6 Bizarre Celebrity Diets

Eating cotton balls, baby food and other wacky things stars munch on to look amazing at the Oscars and other award shows.
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6 Bizarre Celebrity Diets

Eating cotton balls, baby food and other wacky things stars munch on to look amazing at the Oscars and other award shows.

-Jenny Beres

 annalynne mccord

Ah, award shows. We’ve had the People’s Choice, Golden Globes, SAG awards, the Grammys and now it’s Oscar time again. Gorgeous gowns, the flowing locks, brilliant jewels on Hollywood’s fairest and fittest. While we sit watching from our sofas this year, chips in hand, wondering how celebrities seem to shrink two dress sizes every minute-We wonder, what does AnnaLynne McCord eat? Hollywood seems to always find a new, bizarre and sometimes dangerous diet to embark on. Here are some weird ways stars try to shed pounds.  Writer’s fair warning- don’t try these at home.

1. Shots


Of vinegar that is. It’s been reported that both Fergie and Cindy Crawford have sipped on apple cider vinegar as a colon cleanser and appetite suppressant. It’s been thought that apple cider vinegar is a metabolism booster that can help fight off naughty cravings. Even more shocking? My mother has been on the stuff for a year-and it’s made zero difference. Nothing replaces healthy eating and a good workout, ladies. That means you too, mom!

 2. Cigarettes and Laxatives


Unless you’ve been living under a heavy-duty rock, since like, oh 1980, then there are two things you know for sure: 1. Cigarette smoke is suicide to your skin (among other vital organs) and 2. Celebrities pay mucho dollars to keep their skin looking flawless. Which is why it’s stunning that in 2011, cigs and laxative tea are still a popular diet combo among a lot of leading ladies. There’s not too much to elaborate on here, sure it will make you thin, but unless you want dark circles and hollowed out skin, this diet is better left to the self-destructive.

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3. Baby Food

baby food

Pureed carrots and peas anyone? Even I have a hard time believing that a few well respected A-listers would give this diet, which replaces regular meals with several small jars of baby food, a spin. The thought behind the diet is to “cleanse” while keeping the digestive tract moving. Stars like Jennifer Anniston who has been known to stick to effective workouts and has been on the healthy Zone diet, have been rumored to try the baby food diet. It’s no wonder why it would be easy to lose weight on the stuff; I mean I gag just thinking about it. But I think they call that something else.

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  1. Teri Melisa says:

    Does it surprise you that these people would do crazy stuff like this? It doesn’t me.

  2. AgolSpeir says:

    Gelatin soaked cotton balls? What idiot would put that in their body!? Are they trying to insulate themselves?

  3. love2010 says:

    Wow!!! Cotton Balls? Unbelievable that someone would go to these lengths to lose weight.

  4. silitalia says:


  5. rmgm says:

    Ick! I guess I’d rather keep my extra weight than use these methods.

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