5 New Ways To Catch A Cheater

If you suspect your man of being unfaithful, here's 5 ways to find out for sure.
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5 New Ways To Catch A Cheater

You loved this article on 5 ways to find out for sure if your man is being untrue!

-Libby Keatinge

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Do you suspect your man of cheating on you? If your man is being unfaithful, that’s certainly bad news, but the good news is, there are plenty of new ways to catch him red-handed. Cheating is never a fun issue to deal with, but if you have suspicions, you need to find out the truth. From GPS to STD testing, here are the top 5 new ways to bust someone being untrue.

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24 thoughts on “5 New Ways To Catch A Cheater

  1. If you were seriously thinking about using the GPS device or following their online activity, I’d say just ask them point blank instead first. Those methods are stalker territory!

  2. If you feel it in your gut, then you’re probably right. These are great ways to catch him red-handed and make him look like a fool…and if he’s cheating on you, then he deserves it!!

  3. Be brave and ask first. If he denies it dont be too cocky and dont stop loving him. Just find your way through it and you will find out if he has been cheating or not!

  4. I agree that much of the time (not always, though!) your gut will tell you something isn’t right. But be prepared for denial. Or minimizing. Or the “you’re acting jealous and insecure” speech.
    Trust…but verify. People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.

  5. Cheateralert.com is a great way to keep couples who have a good, strong relationship honest. They’ve conducted studies on the fact that often people are stimulated and attracted to people who are in a committed relationship with someone else. The relationship registry packed full of singles, attached and married people is a great way to tell anyone shopping around to “back off” of your partner. they’re taken. It’s not being insecure; it’s being honest and upfront with your partner. Most secure relationships will have absolutely nothing to hide. As far as the others go; the sooner you find out that someone might be cheating on you, the sooner you can move on to someone who’ll treat you with love and respect!

  6. If you’ve nothing to lose material wise, just leave if you get the gut feeling he’s cheating. If you need to take him for everything he’s got (because of the kids) then use these devices and have some physical proof to take to court for that divorce.

  7. Let me ask this: where is the equal article on WOMEN that cheat on their husbands?
    My wife told me she was called into the office where she works and was confronted about an affair she was allegedly having, which she denied. She told me all about that office visit, and then laughs it off, denying it all along, and then asking me if I believe it.
    Tell me: when a wife asks their husband if they think they are having an affair, what is a husband supposed to say?
    So of course I told her I believed her, but I know for 100% absolute FACT she IS having sexual affairs only with at least 2 other guys.
    And I’m still here.

  8. That’s really interesting! I think you have shared a wonderful stuff and I am very much impressed on it. It is not much easy to find and catch a cheater. But I think you have made it easy to me. Thank you very much!

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