8 Older Guys We Would Do

Forget Taylor Lautner and his childish vampire friends. These more mature guys have the wisdom and experience that make younger women swoon.
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8 Older Guys We Would Do

Forget Taylor Lautner and his childish vampire friends. These more mature guys have the wisdom and experience that make younger women swoon.

-Faye Brennan

Robert Downey Jr.

Have you ever been accused of having a ‘fossil fetish’? You know, where you have the hots for a guy that’s way older than you?

It’s OK, you’re not alone. In fact, plenty of females find men with thinning or gray hair and AARP membership cards extremely lust-worthy. Or, maybe we should say drool-worthy, considering the fact that some of these guys may very well soon be drooling somewhere in a retirement home.

We asked readers to confess which aging celebrities they still find incredibly sexy, despite their advancing years. The biggest surprise? George Clooney wasn’t among the top vote-getters! Here, in no particular order, are the top eight picks:

Robert Downey Jr., 44
Despite his ugly drug-addicted past, women can’t get enough of the now clean, ripped, and talented Iron Man star, even if he is over 40. “His sarcasm and sense of humor make him so attractive to me,” says Deidre, 22.  

Lisa, 23, agrees. “He always carries himself well and has a very dry sense of humor, which is my favorite part. Also, did you see him at the Oscars? His outfit was fabulous, especially the sneakers and bow-tie.”

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Daniel CraigDaniel Craig, 42
Even though he’s the youngest of the bunch, this generation’s James Bond may not have much longer before he has to turn in his double agent badge, and that doesn’t bother the women we heard from. “Between his British accent, gravelly voice and the muscles he sports as James Bond, it’s hard to pick just one reason why he’s hot,” says Lindsay, 30.

“I love his accent,” admits Tiffani, 32. “He has that rugged look in his face and that body is sexy, sexy, sexy.”

Anthony BourdainAnthony Bourdain, 53
The gray-haired No Reservations host has women half his age lusting after him as much as his food. “I know he’s married with a child,” says Kaitlin, 23, “but a man who knows his way around food and who is able to relate so well to so many people around the world is amazing. I would totally dump my boyfriend for him.”

“He’s on my ‘freebie list,’” confesses Annemarie, 26. “He’s smoking hot and very sexy!”



Brad PittBrad Pitt, 46
This list wouldn’t be complete without the one and only Brad Pitt on it. Even though he’s been sporting that funky gray beard and is father to a clan of children, there’s still something special about this guy that will always make women swoon. “Isn’t he pretty much perfection incarnate?” asks Ashley, 25. “He could do anything to me whenever, wherever. My boyfriend and I have an understanding, just in case Mr. Pitt ever comes to our town.”

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0 thoughts on “8 Older Guys We Would Do

  1. bryony1 says:

    President Obama, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino, most certainly Sean Connery, I don’t care if he lives to be 90. And the one and only Johnny Depp, 47. He’s younger than I but must appear approaching relic status to these 20-somethings this site attracts hordes of — and by design.

  2. danggirl says:

    Anthony Bourdain??!

  3. citymouse says:

    How could you leave out Pierce Brosnan?!!

  4. mothermeryl says:

    Where’s Johnny Depp??

  5. thelma723 says:

    Anthony Bourdain! YES….

  6. lkish77123 says:

    Harrison Ford

  7. electricchick says:

    Brian Dennehy, Brian Dennehey, Brian Dennehy

  8. aliciao says:

    William Peterson, AKA Grissom from CSI. Yum. :)

  9. RedAJG says:

    Pierce Brosnan, Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Mark Harmon, Johnny Depp, Brett Cullen, too many more to name — DEFINITELY Robert Downey Jr. Oh and Jon Bon Jovi. That boy does not age!

  10. kcmomof2 says:

    Have had it bad for Harrison Ford for years! Hans Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan….classic characters and a kick ass smile.

  11. suzebair says:

    it’s hard to pick just one; sean connery got so much BETTER as he aged (too skinny in Bond)but then Alan Rickman is the one who fills my fantasies… :) ))) just listening to his voice in Alice in Wonderland gave me a lovely warm sensation :)

  12. upscaleventures says:

    Robert Downey, Jr., Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington, Sting, Bono, Gabriel Byrne, Bruce Willis.

  13. stellamerteuil says:

    Where is Hugh Laurie? He’s GORGEOUS!!!

  14. phantomspots says:

    Epic yes to Colin Firth and Robert Downey Jr., but where the hell is Hugh Jackman???? Um, hello!!! Hottest man over 40 evar. Oh, and I agree on Johnny Depp, very odd he’s not on the list!

  15. jessica03 says:

    Daniel Craig and George clooney!!

  16. sillygirl727 says:

    George Clooney!!!!!!!!

  17. Addie says:

    Sorry…I like the older ones…those teens and twenty somethings….you can have them!

  18. yawa1243 says:

    What??? You guys forgot Richard Gere? I have always loved that twinkle in his eye. He just looks like he knows how to please a woman.

  19. knmair says:

    Okay, I admit to a serious Harrison Ford crush since I was about 5. I also have the hots for Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr. and I melt when Alan Rickman does anything. Anything. I find some older men extremely sexy.

  20. Talon says:

    Seriously, most of your honerable mentions ought to have been on the top eight list instead of SOME of the top eight list. Frankly Harrison Ford, Sean Connery and Alan Rickman ought to be on the list instead of Anthony Bourdain, Colin Firth and Alec Baldwin.

  21. Talon says:

    Oh and let us not forget Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry people!!! And LIAM NEESON. WHERE is LIAM NEESON???

    Need to do better than eight I think.

  22. festivelady826 says:

    Well, now I know I am really getting old, as Dustin Hoffman was the only one on the list who is older than I……….Sean Connery, Sean Connery, Sean Connery – and the aging Sylvester Stallone still retains some of that “Rocky” boyishness that made us love him and cheer him on in the first movie!

  23. deborah says:

    Not sure I would refer to guys in their early 40s as older!

  24. uptowngirl says:

    Maybe we need to make another list – 8 just doesn’t cut it!

  25. ladycygnet says:

    Alec Baldwin? Really? Maybe when he was younger and didn’t have so much scandal surrounding how he treated Kim Basinger and Ireland, but certainly not now.

    Now Liam Neeson…I would love to see him on this list. *Drools*

  26. ADHDAuthoress23 says:

    Good list but forgot Anderson Cooper, Hugh Jackman, and Denzel Washington!

  27. Asha777 says:

    Robert Downey and Brad Pitt… Sean Connery would be up there for me too :) But I must agree with an above post… where is Pierce Brosnan??? He was so hot in Thomas Crown Affair… such a good movie!

  28. shellypocket says:

    Sam Elliott, Sean Connery, Bret Michaels, Johnny Depp, Billy Connely, Steven Tyler (lead singer of Aerosmith), & the guy that played Warrick on CSI– Love his eyes

  29. imtheheppest says:

    How in the heck can you even THINK about forgetting JOHNNY DEPP?! Wow, I’m disappointed.

  30. Laffitoff says:

    Viggo Mmmmmmmmmmortensen!!!! Number 1 in fantasy world.

  31. Canix2007 says:

    JOHNNY DEPP – I’ve had a thing for him since the moment I saw Cry-Baby (I was like 4. MAYBE 5), and it’s only gotten worse with each passing year. If such devotion determined marriage I would be Mrs. Depp.
    Robert Downey Jr – Mmmmmhmmmmm, one sexy hulk o’ man right there. ALLLLMOST tops Depp, but not quite. I’ve put too many years into my Depp-love. But give me a room key and have Downey handcuffed to the bed and I will change my mind SO FAST.
    Alan Rickman – I feel like a traitor for sayin’ it, but given the chance, I would never look at another image of Johnny Depp EVER AGAIN if I had a shot at Alan Rickman. He is the very reason I no longer loath Snape. (I seriously sit dreamy-eyed when he comes on screen in the Potter movies)
    Hugh Jackman – X-Men Origins: Wolverine sealed the deal for me. That man… hooo boy, those abs!! He’s almost exactly the same age as my father (a year and a month younger actually) and I DO NOT EVEN CARE.
    I’m almost tempted to put Denzel Washington on my list. But fine as that man is…I have to give what would be his place to Samuel L. Jackson. I don’t care if the man IS 40 years my senior.
    Hugh Laurie – IT

  32. EmmaD15 says:

    Dennis Quaid anyone? I ADORE that infectious smile.

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