approval, after saying no, for the kids to be filmed again on Kate’s new show Twist of Kate, in which she will profile women inspired by her story who are facing their own challenges. The 12-episode series will air this summer.

Friends of Kate are hoping that she doesn’t fall for this act. “The roles are reversed now,” a source tells BettyConfidential. “Kate is the one who is appearing on television and making money, not Jon, so he’s playing the devoted father and friend to his ex-wife.”

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When the Gosselin family first began making headlines after their hit reality show, Jon started gallivanting around nightclubs with younger women. “He really hurt Kate when he went out and partied all the time and got involved with other women. He rarely saw the kids,” says our source.

But since his celebrity status has begun to dwindle, Jon seems to be changing his wild ways. “He’s got an apartment close to his children and Kate. He’s showing more of an interest in the kids than he did when they were divorcing. He also fired his lawyer who allegedly said Kate was an absentee mom while she was on Dancing with the Stars.”

Jon has recently hired powerhouse family attorney, Mary Vidas, to represent him in his custody battle with Kate, RadarOnline reported Friday. After his former lawyer Anthony List, blasted Kate in an online story for being a “shameless promoter,” Jon announced on his Twitter page, “Mr. Anthony List Sr., Esq. is not my representing attorney; I terminated him on April 15, 2010.” List later said he had not yet received official notice of his termination at the time his quote was printed. Vidas, Jon’s new hire, is a highly respected Philadelphia attorney from the firm Blank Rome where she is a partner.

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0 thoughts on “A Gosselin Family Update

  1. What a waste of spce to write about these 2 nothings-kate & jon are has-beens & never were any kind of stras-useless people who should just crawl under the rock they came from……………………

  2. Jon has always been a devoted father. People who actually watched Jon and Kate + 8 know that, despite Kate’s complaints to the contrary, Jon is the one who did most of the child care. He’s the one who got the older kids up, fed, dressed and off to school; bathed, fed, dressed, hugged, kissed, put to bed and yes, actually played with his little ones. He’s a fool to try to “get back in Kate’s good graces”. No person deserves to be treated the way she treated him for 10 well-documented years.

  3. I too feel for those kids. Who cares what the parents are doing. There just to into themselves to out do each other. typical you hurt me i hurt you. Gosh grow up.

  4. Maybe some of Kate’s rants are hormonal…? Add all the rest of the monkey business and you’ve got a cocktail for a nervous breakdown.
    It’s probably best they stay away from a relationship together, at least for time to go to separate counseling. Honestly, they both need therapy, but wait…they’re not crazy, they’ve been ‘Hollywood-ized’ they need therapy to work through the b.s. that’s been stuffed into their heads non-stop for what seems like forever now.
    Godspeed, for the kids.

  5. OH PLEASE>>>Jon was a good father!! Are you okay???Kate will do fine!!! She is a good mother. Don’t feel sorry for the kids…now that Kate has got rid of the ass she was married to. I wouldn’t give him the time of day if I was her.She may have been ranting, I would too married to that cheating lieing mooch!He sickens me! And have all the kids, good lord I only had 3 and had it hard.I raised my kids alone. Kate has at least some sense to WORK and support all these kids.Put the blame where it belongs Folks and put yourself in her shoes. I bet you couldn’t do what she is and has been doing.Clean off your own doorsteps!!!!

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