5 Savvy Text Message Responses To Make Any Guy Crazy

Texting is all about keeping it short!
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5 Savvy Text Message Responses To Make Guys Crazy

Texting is all about keeping it short!

-Jennifer Vanleuvan

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There is never a second chance to make a first impression, and once you press “send” there is never a chance to take back a text message that is too gushy, long, or desperate. Be that desirable, busy girl you are through the messages you send a new guy, or even your current beau. Use these 5 savvy text message responses that will surely make him wild!

1. “Who is this?”

Always completely throws them off their game. You can follow up once they tell you who they are with a quick apology about a new phone, but the power will have already shifted- to you!

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25 thoughts on “5 Savvy Text Message Responses To Make Any Guy Crazy

  1. blondeelicious says:

    So easy to play “the game” via text! :) When I was single, I used to love it

  2. NaptownCutie says:

    I use #1 all the time. lmao

    1. skyler says:

      Lol, best answer to any girl that says "who is this?" is, "such a slut." gets them every time.

  3. Kingkong says:

    a girl did this with me it wasn't long before I moved on, now she wants me back – in her dreams, the above behaviour taught me to easily move on from one women to the next without care and with ease- and feel good about it :) Goodluck xx

    1. skyler says:

      ya, I kinda feel like this behavior isn't good for getting guys. All the above responses are value taking. Lower a mans value and you wont be interested anymore.

  4. BugMeNot says:

    As a guy, I think this is the shittiest advice you could give a woman. Number 1 happens, fine. I'll give you that. If someone pulled a number 2 on me though, I would wait for them to call me back, if they were even going to. I'm not going to waste my time sitting by the phone for you to call. Number three is completely retarded. If I asked you a question or told you that I wanted to take you somewhere and you reply with 'cool,' I would assume you were not interested and stop messaging you until you replied with something more cheerful. One word texts are a complete waste of everyone's time (and make everyone hate you). I don't know if you just needed to get to number five and threw in fluff because not only do those last two not make any sense, but they're just stupid.

    Final note, "Thee who puts in least amount of effort wins!" – no! ARE YOU COMPLETELY RETARDED? THAT'S NOT HOW COMMUNICATION WORKS!

    I think it's fair to say, after having read this "article" that if I ever met a woman with a terrible personality (and/or social skills), she must read your website.

    1. Cara says:

      Pick up and call the girl then you idiot.. So worried about her one word response then pick up the phone and talk to her. Your the one with the terrible social skills.

    2. mikeskyler says:

      I agree, these are more how guys should play the game. Chicks you don't need to play much game, just be normal and you'll have way more chodes begging for you than the ones you'll get with these shitty attitude texts. These texts are a real quick way to lose any man with value. Remember, men with value have options, do you really want to give him a reason to move to his next option. I'll next a girl if she shows such low interest and plays stupid mind games. How ever, non-stupid mind games can show that you're not just another lame slut.

  5. fastmover says:

    Hi Girls, Please do not take this artical serious, it will keep you single, a Guy willing to put up with childish behavior realizes your playing a game and will only look at you as a game not to be taken Serious – - and a guy that does not realixe what your doing is just stupid – - and Dating is not about having the upper hand in a relationshipo IT ABOUT Happiness and having fun —- and hopefuly meeting that person of your dreams that you will spend the rest of your life with .. The person that worte this article has a lot to learn about life and has given some very bad advice to the younger crowd that reads here —

  6. Guy101 says:

    Hey Girls or guys who read this article, DO NOT TAKE this advice, it’s childish, and extremely fake, Be real and communicate intelligently, we r humans and r really seacrchinh for honest and genuine… Be yourself, and carful where u find ur advice, dont take my word for it, if u feel like your having trouble with relationships, seek truth and books with wisdom, not articles on the Internet writin by an educated girl, who most likely has relationship problems to begin with. And if ur girl looking for advice on how to keep a guy interested, ask a guy not a woman, and same things goes reversed if ur a guy. … On a not so serious note that article did make me laugh cause it was some of the worst advice u could get if ur really trying to learn in this world. A better version of what she was trying to say was ” Don’t Be Desprate ” !!

  7. andrei82 says:

    As a man I have to say that unfortunately these do work, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship.

    BUT, beware of too much of a good thing.

    Men are basically lazy when it comes to relationships, and will eventually wander off from anything that involves too much drama. I would also say that no man is going to commit to or marry a woman who he thinks calls random dudes "sexy".

    1. Cara says:

      Yes, Men are lazy. Thank you for admitting that. That is why you always overlook the good girls . Instead you marry the girl who gives you a good blow job on the first date, chases you, sleeps with you on the second date, is stupid, wants your money and needs to take up all of your free time. Then you are surprised when you end up divorced, old and miserable.

  8. andrei82 says:

    As a man I have to say that unfortunately these do work, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship.

    BUT, beware of too much of a good thing.

    Men are basically lazy when it comes to relationships, and will eventually wander off from anything that involves too much drama. I would also say that no man is going to commit to or marry a woman who he thinks calls random dudes “sexy”.

    1. HonestApe says:

      See, they do work, but only on dudes that allready are lame. An exceptional male won't fall for this shit. So basicly, if this is working and driving him crazy, than he's allready a needy looser and the female texting will soon lose interest and the interaction will die out. The sexy one is probably the best, but still lame. Use it some times and it will boost his confidence, making both people more attracted. Use it all the time an it will get weird.

  9. Tallmingle says:

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    1. Cara says:

      Saying that because a girl wrote this, but if a man wrote this, you would have no problem with it, I guarantee. In fact asshole read other blogs and find advice the men are giving is exactly the same.

  10. thingystuff19 says:

    This is the dumbest thing I've ever had the distinct misfortune of reading

    1. Cara says:

      You had the distinct misfortune of reading this because you wanted to read it distinctly I dare say.

  11. zufan says:

    I helpful to consider probably the most regarding chair about lounge within the family room.

  12. lol @ thinking "who is tis" gives you power..it makes us think youre a slut that cant keep tabs on the many guys that call her…it actually knocks you down a few pegs, & will actually run off a respectable man who doesnt have time for a female who juggles men like that…just sayin

    when you're posting about tired of being single & not being able to find a "real man"…remember these games you play & then slowly hold a mirror to your face…

  13. Joe says:

    This is some horrible 'advice', should be titled 'how to stay single via text'.

  14. kitty says:

    Does anyone ( a man) , have advise for me. I've been dating a man for 2 months. We have amazing times together, last week we spent time together, and then text me later and said. " don't get attached to me. I will be around sometimes and sometimes I won't" I text him back and said ok, why now ? I asked him ethereal reason, but he just said leave it alone, so I said ok. What or should I do now. Text or ignore ?

  15. Angel says:

    Mmmm….gimme a second to process this for you. Sweetheart my advice for you is to ….RUN AWAY! Do not pursue a man like this…he is using you for the cookie. Trust me he means what he says . So if that's something you can do and be ok with. Fine. If your looking for a long term this isn't it. He wants only the cookie and when something else better comes along he will drop you . He said that so when he hurts you he can say I told you not to get attached. So, again if you want more than sex form him it isn't gonna happen. Tell him thank you and RUN AWAY! DONT BE AN OPTION. THERES BETTER OUTTHERE

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