6 Reasons We Still Love Christina Aguilera

Lest we forget her fabulous talents in the midst of this public breakdown, here's an appreciative look at some of Christina's shining moments through the years!
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6 Reasons We Still Love Christina Aguilera

Lest we forget her fabulous talents in the midst of this public breakdown, here’s an appreciative look at some of Christina’s shining moments through the years!

-Carolyn French

Christina Aguilera

“When she got out of the car, she couldn’t stand. We had to help her stand. She didn’t know where she was and she didn’t know her own address. We took her into custody for her own protection.”

Just after 2:45 a.m. on March 1, Christina Aguilera was arrested for public intoxication. Our fears, along with her those of her friends and business partners, seemed to finally be confirmed: Xtina has a drinking problem.

Sources are now coming out of the woodwork, claiming that the singer has been spiraling for months, that she needs to go to rehab, and that her marriage to ex Jordan Bratman was the one thing keeping her afloat.

January and February were rather severe in terms of the almighty Rumor Mill. Christina famously flubbed the lyrics to the national anthem at the Super Bowl, she lost her balance and tripped at the Grammys, and even allegedly passed out in Jeremy Renner’s bed during The Hurt Locker star’s 40th birthday bash.

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And besides the obvious issue of addiction, those close to Aguilera are currently worried about the new man in her life, Matthew Rutler, who was behind the wheel when the songstress was arrested … he was also drunk.

“There’s a real concern about this guy, and a lot of her friends feel she needs to get away from him,” a pal told PEOPLE. “Hopefully, what happened [on Tuesday] is a real wake up call.”

Because there is so much negative press about Xtina at this time, we wanted to remind everyone of all the wonderful things the star has brought to the table over the past thirteen plus years.

Continue on for some of our favorite Christina moments!

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  1. danggirl says:

    I love this!! We are so quick to turn on people and judge them. It seems like Christina is going through a bit of a breakdown, but she’s only human, and she is incredibly talented and inspiring.

  2. a_marie says:

    I agree danggirl!! At least she’s not on drugs, going to rehab, or neglecting her son!!

  3. SCFrogPrincess says:

    Anyone else notice that it says March 11th and it’s only March 4th?

  4. april says:

    Oops– thanks for catching that typo, SCFrogPrincess! We fixed so it says March 1 — we had an extra “1″ in there. See — everyone makes mistakes now and then! :)

  5. violetgal says:

    She’s awesome! That SATC skit is really funny too.

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