7 Toxic Celeb Moms

Dina Lohan, Nadya Suleman and Whitney Houston aren't the only moms in Celebland whose parenting skills aren't up to snuff.
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7 Toxic Celeb Moms

Dina Lohan isn’t the only mom in Celebland whose parenting skills aren’t up to snuff. (Or up to “sniff” in LiLo’s case). Plus: Is Sarah Palin a toxic mom?

-Sarah Polonsky

Lindsay and Dina Lohan

After a rehab counselor told Lindsay Lohan to cut ties with her mother, Dina Lohan, we breathed a sigh of relief. It was high time someone told her that Mama Lohan is only contributing to the problem, not helping it. For years we’ve watched Dina party it up with her daughter and it’s downright inappropriate.

Read Lindsay Lohan Told to Cut Dina Off

Check out some other celeb mommy train wrecks who make us want to kiss our own moms.

1. Nadya Suleman

Nadya Suleman

The Octomom is a famewhore that uses her kids to fatten up her own wallet at every chance she gets. We hope she’s saving for the eight large therapy bills those children are inevitably bound to accrue. This woman is a child exploiter in the most overt of ways. Those poor kids.

2. Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

What’s so wrong with smoking crack when your kids are in the house?

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15 thoughts on “7 Toxic Celeb Moms

  1. You’re trying to put Sarah Palin in with this bunch of drugged up losers, cut me a break!!! Sarah is a GREAT mother and if more people had mothers like Sarah, the world would be a better place. You really need to open your eyes, drop the blinders and get rid of your hatred for anyone that is not a Democrat, really, there are GREAT people on both sides. Don’t judge by a letter next to their name. You think it’s bad that a mother speaks up to protect her pregnant daughter, cut me a break. Any GREAT mother would protect her child.

  2. I hate Sarah Palin’s politics but as far as her mothering goes, I really didn’t think you cited any offenses that warrant her inclusion on this list. Traveling while 7 months preggers? You don’t even need doctor’s permission for that! It’s actually fairly common and considered safe, and she was the head of a state government, a job that requires travel. As far as speaking out against Levi Johnston – what she said about him was pretty mild considering the amount and depravity of his accusations and she is a public figure with a reputation to protect. Not quite the same thing as someone who is only known because they are someone’s parent.

  3. I do not see what anyone sees in Palin myself. If you are a republican, she singlehandedly put Obama in office by herself. She should have been home taking care of her daughter might have stayed in school instead of getting knocked up by some loser. Her being a heart attack away from being the leader of this country scared the hell out of me and I am a republican. She couldn’t keep one kid in school and out of trouble much less a country full of them. No Jane Chase she is not a good mother or someone to run a country or anything else.

  4. You left out Kate Gosselin – the “mother” who thinks it’s okay to have her kids filmed on the potty, vomitting their guts out, etc. for the “entertainment” of the masses (and the enrichment of her pocketbook). She belongs here more than Britney Spears. Yeah, Britney really screwed things up for the first couple of years of her kids’ lives, but she’s getting help, taking meds, and seems to be doing quite well now. I imagine her kids will be a lot less screwed up by “Mommy Dearest” than the Gosselin 8 have been and will continue to be.

  5. I think that any mother could be considered toxic if people are focusing on her faults. People who are in the public eye are judged on what the media perception of them is. Not that many people don’t deserve the title, but maybe things aren’t quite what we think they are.

  6. dragons – thank you for mentioning Kate. If they are going to say Nadia is a “celebrity”, than Kate is, and I definitely think she needs to be at the top of this list!!

  7. I don’t think Sarah Palin is quite the same caliber as the rest of those worthless Moms but I don’t like her. My parents do not like my husband and he knows it but tbey don’t go around and announce it to the entire world. Either Bristol Palin saw something in Levi Johnston or she is just a slut. Either way by running him down, she is also running down her daughter in front of millions.

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