8 Sex Moves Guys Hate

Nookie no-nos to avoid in the sack.
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Sex Moves Guys Hate

What you don’t know CAN hurt you—and your relationship—if you’re committing the following sex blunders. These are the 8 sex moves guys HATE. Listen up ladies.

1. The Over-Moan. Just because many guys watch porn doesn’t mean they expect their own experiences to be like one. Moaning in ecstasy when a guy is barely touching you makes him think you’re ingenuine. So don’t worry about being vocal to stroke his ego before he’s even stroking your…. you know.

2. The Starfish. On the other end of the spectrum is the starfish.  Lying on the bed with your arms and legs stretched out flat making absolutely no effort to add to the action. Even if you’re on the bottom, most guys would ask that you be an active participant.

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3. Catching Air. When you’re on top, nothing scares a guy more than when you bounce a little too high, and there’s the chance of a botched landing. Catch some air and come down wrong, and you’re looking at the possibility of broken manhood. Yes, the penis is a muscle, but if severely bent while erect it can actually tear. Ouch!

4. The WWF Smack Down. Some like it rough. Some don’t. Don’t assume your guy wants to be smacked in the face, scratched down his back, spanked on the bum, or any other thing you can do to inflict pain while having sex. If he tells you he likes it, fine, beat that boy up. But if it hasn’t been discussed, don’t leave him with any teeth, nail, or slap marks.

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31 thoughts on “8 Sex Moves Guys Hate

  1. kitty says:

    Yikes anything else I need to worry about?

  2. uptowngirl says:

    These seem pretty basic to me.

  3. Fashionista says:

    HAHA! I’ve heard so many guys complain about girls who were #2, the starfish. How is that ever fun for either party involved?

  4. bobbimariah says:

    i hate the word starfish

  5. FFlotus says:

    why give a hand job? he’d prob appreciate you using your mouth instead… just sayin.

  6. ladynajera says:

    Yea guys can tell when a girl is faking her moans to stretch their egos! But truly never had a problem with my expressional outbursts in this since of talk.

  7. ignatius718 says:

    How about things chicks don’t like???

  8. aroundtheblock says:

    Some guys dont like viewing their girl’s asshole? Hilarious. Where did you come up with that? Pretty unavoidable doing doggy style? Anytime spent looking at porn would show the ridiculousness of that claim. Maybe true for old fashioned men who dont like oral sex and want to do “it” in the dark.

  9. tskimmi says:

    I agree, what about the things a lady doesn’t like…?

  10. tweetybee says:

    All of those things are truly awful!My man sees my asshole and he enjoys putting his you know what up my you know what!We make great love!!!!!!

  11. CJ0422 says:

    actually as a nurse I can tell you the penis is not a muscle it works on blood flow..the reason old guys have trouble getting it up…when they take blood pressure meds it lower the blood pressure…everywhere. But it can be broken, if you bend it the wrong way and damage the blood vessels in it, your poor guy can have some problems.

  12. AlannaT says:

    i once half laughed just out of sheer joy because he was doing all the right things and he became completely paranoid and thought i was laughing AT him!! poor boy…don’t know if he ever recovered…


  13. luvitall says:

    I wondered about the “Red eye” also. Every guy sees it doggy? I had a BF who always wanted to take a shower together and wash each other. I hate to say I miss it, but I do because he loved to go doggy, me with a working myself while he licked around my red-eye! OMG

  14. Calvinalibra says:

    This was an awesome post, starfish, i love it. Ladies take note of these tips and pass it on. It’s important for ALL women to know these things.

  15. jenn39 says:

    haha love #6..”you

  16. shyguy-sdwyz8 says:

    Yes, please take notes.

  17. dismayed says:

    Must say, view of the bum hole is unavoidable when doing it doggy style, and the author must not have asked any man, because I can’t think of a single one of us who isn’t tantalized by that sight. Also, the penis is NOT a muscle. Learn some basic anatomy if you’re going to hold yourself out there as some kind of expert.

  18. kliis says:

    Aren’t these all assumable? Well at least I thought so.

  19. Fancylingeriestore says:

    These are good – adding a little lingerie would maybe off set one of these.

  20. poisonouscupcakes says:

    ha ha i can picture that a guy barely touches a girl and she moans at the top of her lungs his face would be all “what the hell???”

  21. lesliesm22 says:

    Actually the starfish is ok if your playing bondage games, or self control games. My ball and chain likes to play the bet I can get you to move out of control game..it’s fun…

  22. PhoenixRising says:

    #8 is so right on! Who on earth uses water for lubricant? All those people claiming hot sex in pools, hot tubs, lakes, rivers, and streams are lying! After initial lubrication is gone, so is the fun! My boyfriend and I had to take it to dry ground!

  23. slboerum says:

    …just common sense, yeah…but SO glad i knew them already…lol =^.~=

  24. TantricMasseur44 says:

    Hi, Amber Madison.
    This is a good article with good advice for women and some points that men might benefit from remembering too. However, there is one GLARING mistake in point 3. The penis is NOT a muscle. It is actually 3 chambers of erectile tissue that fill with blood during sexual arousal to create an erection.

    Yes, clenching and un-clenching the sphincter muscles can cause the penis to twitch and jerk by applying pressure to the engorged erectile tissues. BUT, this does not mean that the penis itself is a muscle.

    Because the penis DOES have these chambers of erectile tissue is the reason that bending it the wrong way can cause pain or actual physical injury. The blood-filled erectile tissue is supposed to hold the penis erect and STRAIGHT and it would be self-defeating if it could bend freely, would it not?

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    You have a wonderful day.
    Best wishes.

  25. Jacobus7 says:

    About #3 and 6: In

  26. ChilliPepper says:

    A woman CLEARLY wrote this. Too bad she doesnt know a damn thing about sex, OR men. What a dipshit. Sorry, but the sex articles need to be written by women who aren’t afraid of sex, their own bodies, or a little kink, and who have had sex with normal non-prudish men.

  27. wakkawakka says:

    The penis is NOT a muscle, as this article mistakenly states. The penis is an organ made entirely of erectile tissue, just like nipples or a woman’s clitoris.

  28. blubberbutt says:

    Some men do not like their brown eye messed with and they let you know. So give it a try but be gentle till you get approval. My man loves to give me oral sex and is obsessed with it- I like it but give me a break!!

  29. for best and soft bikinis i 100% suggest la peches

  30. Penis guy says:

    to be honest it all depends on the kind of sex were in the mood for . sometimes we like it rough sometimes we like it nice and slow.

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