6 Hot Red Lipsticks That Marilyn Monroe Would Love

Channel your inner Marilyn for Valentine's Day and beyond!
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6 Hot Red Lipsticks That Marilyn Monroe Would Love

Channel your inner Marilyn for Valentine’s Day and beyond!

 -Brittany Roshelle Davis

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Regardless of your hair color, one thing is certain: Red lips look hot on everyone. It’s one of the reasons why Marilyn Monroe was such an iconic figure. A woman who steps out in red lipstick appears confident and sexy. Why? For starters, not many women are drawn to such a vibrant color. Red lipstick says you’re making a statement…and you are. With a little hint of red on your lips, you’re demanding everyone’s attention in the room and making any guy there wish his girlfriend was as sexy as you. Sounds plain, awful doesn’t it?!

A red lip has to be precise. If you’re using a lipstick, first use a lip liner to line your lips, and then apply lipstick with a lip brush, blot, and then reapply the lipstick.

 Don’t forget the key to pulling off any red lip color is to have healthy nurtured lips. International make-up artist Jemma Kidd cautions, “No lipstick looks good on chapped lips and some matte lipsticks dry lips even more. Keep lips smooth and moisture with balm containing natural oils such as beeswax and SPF.” Jemma also urges that red lips will be the focus of your face, so it’s important to keep the rest of your make-up minimal.

 Read on for our list of six red-hot lipsticks and glosses.

 1. NP Set St. John lipgloss ($15, target.com). The Holy Grail of Marilyn Monroe lip attire. This sparkly, red lipgloss is infused with shea butter to glide on easy. Did I mention it also smells like strawberries when applied?

NP Set St John Lip gloss

 2. Topshop Rio Rio lipstick ($10, us.topshop.com). This lipstick will give you a lavishing red color with a hint of orange that will last for hours.

topshop rio rio lipstick

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 3. Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Eric lip gloss ($19, ulta.com). Finally a lip color that will keep you looking red hot while watching a man in a suit strip to his boxers before your very eyes.

 urban decay pocket rocket eric lip gloss

More sexy lip glosses and lipsticks up next!

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0 thoughts on “6 Hot Red Lipsticks That Marilyn Monroe Would Love

  1. @aliciaely – I too am a redhead with fair skin (and freckles) and I have worn the #4 shade mentioned (Rimmel’s Berry Queen) and get tons of compliments – you should try that one! Another good one for our coloring is Angel Red by Clinique.
    LOVE love Love Red Lips!!

  2. NP Set St. John lipgloss – LOVES IT! I’ve been to afraid to try red lip color, and even now I shy away from it. I’m learning to be bolder, and this gloss seems like a nice transition into red!!

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