5 Rappers We'd Like to Do!

T.I., LL Cool J, Mos Def, Drake and Eminem make the BPM's of our libidos speed up.
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5 Rappers We’d Like to Do!

T.I., LL Cool J, Mos Def, Drake and Eminem make the BPM’s of our libidos speed up.

-Sarah Polonsky


The release of T.I.’s sixth studio album, Uncaged, has been highly anticipated (and pushed back enough times to make us want to leap out of out our high heels and start head-nodding to the beat—not that we know what it sounds like yet!) since he was set free from a halfway house March 26th. The album represents the handsome lyricist’s literal “uncaging” from a yearlong prison sentence. He’s free at last and ready to attack the airwaves—only without real weapons this time, we hope. Now slated for a September 28th drop date, the album is coming soon. And we’d be coming too if T.I. were nearby.

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Only to be matched by his talent the rapper, songwriter, producer and actor’s sexy face makes our hearts go all aflutter—or maybe that’s just our hormones. Whatever it may be, we wouldn’t mind being locked up next to the handsome T.I. any day. Warden, throw away the key and leave us there with T.I. for at least five to ten!

Here are some other rappers we’d be happy to shack up with.

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0 thoughts on “5 Rappers We'd Like to Do!

  1. T.I., I’m in full swing with you on that one.Lort, he’s so hott!!! Mos Def, a little on the comical side for me…I don’t want a little freaky deaky in the bed room that i’ma be laughin at him lookin like the fourth brother of Alvin and the Chipmunks!! L.L..OH YEAH…NUFF SED..Drake..more teeth than keys on a piano..don’t see why he feels the need to show them on EVERY pic he takes..but if he were to close his mouth and not behead me when he does open it…just maybe!! But Enimem….I loves my Vanilla..and I’m crazy as hell too..him and his lyrics of killing Kim…I don’t care..he ain’t met no South Ga Woman!! We Get that Ass Down HERE!!! LOL So IF that’s what he wants…he’ll receive…be we can love some long time afterwards!! lol jk you guys!! :)

  2. YESSSS! Mos Def has always been sexy to me. I’m glad you guys acknowledged him. He’s intelligent too which makes him even sexier.

    Love Drake and TI as well. 😉

    xo Nicole

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