5 Cosmetic Ingredients to Watch Out for when Buying Beauty Products

The next time you buy a beauty item, don't forget to read the ingredients.

5 Cosmetic Ingredients to Watch Out for when Buying Beauty Products

The next time you buy a beauty item, don’t forget to read the ingredients.

-PJ Gach

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We all want to look our best. And when we buy beauty products—skin and hair care, cosmetics and nail polish—we want them to accentuate what we’ve got, but can those indulgences hurt your health?

Envy Derm High Performance Cosmetics did some research and found five ingredients commonly found in all beauty products that can harm you. When shopping, try to avoid them. They are:

1. Parabens

They’re used to prevent the growth of microbes in products—allowing beauty creams and cosmetics to have a long shelf life. However, they can be absorbed into the skin. They mimic estrogen. Long term use can hurt your body’s internal system.

2. Synthetic fragrances

In many studies, synthetic fragrances come out as one of the top five common allergens. Tthey can also cause asthma attacks.

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3. Sulfates

What are they? They’re compounds of sulfuric acid—very corrosive. They can dry out your skin, big time.

4. Phthalates

This compound is also used to make plastic. Ick!

5. Triclosan

This is an anti-microbacterial disinfectant. It, like parabens, is used to promote a longer shelf-life for products. However, like parabens, it can enter your system and can be skin and eye irritant.

What can you do to make sure what you’re using won’t harm you? Stay informed. Read the ingredient listings, see if there’s any notices about contraindicators on the label and if they’re made for sensitive skin, etc. You may also want to try eco-friendly cosmetics and skin care brands too. And you might want to check out Envy Derm High Performance Cosmetics—this brand only uses 34 ingredients—none of them made to interfere with the inner you as they work on the outer you.

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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